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This is designed to be a reference guide to the NMSDK Model Importer.

The first object you should create when making a new scene in Blender is the NMS_SCENE object. This is an empty node located at the origin (0,0,0) that ANY objects you wish to be included in the scene MUST be a child of.

The model importer supports arbitrary hierarchies, so you can nest multiple meshes inside other meshes.

Each object name will be specified with an object type if necessary, and below it will be each of the possible custom properties it can be given.

Object types

NMS_SCENE (Empty object)
BATCH - 0 (no batch mode) or 1 (batch mode). If batch mode is activated, each of the direct child nodes of the NMS_SCENE object will be exported separately.
GROUP - This is a string that can be set to allow for the scene to be output to name/group/scenename.scene instead of name/name/scenename.scene as is default. This makes it easier to group together similar models.
These are the mesh objects. They currently do not have any custom properties but they can have the following objects as children objects which will affect the mesh:
ROTATION (empty arrow)
This object will point in the direction that you want the object to be rotating around. The size is equal to the speed at which it will rotate.