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Everything + The Kitchen Sinkby Mr Moal
Everything + The Kitchen Sink
E+TKS uses STEP 2.10.2 Extended as a base, and incorporates Requiem and a range of other mods together. The goal is to keep with the spirit of STEP, while adding functionality as found in the packs: REGS, Survival, Weather and Lighting, War Ensemble, and Requiem.
2.0.1 Alpha
Required Packs: Pack:Everything + The Kitchen Sink
Compatible Packs: Pack:Everything + The Kitchen Sink

Work on Hold (2017 08 11)

  • I have had a great work opportunity arise that will require lots of overtime, so I will be unable to give any time to work on this pack. This pack is on hold at least for the next month (August), and whenever I get time hobbies (or games of any kind) this will be the first thing I return to. I do not intend to abandon this project, but it will remain on hold until work stabilizes somewhat.

Alpha Build 2.0 Completed (2017 07 08)

  • I have finished setting things up in Mod Organizer, and for whatever reason, the game loads so I'll take that as a good sign I haven't done anything overly crazy.
  • This has NOT been play tested yet, and I have not made a custom patch yet either. If you can install this and see how it works, and give feedback on the installation instructions, that would be greatly appreciated.
  • (2017 07 09) Will need to be making use of Merge Plugins from the nexus to make proper merged patches, as my manual patch for open cities is full of errors.

Alpha Build 2.0.1

  • (2017 07 11) Updated the instructions, primarily around the setup of DynDOLOD. You will need to install the Merge Mod from nexus to merge about 20 or so ESPs to have enough room. This is much easier than I first thought, though I have yet to fully test all the features so I'm not 100% certain no ill effects have occurred due to this.
    • There are a few minor things I've found that need fixing. Lighting works ok, except that the skylights are way too bright, and don't change color depending on the time of day.
    • Have yet to go through every feature from every mod in Skyrim yet. There is lots of stuff to double check yet.
    • Follower mod has a known bug in one dialogue branch, where it fails to check if the NPC is a follower before inserting "are you skilled" dialogue option. Therefore every NPC in the game has this. I've looked up a possible fix, and will add this to a patch after testing. Otherwise, just ignore the extra "are you skilled" chat option that every NPC has for now.
  • (2017 08 06) Still working on stuff. Since this pack system is being depreciated, I haven't thought though what I'll do to replace it. I can't move this pack to the suggested "Mod Picker" sight because STEP isn't moved there yet, and I can't seem to add custom install instructions, just list involved mods which isn't enough. The system does look very interesting though, and could be helpful, but still...
    • For the time being, will be working on getting a stable build set up, and work though some of the bugs I've come across.

Introduction (WIP 0.1)

<Wall of text removed...>

Pre-Installation Setup

I am making the following assumptions

  • You are using Mod Organizer
  • You have installed STEP 2.10.2 Extended exactly like the guide, and have run the game to confirm that it works (i.e. make sure it loads, character creation works, saves work, maybe use tgm/tcl player.setav speedmult ### to play superman to test the loading of environments.
  • You have a STEP profile that you will leave intact.
    • Create a new profile by "COPYING" your STEP profile.
    • do NOT repatch your bashed patch, Dual Sheath Redux, Better Shaped Weapons, DynDOLOD etc. Instead, deselect these, and reinstall the relevant mods (some patching makes changes to the esp, so you can't make a copy of the mod, an actual reinstall is required)
    • Don't modify or merge patches to the existing mods. If you need a patch for a STEP Extended mod, instead turn the mod off, then reinstall and give the new mod an abbreviation (like R1 - "Your Mod". This can be filtered easily) and install. Position the new mod directly underneath the previous version.
      • Actually, do this for ALL mods you install here so you can tell apart the mods that belong to this pack and those from STEP: Extended.


Install this section by section. Each section corresponds to a section with the same name in the STEP: Extended installation.

  • Any time a mod from STEP: Extended appears (either for uninstall or reinstall), it provides a context (location) for positioning the mods here. Otherwise, just add these mods to the bottom of the relevant section.

.esp load order:

Once you reach Requiem… STOP. Run LOOT one last time, after that, forget that LOOT exists. LOOT will just cause you grief because it positions Requiem and its patches in the wrong places. Instead once you install Requiem all esp's will be manually positioned. This is non negotiable. Several other esp's are also manually moved or they will not work properly.

Dropbox Folder with load order

CTD, buggieness, general "bad stuff happening"

I will need as much information as possible. If you can, please use the steps below to help find a solution. Assistance to making this a "stable" (stable being a relative term in Skyrim modding) is greatly appreciated.

Adding your own "favourite" mods and then looking for help 😇

Right now the .esp count is (VERY HIGH). This leaves (VERY FEW) more .esp's before the hard cap of FC. I will be staying away from merging esp's for now (I've had bad experiences with this…). Since there are so many overhaul style mods included already in this pack (and there are still a few bugs I haven't captured yet) I may not be able to help you. If you ask for help, please please spend a minimum of 2 HOURS searching for a solution on your own first before asking for help.

  • utilize Google. If a 5 second Google search finds a solution to your problem….
  • Review the install instructions for your mod.
  • Use Mod Organizer and search carefully through the conflicts section.
    • If your mod conflicts with another, look up that mods nexus page and search that mod's forum (select Posts page > Under the big blue bar, click on "View forum thread", next (need to be logged in to the nexus forum) "search" for your problem using likely keywords. )
    • search the STEP forum for your mod and related problems.
  • Use TES5Edit to look through your new mods and see what overwrites them. If something pops up in the papyrus log as missing/error, try searching that in TES5Edit. A mod may overwrite or change the variable. This gives you an idea of what may need load order adjustment.

