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The [VEGETATION] section will apply Subsurface Scattering to trees and some other vegetation. This does not affect every single type of plant life in Skyrim such as grasses. (Reference)

Addition-> SubSurfaceScattering Objects, Vegetation and Eyes are all dependent on their being sunlight present. No sunlight/Direct Lighting = no SSS effect. --JawZ (talk) 18:05, January 8, 2016 (EST)

Vegetation SubSurfaceScatteringMultiplier

These parameters will make vegetation brighter and bring out more color in plants, like trees and grass.

SubSurfaceScatteringMultiplierSunrise=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringMultiplierDay=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringMultiplierSunset=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringMultiplierNight=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringMultiplierInteriorDay=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringMultiplierInteriorNight=(0.0... )
 Sky Layers

Vegetation SubSurfaceScatteringPower

These parameters will make vegetation darker and reduce the vibrancy of the colors in plants, like trees and grass.

SubSurfaceScatteringPowerSunrise=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringPowerDay=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringPowerSunset=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringPowerNight=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringPowerInteriorDay=(0.0... )
SubSurfaceScatteringPowerInteriorNight=(0.0... )
 Sky Layers