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Reference Tables

Warning-Logo.png Warning:
These two spreadsheet have been created for an older version of NMS (around Path Finder, aka 1.2 version) and do not reflect current game state.

This 2017 Google Spreadsheet, created by Gmr_Leon, lists references to most of the elements of the game. Default values have been included as well.

  • Biome Types
  • Damage Types
  • Technology Types
  • Tech Crafting Requirements
  • Player upgrades and stats (like armour values, laser damage, etc)
  • Products and Substances (including values, charge amounts, legality, etc)
  • Stat upgrades
  • Creature Data (including movement speed/range, swarm data, min/max scales, etc)
  • Weather Table (including temps, toxicity, and radiation. As well as a separate table showing at what temperature damage begins to occur, for weather mods this is very useful)
  • Weather Text (cross reference from in-game text to weather ID)

ID translations brings names corresponding to each item IDs. This file was created by @theFisher86. It is not up-to-date anymore.