If all these steps do not yield a solution, then please take note of any potential solutions (that may (not) have worked), symptoms, papyrus log (use paste bin), what you were doing when the crash occurred, any MCM menu items you have changed in the last 1hr of play, if you did something new (like get your first follower, use a lamp for the first time, gave something to a follower that a mod uses [like a lamp, new food, etc.], activate a mod by starting a quest, entering a major environment that a mod effects for the first time, generally anything "new").

  • make use of [SPOILER] my text [/SPOILER] to keep your post short and avoid spamming the forum. You can nest these, lots of fun.

Ok ok, maybe you don't have to post quiet that much, but the above is the steps I take when figuring out a bug. So far it has worked quite well for me (eventually at least).

If you have read this far, yay please continue and enjoy. If not, well… Good luck modding Skyrim :)

2.D Fixes

Essential mods that fix bugs and tweak deficient aspects of Skyrim.

Mod Name Notes
Bookshelves Updated SKSE ScriptLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Allows the player to fill bookshelves fully with books.

Crash fixesLink to the mod's Wiki page. Suggested by the Requiem Blog, fixes various bugs
People are StrangersLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Removes the players physic ability to know who people are before talking to them. Gives you a reason to talk to every person you meet. The effects are permanent upon game load.

Pick which ever optional file you want, if any.

Address UnknownLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Removes the players physic ability to know who's building it is. The effect is permanent, no names are shown on doors. You may need to read the sign hanging above it, or if locked, try knocking on the door (using the Simply Knock mod).

SafeAutoSaveLink to the mod's Wiki page. Exactly as it sounds.
Honed Metal -NPC Crafting and Enchanting servicesLink to the mod's Wiki page. Gives you both smithing AND enchanting options, allowing you to make custom requests from black smiths and enchanters. Allows you to role play without any crafting skills.

Install the 1.09 Hotfix

Fires HurtLink to the mod's Wiki page. Makes camp fires hurt you if you stand in them
Dangerous Spell Comments RemovedLink to the mod's Wiki page. Exactly as it sounds.
Chasing the Dragon - Toxicity and AddictionLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Helps "limit" potion spam, for which I am fully guilty of myself

Be warned, high value potions will increase your toxicity by max 15%. These settings are configurable. Once you get to 100% toxicity, you loose all regen, though you can keep drinking potions. For each potion you drink, you risk becoming addicted.

Addiction has several stages.

  • Stage 1, gain 5% poison resistance. So long as you consume potions regularly, you are ok.
  • Stage 2-4, bad stuff happens. Either sleep it off, or visit a shrine. Just don't try to drink another potion to remove the depuffs…
Potions Animated (Flee while you drink)Link to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Helps (further) limit potion spam. When you drink a potion, you have to actually drink it. Allows you to move while drinking, but you can't chug 5 potions with an enemy about to hack you down and expect to get away with it.

Note: Requires FNIS in order to work

Join Dawnguard As a Vampire FixedLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Technically no required. If you want to roleplay a "good"/"reformed" vampire, then this allows you to.

FalskaarLink to the mod's Wiki page. New DLC addon with a new land and quests
WyrmstoothLink to the mod's Wiki page. If you happen to have a download of this mod kicking around, then it goes here. In general, when patching Falskaar, you get an option for Wyrmstooth too.
Wyrmstooth - Tweaks and EnhancementsLink to the mod's Wiki page. If you used Wyrmstooth.

Install options I used the Typo Fix and Notice Board options.

Enhanced Lighting for ENB-LITELink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====
  • First Screen
    • Legendary (NOT Legendary + Falskaar + Wyrmstooth)
  • Optionals
    • Falskaar Patch (or Combined if you have Wyrmstooth)
  • Install
NARCLink to the mod's Wiki page. Optional Files (Not the Main Files)
  • Deadly Dragons
  • Falskaar
  • Requiem

Will patch this later.

Weapons and Armor FixesLink to the mod's Wiki page. =====Reinstall====

Follow Step installation, but also install Immersive Weapons patch

Redundant esp's to disable (due to KFR - Kyropty's Fixes Remade)

