Guide:ENBseries INI/Rays

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The [RAYS] section is a set of multipliers that are affected by the SunIntensity, SunDesaturation, and SunColorFilter values from the [SKY] section above. If the sun is to bright or not bright enough then these parameters can affect the amount of sun rays added to the scene by using a multiplier, or the SunIntensity setting can be changed before applying these multipliers.

IgnoreWeatherSystem=(false, true)


This set of parameters controls the brightness of the rays.

SunRaysMultiplierSunrise=(0.0... )
SunRaysMultiplierDay=(0.0... )
SunRaysMultiplierSunset=(0.0... )
SunRaysMultiplierNight=(0.0... )
SunRaysMultiplierInteriorDay=(0.0... )
SunRaysMultiplierInteriorNight=(0.0... )
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