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Subject: STEP v2.10.0 Released
Dear {member_name},

STEP v2.10.0 has been released! Navigate to to view the guide and check out the changelog [ ] for details on how to update. With this version of STEP comes a change in our versioning scheme. We realized from the last few releases the Guide needed a different solution for the versioning scheme. Up until now, we have included the underbelly of STEP as the first digit in our scheme. This meant major changes to software (like forum software and wiki upgrades) would count as STEP 1.x.x, STEP 2.x.x, and so on. This was not the best standard for us to use. Therefore, from this release and beyond, the versioning of STEP will go as: Major.Minor.Hotfix.

Major - Introduce fundamental new functionality, tools, or methods. (e.g., Official Pack implementation [i.e., STEP Extended, STEP Lighting, STEP-sponsored Packs], BOSS to LOOT, Wrye Bash to MO).
Minor - changes to mod lineup.
Hotfix - Change/fix Guide instructions that require amendment to the changelog (however large or small) and any other 'hotfixes' (e.g., changes to mod install order). 

Until now, we had been working up to STEP 2.3.0 as our next major release. With the change in the versioning scheme, we'll now be working towards STEP 3.0.0! From this release and beyond, each release will be a step towards bridging our move to the new paradigm. What does this mean for this release? This means that while there are no drastic changes to the Guide's structure, we have again fine-tuned the STEP setup to bring you a fluid mod list to enhance the beauty and feel of Skyrim.

A few of the larger changes in this release are:

> We have replaced Skyrim HD with Skyrim Realistic Overhaul has our baseline for all textures.
> Gone are several of the old character mods including: XCE, XCE - Dawnguard, Better Beast Races, and Better Freckles. These mods have been replaced by alternative selections.
> The entire Characters & Creatures section of the Guide has seen significant refinement.
> Many of the older mods in the Guide have been removed and replaced with more recent solutions.
> The entire INI section has been replaced with BethINI.
> There has been so many changes that we highly recommend users reviewing the changelog, for all the fine details. 

The STEP Team

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