  • Weapons & Armor_TrueOrcish&DaedricWeapons.esp
  • Weapons & Armor_TrueWeaponLvlLists.esp
Better StealingLink to the mod's Wiki page. Only high value items are "tracked". Cheap stuff is generic enough that there is no way to prove you stole it from some particular person, and will not be flagged (random cups off a table for instance, as long as you were not seen, won't get a stolen flag).
Blocksteal Redux - Prevents accidentally pick upLink to the mod's Wiki page. Normal thieves only steel stuff when crouching so this mod prevents you from steeling when standing up and you have to be crouching to steal anything.
Crime Bounty DecayLink to the mod's Wiki page. Bounty decreases over time while you are somewhere else. Defaults mean a pickpocketing attempt takes 4 days to be forgotten, and a murder takes 30 days. Decay rate is configurable in the MCM menu.
Dragon Soul RelinquishmentLink to the mod's Wiki page. When you reach the Grey Beards, there is an alter where you can cash in dragon souls for a wide range of buffs. These include skill points, HP, attack buffs, etc. This gives you a great place to spend extra dragon souls when you don't have any shouts to unlock anymore.
Boethiah for Good GuysLink to the mod's Wiki page. From the Mod Page:
  • This mod allows you to complete Boethiah's quest without betraying a friend. When you're told to bring a friend to the altar, simply activate the altar yourself. Boethiah will recognized (and disdain) your noble heart, but will go ahead and provide a victim for you. The rest of the quest proceeds as normal.
Namira for Good GuysLink to the mod's Wiki page. From the Mod Page:
  • This mod allows you to complete Namira's quest "The Taste of Death" without sacrificing a priest to Cannibals. When you're given the option to intimidate, bribe, or persuade Brother Verulus (the priest), you are now able to warn him. This starts of a quest to make a look-alike that is no more than a magical scarecrow! After creating the scarecrow, complete the quest like normal. Afterwards, return to the priest to trade in the Ring of Namira for a new, unique spell reward.
Innocence Lost AlternativeLink to the mod's Wiki page. From the Mod Page:
  • Are you playing as a good hero in Skyrim and want to destroy the Dark Brotherhood, but you refuse to kill Grelod for Aventus, no matter how nasty she is? Well this mod allows you to report it to the guards for them to arrest her! However, she refuses to be taken in, and attacks the guard, forcing the guard to retaliate and kill her.
Blood on the Ice ReduxLink to the mod's Wiki page. From the Mod Page:
  • You are a true hero, the Dragonborn of legends. So when you first arrive to Windhelm and find out that a serial killer is on the loose... you just don't care. But... but that makes no sense!
  • Well, not any more. This mod allows the player to start the investigation BEFORE the Butcher strikes again.
  • Be aware though, If you don't act quickly the Butcher will kill again.
iWASM - Immersive Wait And Sleep MenuLink to the mod's Wiki page. Just looks nicer

2.E Interface

Mods that modify Skyrim's menus and user interface.

Mod Name Notes
Disease DescriptionsLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Uninstall====

Redundant with Requiem

Main Font ReplacementLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Uninstall====

Redundant with Requiem

Take Notes - Journal of the DragonbornLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Primarily a role playing mod. Journal your adventures, spice them up a little, and that becomes the story that you just played through.

It also helps to track what you are doing, and what your character build is. That way, if you come back to the character after 3-4 weeks, and have no idea what you are doing, this helps get you back into your character again.

Mfg ConsoleLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Helps with debugging. Hit the ~ key, and hit TAB. If this is any extra info, it pops up. If for example a door is floating in the air, you can find out what the mod is responsible. Or if you click on your horse, you can find out how much HP it has left after you accidentally hit it with a fireball.

Important Information OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

If you happen to have a download saved somewhere, you can install it here.

When you are hurt, you get a red tint on the screen. When you are out of stamina, the screen starts to become blurry. When you are out of magica, the screen shfits towards black and white.

Turn off the 3 health stamina magica bars, and experience the immersion of not knowing exactly what your stats are. For role play, its awesome.

A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widgetLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Gives you a handy customizable clock.

TelescopeLink to the mod's Wiki page. From the Mod Page:
  • Add's non combat/non Bow 'FOV' options for the Player in the guise of Lore Friendly craftable Telescopes with working zoom.

2.F Conflicting Graphics

Graphics mods that cannot be listed within their respective categories because they must be overwritten to achieve the desired result.

Mod Name Notes
SkyFalls and SkyMillsLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Use Step instructions, but also check check the Falskaar and Wyrmstooth patches as the apply to you

2.G Landscape & Enviornment

Mods that modify landscape, buildings, and environments of Skyrim.

Mod Name Notes
Winterhold - Expanded RuinsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Revamps Winterhold, in an awesome way.
Better College ApplicationLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Picked the Plugin Version. Your choice.

Also grab the Plugin update (if you chose the Plugin Version)

Immersive College of WinterholdLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install Main File,

Use Original Book Covers Saturation, Nothing under Nexus Mods

Hidden Hideouts of SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Grab the Main file and the DLC optional file.

Adds 21 hidden hideouts around Skyrim. Small areas you can make your home.

Install Options. This is personal Preference.

  • Review and pick one of the 3 install options, Standard, No Map Markers, Deep Immersion.
  • Keep in mind that with Deep Immersion, you will need to use Campfire - Complete Camping System to set up your own camp (adding fire pit, tent, etc yourself).

I picked the Deep Immersion options, planning to use Campfire to set up my camp. Same for the DLC optional file. Merge.

Skyrim SewersLink to the mod's Wiki page. Download the "Skyrim Sewers 412 Main File" and the optional No Vanilla Navemesh edits file.
Open Cities SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. Download the "Open Cities Skyrim" and the optional "Open Cities Skyrim Patches" Files.

Patch to work with lighting mods, and Immersive Citizens

Patches Optional File:

  • Skyrim Sewers
[ Open Cities Skryim - Patch Central - REGS Compatible]Link to the mod's Wiki page. Open Cities Skyrim - Patch Central - REGS Compatible

Only install the patches listed below, other mods (like ESF) have their own custom patch. Advice using Control - F to search for the mods

  • Interesting NPC's
  • Inconsequential NPC's
  • Legendary Patch
  • Immersive Collage of Winterhold
  • Falskaar
  • Cutting Room Floor
Carriage and Ferry Travel OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page. Requiem disables fast travel. Use this to travel instead.

