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changelog Current-Guide Changes (since release)

Guide Changes

  • 1.C.2 - AMD Users: Edited according to Quitch's recommendations; also added instructions for saving settings as an application-specific profile.
  • Added the crime radius fix via Wrye Bash to the guide. It's located just after the mod tables.
  • Removed "Core" attribute from several mods per administrative discussion in preparation for STEP v2.3.0
  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul moved to Section D - Fixes.
  • Terrain Bump has been re-uploaded to the Nexus with SparrowPrince's permission, so this has been added back as Core.
  • Removed Bumpy Inn & Shop Signs, since it is hidden indefinitely on the Nexus.
  • Removed Ancient Nord Armor Fix, since it is now incorporated into the USP.
  • Removed Better Rocks & Mountains since it is fully redundant with No Stretching

Mod Notes & BCFs

Initial Release Changes

Mod Additions

B - Utilities
C - Extenders
D - Fixes
E - Interface
G - Landscape & Environment
J - Animations & Effects
L - Sound
M - Gameplay

Mod Removals

Install-Order Changes