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Release Changes


C - Extenders
D - Fixes
E - Interface
F - Conflicting Graphics

G - Landscape & Environment
H - Characters & Creatures
  • Birds and Flocks REMOVED - This mod was removed due to compatibility issues with other mods (like SkyTEST), issues within the mod itself, and its effects were rarely noticed. Its removal makes STEP a more compatible setup.
  • DRAUGR ADDED - added to STEP:Core.
I - Clothing & Equipment
J - Animations & Effects
K - Clutter & Miscellaneous
L - Sound
M - Gameplay
N - Patches

Modified Mod Notes/Pages


  • Updated first section of the Guide to highlight the release notes. This was done due to our new versioning and release practices.
  • Updated the Minimum System Requirements for STEP:Core section. The requirements are now more specific to eliminate some confusion of what hardware you need to run a modded setup.
  • Updated the entire Guide with various grammar tweaks for better clarity and readability.
  • Added "Extended Mod" to the tables legend.
  • BethINI has been added to the list of utilities in section 1.C. It is a Core utility and will be requirement for installing STEP starting with this release.
  • Section 1.D INI Tweaks has mainly been replaced with BethINI. It will remain as an information placeholder for now.
  • Added link to new Radeon Settings Guide in section 1.E.1.1.
  • Updated the Final Pre-Installation Notes section with explanations of STEP:Core and STEP:Extended installations. Also moved and added information about the STEP Patches to this section (it was hidden in the LOOT section.