Main File


  • CFTO - Hearthfire Extended Patch
Farmhouse ChimneysLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Use Step Instructions, but also check the options for

  • New Lands
    • Falskaar + Wyrmstooth (if used)
  • Misc Mods
    • Live Another Life + Cutting Room Floor
Helgen RebornLink to the mod's Wiki page.  !!!IMPORTANT!!!
  • Follow the instructions on starting this mod on the Nexus page


  • Don't start until after Helgen (with Live Another Life Mod, you need to visit Helgen, complete the first quest by getting to Whiterun, and then wait a day or so.). Can also verify there are bandits in Helgen first.
  • Don't read the "book" until after this as that is what starts the quest. Otherwise the quest gets screwed up.
Windcallers PassLink to the mod's Wiki page. A nice environment mod.
Lanterns Of SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall is Optional====

Use STEP instructions, but use ENB options when applicable

Vivid Clouds and FogsLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Uninstall====

Already included in Vivid Weathers

Vivid WeathersLink to the mod's Wiki page. Use the "Vivid Weathers" File, NOT the ENB Files version.

This is the one stop shop for the weather overhaul of Skyrim. This does it all. And it rocks.

  • Choose your texture Preference
  • Alternative Addons
    • Pick what you want, I used Star and Galaxy Textures.
  • Compatibility
    • Falskaar
    • Lanterns of Skyrim
    • Lighting during Thunderstorms
    • Wyrmstooth
Realistic Water TwoLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Use STEP instructions, but add in these options:

  • 4. New Lands
    • Wyrmstooth
    • Falskaar
  • 5. Waves
    • Wyrmstooth
    • Falskaar
Vividian ENBLink to the mod's Wiki page. Lots of stuff to do here

Keep in mind that the ENB settings are basically your preference. I HIGHLY recommend users with something less than a 1070 pick performance options where possible.

Download the main file "Vividian ENB 7"

  • Don't download the optional file
  • Install Options
    • Vividian - Vivid Weathers ENB
  • ENB Performance Options
    • Default Version
  • ENB Sharpening Options
    • Default
  • ELE OLD Fallback
    • NONE
  • ENB Optional Files
    • Enblocal.ini File
  • Depth of Field Options
    • Depth of Field: Normal (No Change)
  • Skyrim Fixes
    • Toggle all, then after install, move the Red Lights Color Fix esp from Avaliable ESPs to the optional ESP section for use later if needed
  • Compatibility patches for Third Party Mods
    • Both
  • Mindflux - Particle Patch
    • (checked) Mindflux - Particle patch and Fixes

1. Install Vividian ENB Files 2. Copy "Vividian ENB Install Files" to your Skyrim Folder 3. Skyrimprefs.ini [Display] bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 bTreesReceiveShadows=1 bDrawLandShadows=1 bShadowsOnGrass=1 bDeferredShadows=1 fGamma=1.0000 iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA [Imagespace] bDoDepthOfField=1 Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Skyrim prefs that are accessible via the launcher.

Blood and Silver - Cidhna Mine ExpandedLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Used the "Basic Version"

Hold Border BannersLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Mod Page:

  • This mod adds banners along roadsides at the boundaries of two holds. The banner you see will show you which hold you are entering. If you're not sure what the banner represents, just walk up to it and it will show the name of the hold.

2.H Characters & Creatures

Mods that improve the appearance of characters and creatures.

Mod Name Notes
Inconsequential NPCsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Main File


  • Enhancement Module for CCOR
  • Cutting Room Floor Compatibility Patch
Interesting NPCsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Main File "3DNPC v3.2"


  • 3DNPC Hearthfire Patch v3.2
  • Dawnguard Meshes for Vampire NPCs


  • 3DNPC - Alternative Locations
Clothing and Clutter FixesLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install patch CCF Compatibility Patch for Interesting NPCs

Don't merge with CCF mod.

Immersive Citizens-AI OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Use STEP instructions,

  • Enhanced Lighting for ENB
    • Patch for ELE_Legendary Fs_Wt_Lite.esp
  • also check the Open Cities Patch as well.
Provincial Courier ServiceLink to the mod's Wiki page. Gives that hard working Courier fellow somewhere to live when he isn't tracking you down.
Immersive PatrolsLink to the mod's Wiki page. If you happen to have a copy of Civil War Overhaul available (and choose to use it).", Install "DLC Civil War Overhaul Only" version.

Otherwise, Install DLC Aggressive option.

2.I Clothing & Equipment

Mods that add or modify armor, weapons, clothing, adornments, and other equipment.

Mod Name Notes
Immersive ArmorsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Don't need to check anything for the installer
Immersive WeaponsLink to the mod's Wiki page. lots of awesome inside

2.J Animations and Effects

Mods that add animations and/or effects.

Mod Name Notes
DROPSLink to the mod's Wiki page. Hide:
  • /meshes/effects/fxdripssplash01.nif
  • /meshes/effects/fxdrips01_more.nif
Realistic Boat BobbingLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

NOTE: leave the STEP installed Realistic Boat Bobbing Mod Activated, and position the reinstalled mod below it. We want the "RBB Row Boats - Wyrmstooth.esp" file, and a few other meshes.

Use STEP instructions, but also install applicable patches, Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Better Fast Travel, etc

Next, Right Click mod, Filetree

  • Meshes -> RBB
    • Hide everything except Falskaar and Wyrmstooth

Next, in Optional ESPs tab,

  • Move everything except RBB Row Boats - Wyrmstooth.esp up to Option ESPs

2.K Clutter & Miscellaneous

Mods that modify general items such as furniture, barrels, bottles, food, etc.

Mod Name Notes
You Hunger - Immersive Food Remover and Stability BoosterLink to the mod's Wiki page. Download the Main file

2.L Sound

Mods that modify audio including music, sound effects, environment, and voice.

Mod Name Notes
Hunters Not BanditsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Hunters no longer shout threats at deer… they just silently sneak up on them.

