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This feature mimics real world shadowing fade and blurring; making shadows darker and sharper closer to the object casting the shadow and lighter and more blurred as the shadow stretches out away from the object.


Skylighting Quality & FilterQuality

Defines the quality of the skylighting effect. 0 = high, 1 = medium, and 2 = low quality. In the overall scene there is very little to no visible difference in these settings. In regards to performance, there is a 1-2 FPS cost using high vs low.
Defines the filter quality used for the skylighting effect. 0 = high, 1 = medium, and 2 = low. Using the value of 2 is very close the the default game setting. Using 0 will utilize a more sophisticated equation with shadow intensity based on distance from the object casting the shadow; blurring the shadows the further away they are from the object. Visually, there is very little visible difference between the values with a performance cost of 1-2 FPS using high vs low.
Quality=(0, 1, 2)
FilterQuality=(0, 1, 2)
Quality & FilterQuality=0
Quality & FilterQuality=2

Quality & FilterQuality High  Quality & FilterQuality Low


Determines how bright or dark the skylighting effect is. Lower values are darker; whereas, higher values are lighter. This will not only affect shadows but the overall scene as well.

The below compares are for AmbientMinLevelDay. The other parameters have similar effects for the Time Of Day for which they're for.

AmbientMinLevelDay=0.0.jpg  AmbientMinLevelDay=1.0.jpg


These parameters are the same as above, but used for interiors rather than exteriors. After testing in multiple interior locations including buildings, caves, mines, and dungeons these parameters appear to currently have no affect.

Correction-> This is just an example of the automated addition Boris does for variables. This has no active function in interiors. --JawZ (talk) 17:55, January 8, 2016 (EST)