Use the RDO main file

2.M Gameplay

Mods that improve game-play. Some significant changes may occur.

Mod Name Notes
Dynamic Things - Woodpiles and Barrels and More Oh MyLink to the mod's Wiki page. Everything is a thing, and you can change, loot, wack or break most everything. Don't like that tree, just pull out your wood cutting axe and start chopping. Freezing to death and stumble across a wood pile? Just grab the wood and build a fire.
Dynamic Things - EnhancedLink to the mod's Wiki page. Enhanced Edition. Fixes a bunch of stuff, and expands functionality.
Clams Drop PearlsLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Uninstall====

Requiem already fixes this

ESF - The Companions GuildLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

STEP Uses a limited version, we want the full version main file


Install Optionals


(use this patch, not the one from open cities patch central)

Non-Essential ChildrenLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Uninstall====

Requiem already fixes this

Hearthfire ExtendedLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Use STEP instructions, but include the iNeed patch

Lock OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Uninstall====

Requiem already fixes this

Even Better Quest ObjectivesLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstal====

Install using STEP instructions, but also include patches for:

  • Alternate Start
  • Requiem
Ultimate Immersive ClassesLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Gives you a starting load out. Especially helpful with Alternate Start Mod. Far more Roleplayie immersiveie than console command entering your load out. It also has a random element in what you get too.

The Notice BoardLink to the mod's Wiki page. RPG Adventurer questing style system. Pick up a job, and make some cash. Or join some mercenaries on their job and split the reward.

Main File


  • Open Cities Patch
The Notice Board by MannyGT UPDATEDLink to the mod's Wiki page. Main File
The Notice Board - FalskaarLink to the mod's Wiki page. Main file
The Notice Board Redefined - New Meshes and TexturesLink to the mod's Wiki page. 4K Main File
Smart CastLink to the mod's Wiki page. Exactly how it sounds. Auto casting based on conditions to automate annoying spells, spell rings so you can cast while mounted on a horse, and spell combos.
Civil War OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page. If you happen to have a copy of this kicking around, then you can use it here.
Mortal Enemies - De-aimbot Your FoesLink to the mod's Wiki page. We want the Requiem Version

Helps deal with the AI's ability to track you no matter how you move. This makes Dodging "possible", not guaranteed.

INeed - Food Water and SleepLink to the mod's Wiki page. Options
  • Core
    • Checked
  • Optionals
    • Unchecked

Built in Auto Support for:

  • Wyrmstooth
  • Falskaar
  • Hunterborn
  • Harvest overhaul
  • Requiem
  • lots more
Wearable LanternsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install main file, and "Wearable Lanterns - Lighting Fix"
HunterbornLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install Main File

Install the patches file too

  • Click Manual
  • Uncheck all esp's besides
    • Campfire Patch
    • Requiem Patch
    • Wearable Lanterns Patch
Deadly DragonsLink to the mod's Wiki page. We are looking for the variety of dragons here, not the extra HP (though you can use that if you want late game). Converting Dragon Souls should be left to Dragon Soul Relinquishment mod.
  • Use Normal Option
Dragon Combat OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page. If you happen to have a copy of this, then use it here.
Campfire - Complete Camping SystemLink to the mod's Wiki page. This is an awesome mod that allows you to set up camp wherever you want. Find a random hidden area? build a camp fire, set up a cooking pot, and pitch your tent.
Simply KnockLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Allows the player to knock on doors, and potentially gain access.

Frostfall-Camping SurvivalLink to the mod's Wiki page. Use SkyUI Add-On Option
Death Alternative - Your Money or Your LifeLink to the mod's Wiki page. This mod will radically change your game play, if you let it.

Basically, instead of death causing a reload of the game to a previous save, this mod introduces some consequences to defeat. These range from waking up some distance away, to having some or all of your gear stripped, and having to complete a scenario to get your gear back. Some scenarios such as the vampire one can leave you "altered" and require other actions to get back to "normal".

Death Alternative - CapturedLink to the mod's Wiki page. Additional scenarios
Destroy Dark Brotherhood Adventure RolePlay RPQuestAssistLink to the mod's Wiki page. Gives you a fun/dangerous adventure that takes you all over Skyrim as you track down the elusive Dark Brotherhood (as opposed to the Vanilla quest which just plants a quest marker and says go kill them all).
Thieves Guild Hideout RedoneLink to the mod's Wiki page. Main File

Update File

House of Horrors Alternate EndingLink to the mod's Wiki page.
Follower ModLink to the mod's Wiki page. There is a dialogue bug which puts the follower dialogue "Are you Skilled" onto everyone/thing you can talk to. Just need to get around to making the patch.

Pre Requiem Patches

Right Click in the plug in area, and Enable All Search down the list for dummy plugins, disable them.

Disable patch ESPss for mods installed in the requiem section (these will need to be enabled and manually moved later)

  • FarmhouseChimneysLAL + CRF.esp
  • NARC-RequiemConsistencyPatch.esp
  • Mortal Enemies - Requiem.esp
  • Hunterborn_Requiem-Patch.esp
Mod Name Notes
STEP CompilationLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Make a copy of the mod. Disable the STEP install====


  • /textures/sky/
  • /textures/effects/
  • /textures/effects/
  • /meshes/mps/mpsfiresmsmoke01.nif
  • /meshes/mps/mpsfirelgsmoke01.nif
LOOTLink to the mod's Wiki page. Run loot one last time. After this, DO NOT USE LOOT. All of the following mods and ESP's need to be manually placed.
  • Enable Vivid Clouds and Fogs (drag ESP above STEP Extended Patch) so that TES5Edit can be loaded.
  • Start TES5Edit. Right click deselect all
  • Select only STEP Extended Patch.esp
  • OK
  • After loading, Expand STEP Extended Patch.esp
  • Click on File Header
  • Find the master file entry for Vividian - Extended Weathers.esp
  • right click on the Master File Line (one block above Vividian - Extended Weathers.esp) and click remove.
  • Repeat for ExplosiveBoltsVisualized.esp
  • click OK to save and backup the esp.
  • disable Vivid Clouds and Fogs again.

Re enable:

  • FarmhouseChimneysLAL + CRF.esp
  • NARC-RequiemConsistencyPatch.esp
  • Mortal Enemies - Requiem.esp
  • Hunterborn_Requiem-Patch.esp

Pull Requiem patches down

Please backup your .esp load order now, and don't accidently use LOOT after this.


This is where stuff can get a little tricky. All the mods installed from now on need to have their ESPs manually positioned, as LOOT is unable to properly position Requiem and its related mods.

Mod Name Notes
RequiemLink to the mod's Wiki page. Main file, and Hotfix

Install Options

  • Unofficial Patches Compliance
    • Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
  • Font
    • Pick what you want (I kept current font option)
  • Activate Button
    • Show Activate Button (have separate mod to handle this)
  • Guard Armor Textures
    • aMidianBorn Textures
  • Optional Plugins
    • none (saving on esp's)


Double click the mod -> Filetree

  • Open Scripts
  • Hide or delete mineorescript.pex
Requiem - Minor ArcanaLink to the mod's Wiki page. Main File and ESF patch
Alternate Start - Live Another LifeLink to the mod's Wiki page. Load .esp just after Requiem patches

If usign Skyrim Unlocked, then it goes before that

New Beginnings -- Live Another Life ExtensionLink to the mod's Wiki page. Great mod for those of us with restartitis
Death Alternative - Alternate Start AddonLink to the mod's Wiki page. Lets you start with some of the Death Alternative scenarios. These are intense and very difficult starts, some may not be possible with Requiem.
Better VampiresLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install Options
  • Royal Bloodline Compatibility
    • None
  • Sacrosanct Compatibility
    • None
  • Requiem Compatibility
    • Requiem - Better Vampires Patch
  • Vampire Lord Drain Option
    • None
[ CAR - Content Addon Reqtified]Link to the mod's Wiki page. Select Content Addon Reqtified Edition
  • Content Addon Reqtified - Crafting Overhaul Reqtified Edition
Book Covers Skyrim - Compatibility Patch CollectionLink to the mod's Wiki page. Options
  • Select Language
    • English
  • Compatible Mods
    • Requiem

Should only be patching Requiem. Other patches covered by STEP Compilation

Arbitrated Patches - Requiem - You Hunger - Open CIties - INPC - ETACLink to the mod's Wiki page. Download:
  • Requiem - Open Cities Patch
  • You Hunger Realisim Legendary - Interesting NPCs Patch
Requiem - Civil War Overhaul PatchLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install if you happened to have a copy of CWO that you installed
NRM Patches - RequiemLink to the mod's Wiki page. Download patches for:
  • Dragonborn
  • Falskaar
  • Wyrmstooth
KFR - Kryptopyr's Fixes Reqtified (WAFR-CCF-Requiem)Link to the mod's Wiki page. Main File

Use Basic Install Option

COR - Crafting Overhaul Reqtified (CCOR-Requiem)Link to the mod's Wiki page. Options
  • Custom Install
  • Heavy Stormcloakes
    • COR - No Heavy Stormcloaks
  • Reduced Cloaks
    • None
  • Wet and Cold
  • UNchecked COR - Campfire
  • UNchecked COR - Wet and Cold
  • Woodend Bows
    • None
Requiem 1.9.3 Patch CentralLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install Options, use the following patches
  • Unofficial Patches and DLCs
    • Hearthfire
    • Cutting Room Floor
    • WM Flora Fixes
  • Audio
    • Audio Overhaul for Skyrim
  • Immersion
    • Campfire
    • Frostfall
  • Gameplay
    • Dragon Combat Overhaul
    • Trade and Barter
  • Animals
    • None
  • Horses
    • None
  • Creatures
    • Deadly Dragons - AOS compatible
  • NPCs
    • Immersive Patrols - CWO compatible
    • Inconsequential NPCs (both)
  • Follower
    • None
  • factions
    • ESF Companions
    • Immersive Collage of Winterhold
  • Quests
    • Live Another Life
    • Timing is Everything
    • Skyrim Unlocked + Open Cities Skyrim
  • Visuals
    • Explosive Bolts Visualized
  • Armors
    • Immersive Armors
    • Improved Closedfaced Helmets
  • Weapons
    • Immersive Weapons

Double click the Requiem Patch Central mod

Move the follwing ESPs to optional (or disable)

  • AOS2_DD Patch.esp
  • Inconsequential NPCs - Enhancement.esp
  • ExplosiveBoltsVisualized.esp
  • RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Sorted.esp
  • RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Unsorted.esp
Telescope - Requiem Compatibility PatchLink to the mod's Wiki page.
Skyrim UnlockedLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install Options
  • Skyrim Unlocked - LAL Compatible version
  • Open Cities Skyrim
  • Immersive Collage of Winterhold

Merging NARC

We will be merging all changes into NARC (to save a few ESPs)

Search for NARC. Drag all NARC mods directly above STEP Extended Patch.esp Move NARC.esp below the Falskaar, Requiem, and DeadlyDragons ESPs.

Start TES5Edit Right click select none. Now select:

  • Skyrim.esm
  • update.esm
  • Dawnguard.esm
  • Hearthfires.esm
  • Dragonborn.esm
  • Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp
  • Falskaar.esm
  • Wyrmstooth.esp
  • STEP Extended Patch.esp
  • Requiem.esp
  • Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp
  • Requiem Hearthfire.esp
  • NRM_Dragonborn_Reqtified.esp
  • Deadly Dragons
  • All the NARC ESPs

In the Faction tab of NARC-FalskaarConsistencyPatch.esp

  • Highlight everthing in the Factions drop down --> Right click the first item --> copy as overide into…
  • Select NARC.esp
  • Click Yes to adding master to NARC.esp
  • Repeat for EVERYTHING in each of the 3 NARC-Paches

Close TES5Edit, OK to save.


  • NARC - Deadly Dragons
  • NARC - Falskaar
  • NARC - Requiem

Start TES5Edit Right click select none Now select:

  • Skyrim.esm
  • update.esm
  • Dawnguard.esm
  • Hearthfires.esm
  • Dragonborn.esm
  • Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp
  • Falskaar.esm
  • Wyrmstooth.esp
  • STEP Extended Patch.esp
  • Requiem.esp
  • Requiem - Legendary Bugsmasher Edition.esp
  • Requiem Hearthfire.esp
  • NRM_Dragonborn_Reqtified.esp
  • Deadly Dragons
  • NARC.esp

Now forward edits into the NARC.esp

  • example:
    • open NARC.esp
    • open Faction
    • Select item, drag and drop the record changes (forwarding) that are red into NARC
    • Example, CreatureFaction, has a change in Falskaar that is not in NARC. Drag the XNAM - Relations entries into NARC so they apply.
    • Entry changes from RED to Yellow. This is good. Repeat for all Red entries in the Faction tab.
    • You want don't Want NARC overwriting other mods changes, such as changes Requiem gives for example.
  • Forward Requiem's edits to Stump into NARC.esp as well.

Exit TES5Edit and save changes.

Merged Plugins

With this the ESP limit has been reached (and passed by about 20), so we will need to merge a few plugins. As a general rule of thumb, we will not touch the Patch Central patches (no matter how tempting they are) as the mod page explicitly warns against it. Instead will be merging patches to a few other mods who's mod authors have stated their mods are safe to merge. Avoiding mods required by other ESPs, such as the STEP Compilation, is also important. If you wish to add some other mods, such as house overhaul mods, you will have to merge those or other ESPs to make room.

Following ESPs were found to be totally overriden by other mods, and should ("probably safe") be disabled (in the Plugins pannel)

  • Randomthunder.esp
  • LSFX-Audiosettings.esp
Mod Name Notes
Merge PluginsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Follow the install instructions completely found in the STEP guide (Video guide HERE). You will need all the optionals installed as well. The guide is 45min long, you NEED to watch the following sections carefully: Preinstallation, Downloading, Installation & Setup, Basic Merge Creation and Activation. This only takes about 20 min, and you should be able to install Merge Plugins alongside this tutorial. GamerPoets makes some crazy good quality tutorials.

quick reference, must watch tutorial video first!

Order the ESPs and Mods that will be merged (both panels)

  • Right click first one, make a new merge
  • Add the remainder.
  • Merges (tab) --> Right click merge --> Plugins --> check plugins for errors
    • If its anything but Dark Green, resolve issues
  • Right click, Build Merge

The following are merged. I leave the mods enabled (they are mostly overridden) and drag the Merged Mod below them, but disable the ESPs (uncheck them in the plugin panel and position the merged ESP below them).

Reference the Mod list in the dropbox location for more details HERE.

(-5) RealisticWaterTwo - Merged Patch

  • RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Wyrmstooth.esp
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Falskaar.esp
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Falskaar.esp
  • RealisticWaterTwo - Wyrmstooth.esp
  • RBB - Realistic Water Two.esp

Moved to Below R1 - Realistic Water Two

(-4) Better Quest Objectives Merged

(collected all patches together under the Requiem patch location.

  • BetterQuestObjectives-DBForevertoMisc.esp
  • BetterQuestObjectives-CRFPatch.esp
  • BetterQuestObjectives-PaarDilemmaPatch.esp
  • BetterQuestObjectives-RequiemPatch.esp
  • BetterQuestObjectives-AlternateStartPatch.esp

Better Quest Objectives - Merged Patch BQO - Merged Patch Collected all patches together with the requiem patch, Moved merged Mod below, moved Mod in mod order below Better Quest Objectives

(-3) Vivid Weathers - Merged Patch

  • Vivid Weathers - Falskaar
  • Vivid Weathers - Wyrmstooth
  • Vivid Weathers - Lanterns of Skyrim Preset
  • Vivid Weathers - Minty Lighting patch

Moved below vivid weathers

(-2) Beards Brows nb-scars - Merged Patch

  • Beards
  • Brows
  • Nb-scars

Moved below mods

(-2) ELE - Merged Patch

  • ELE_Legendary_Fs_Wt_Lite.esp
  • ELE_Fs_Wt_Lite.esp
  • Immersive Citizens - ELE patch.esp

Ignore the error in the Merged Plugins app, the related entry is overridden by STEP Compilation patch anyways.

(-6) Making Room - Merged01

  • Chesko_LoreBasedLoadingScreens
  • AddressUnknown
  • AnonymousPeople
  • Appropriately Attired Jarls Redux
  • Dead Body Collision
  • Traps Make Noise
  • WM Trap Fixes.esp

Positioned below WM Trap Fixes, positioned other mods above it, both the ESPs and the Load order

Load Order

ESP Load Order

Please refer to the text files for load order. this is just way to stupidly complicated to describe. Or you could even drop it into your mod organizer profiles folder, and use it to sort your mods that way.

Dropbox Files

REV 2.0 Alpha:

  • plugins.txt contains the order of ESPs that are activated
  • loadorder.txt shows all ESPs, even the disabled ones.
  • modlist (Backwards).txt is (for some reason in reverse) a list of the Left pannel mod installation. Basically, read starting from the bottom (first mods) and work your way up to the top of the txt file (the last mods).
    • "+" symbol in front of mod shows active mods
    • "-" symbol in front of mod show disabled mods
    • "*" symbol in front of mod shows an unmanaged mod.

No mods are currently defined in this section within the Wiki.

2.N Patches

From Here on, just let the ESPs drop in as they are added/created.

For the first time setup, skip DynDOLOD and Real Shelter. do the rest, and make sure the game loads. Then go back, delete the Reqtificator patch and install them.

Mod Name Notes
Bashed PatchLink to the mod's Wiki page. JUST DON'T USE IT!!!

The Requiem Reqtificator does this task

Dual Sheath ReduxLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Using STEP installation instructions, but on the Standalone Mods page, also want

  • Campfire - Complete Camping System
  • Immersive Armors
  • Immersive Weapons
  • Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul

Will need to modify the launcher option in MO, to point to the new name given to the patcher.

Better Shaped WeaponsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Use STEP install instructions, but pick ENB version where applicable
Fores New Idles in SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. Use STEP install instructions
DynDOLODLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install DynDOLOD Resources

Optional Files

  • DynDOLOD Patches
    • We want the Lanterns of Skyrim option. Position under DynDOLOD Resources mod.

Stage 1:

  • Run SynDOLOD TexGen following STEP Instructions.

To run DynDOLOD with Open Cities, we need some custom steps. Stage2 part A

  • Make a backup of your Mod list and Plugins by clicking the backup buttons (top right of each panel) (Important!)
  • Disable Open Cities Skyrim (left pannel) and its patches
  • Disable Remaining ESPs in the plugin list that have Open Cities Dependency.
  • For the first pass, follow STEP instructions with the following changes:
    • Windows (checked)
    • Fake lights selected world(checked)
    • Fake lights child worlds(checked)
    • Candles(checked)
    • FXGlow(checked)
    • Generate DynDOLOD (UNchecked)
  • Select your quality option, click OK.
    • After DynDOLOD has finished, CLICK Exit, (NOT Save & Exit)
  • Navigate to: DynDOLOD folder --> Edit Scripts --> DynDOLOD
    • Make a copy of DynDOLOD_TES5.ini, append .backup to it
  • Open DynDOLOD_TES5.ini
    • Control - F --> warnmodfilename --> enter
      • Delete "open Cities Skyrim, " from the WarnModFileName=
    • find "skyrim tamriel"
      • Delete Everything under the [Skyrim Tamriel] section, leaving the heading intact.
  • Save the ini File.
  • Restore your Mod list (to before disabling Open Cities) using the "Restore backup" button
  • Restore your Plugins (to before disabling Open Cities) using the "Restore Backup" Button

Stage2 part B

  • Run DynDOLOD a second time, select Advanced
  • Follow STEP instructions with the following changes:
    • Generate static LOD (UNchecked)
    • Generate tree LOD (UNchecked)
    • Create texture atlas (UNchecked)
    • Generate DynDOLOD (CHECKED)
  • Click OK

Continue installation as normal per STEP instructions.

Note, restore your backup of DynDOLOD_TES5.ini if rebuilding.

ReqtificatorLink to the mod's Wiki page. Installation Instructions HERE

check the following settings BEFORE patching each time Reqtificator is run.

  • Other Settings Open
  • Merge Leveled Characters: (Checked)
  • Merge Leveled Items: (checked)
  • Add all Mods as Masters: (checked)
Real Shelter - Full ReleaseLink to the mod's Wiki page. The "Real" last mod, even though other mods keep saying they are the last.

Modify the version check

  • Right click mod --> Open in explorer --> R.S.Patcher
  • Open RSPatcher.tes5pas
  • Cntl+f --> 3.1
  • Change to 3.2


now build the patch as per the instructions on the mod page.

Notes from previous installs (and other user's comments)

  • Rain shading is not "perfect". it has a slight delay (250ms) that is noticeable, especially on a horse while at full speed.
  • Some users have reported the rain shading is radically different, and going into and out of rain changes how the weather looks considerably. I have not had a problem with this, please provide some screen shots if you do have this problem. The mod author's page has a few notes on how to potentially trouble shoot this.

Final house Keeping

Dropbox Files

REV 2.0 Alpha

Included are my ini files. Please look them over and compare them to your own. These settings will depend on how you installed Vividian ENB (so use the one generated by the Vividian install, don't just use the dropbox file).

A few tings I changed (I think) off the top of my head:


LodBias=-0.33 // Lower Values for more detailed Textures at distance, -0,33 selected for Vividian Setup




Post-Installation Configuration

Guess this is where any additional information goes. I will list bugs I have come across here.

Before you play, read the section about the MCM menu setup

  • Put Patch link here

Dropbox Folder HERE

Current Bugs

  • (2017 07 08) In doors, during the day, windows give a bit too much light into the interior. Need to find a way to balance this out.