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Deleveled Lootby dreadflopp
Deleveled Loot
The purpose of this pack is to delevel Skyrims loot system and rebalance Skyrims economy. By using this pack only basic common gear will be found. High level loot will only be found in special places. The amount of gold you will find and be rewarded from quests will be reduced.
Compatible Packs: Pack:Deleveled Loot, Pack:Dovahkiin Reborn, Pack:Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance, Pack:Survival, Pack:Weather and Lighting
Warning-Logo.png      Warning:This pack is no longer updated. I am currently only supporting my packs for Skyrim Special Edition. I will still answer questions about the pack, if you have any.
Info-Logo.png      Notice:Changelog at the end of the guide.

Deleveled Loot

What to expect from the pack:

The purpose of this pack is to rebalance Skyrims economy and make high level loot rarer. In vanilla it is too easy to get rich and high level loot is too common.

  • Morrowloot removes all random high level loot (dwemer+) and handplaces them in different, logical places. Ebony is very rare. Only one set of daedric armor remains in Skyrim and it is spread out. Morrowloot also adds artifacts from previous games.
  • Several mods help to make loot rarer and reduce your income.
  • A couple of popular armor and weapon mods are included since they need to be patched or have some special settings to be compatible with morrowloot.

Pre-Installation Setup


Info-Logo.png      Notice:This pack is fully compatible with STEP: Core and STEP: Extended. ELE and ICAIO are requirements.
Warning-Logo.png      Warning:Remove all leveled lists that are installed with Weapons and armor fixes. To do this, simply delete Weapons & Armor_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp that was installed with Weapons and armor fixes.

Other packs

If you use more than this one pack, you need to build your own patch using my my modular patches.

Compatible packs


Highly recommended pack focused on survival.

Deleveled Loot

Pack:Deleveled Loot
Pack by me that delevels loot.

Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance

Pack:Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance
Pack by me focused on balancing gameplay by making it harder, more fun and by adding gameplay elements. Highly recommended.

Dovahkiin Reborn

Pack:Dovahkiin Reborn
Pack by me focused on player races, skills, powers, spells etc. Highly recommended

Semi-compatible and semi-unsupported packs

A real explorers guide to Skyrim (REGS)

Pack:Explorers Guide
REGS has been taken over by Kelmych who will bring it up to date and make it compatible with the latest STEP. It is probably compatible with this pack.

Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition
Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition is more of a replacement for STEP than a pack. SR:LE is not supported but most of SR:LE is still compatible with this and my other packs. Use my my modular patches and read the special instructions for SR:LE.

Not compatible packs

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn is an addon or a pack for SRLE by Darth_mathias. It is an excellent pack that adds many mods on top of SRLE in many different areas, some areas where I haven't added any mods in my packs like quest mods or companion mods. It also adds mods that alters the looks of NPCs, it expands towns, it adds new items and retextures many aspects of the game. SRLE adds mods in all areas that I do in my packs and many of the mods that are in my packs are also in SRLE or SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn. If you want to add the mods that are in SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn but not in my packs, my recommendation is to skip my packs and use SRLE Extended instead. Darth_Mattias provides a patch for Morrowloot Unlimited and with that added you won't miss out on anything essential by using SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn instead of my packs.

Install Order

You should follow the install order outlined in STEP. Install the pack after your STEP install. It may be considered good modding practice to install the pack before the STEP section 2.N. Patches, but currently it doesn't matter since none of the mods from my pack conflict with any mods from the patches section of STEP..

The mods from my pack should be installed as outlined on their pages.

Mods from the pack or STEP that overlap should usually remain in their position laid out in STEP. It may be useful to re-install these mods as a new mod if changes are made to the installation of said mod, with a name fit to the profile. This preserves easy switching between Profiles in MO.

If you are unsure, check the 'conflicts' tab in MO for the mod in question and see what is overwriting it / what it is overwriting. Ask questions on the forums if you are still unsure.

If you install more than one pack, check here: my modular patches.


Deleveled scarcer loot

A Harsher Skyrim
Gold adjustment

Description: Gold adjustment limits your income by adjusting gold, gems, lockpicks and soul gems acquired from chests and gold from coin purses and quest rewards.
Author: kuertee
Main file: None
Optionals: kuGA merged with MCM 0p8

Info-Logo.png      Notice:This mod is optional

This mod helps balance the game but it is a little immersion breaking since gold gets removed when you pick it up through scripts.

Immersive Armors 8 patch

Description: This patch is an update to the official Morrowloot Ultimate - Immersive Armors patch. The MLU - Immersive Armors patch is still needed.
Author: FlyingFox
Special Instructions: Immersive armors is installed later in the guide. This mod should be included in the merge of the other MLU (Morrowloot Ultimate) patches below. Make sure it is sorted after the MLU - Immersive Armors patch included in the official MLU mod.

MUS - Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified

Description: Removes high level loot from the world and overhauls many aspects of gameplay
Author: Asator
Main files: MUS - Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified
Optionals: None.
Miscellaneous: MUS - Lore Weapon Expansion 1.4a (if you use Lore Weapon Expansion)
Special instructions: Install the patch, MUS - Lore Weapon Expansion 1.4a, as its own mod. This will make it easier to merge it with the patches from MLU below.

Morrowloot Ultimate

Description: We will only use the compatibility patches from MLU.
Author: ChocolateNoodle
Main files: None.
Optionals: Special instructions: Install all relevant patches except patches for Audio overhaul Skyrim, Skyrim Immersive Creatures, CACO/CACO-Ordinatored, Ordinator or Unique Uniques. Those patches are already included in my patch, if they are needed. Do not install the patch for Lore Weapon Expansion since we use the LWE patch from MUS above. Install the patches as their own mod called MUS patches. Merge all patch plugins from MLU - Immersive Armors 8 patch, MUS and MLU following these instructions.

  • Sort all patches alphabetically.
  • Name the merged plugin MUS patches merged.esp.
  • Name the new mod MUS patches merged.
  • For the patches of MUS to function properly, delete or hide the leveled list files of Weapons and armor fixes remade:
Open Mod Organizer
Double click Weapons and armor fixes remade in the mod list
Click on the Optional ESPs tab
Select Weapons & Armor_TrueWeaponsLvlList.esp and click on the up arrow to move it to optional ESPs
Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced

Description: Modifies costs for room rental. Modifies inns and taverns aesthetically
Author: perseid9
Main files: RealisticRoomRental-Basic Optionals: None.
Special Instructions: Install the basic version if you do not want to modify inns and taverns aesthetically. The pre-made patch at the end of the guide is for the basic version of RRR. If you install the enhanced version, you need to merge your own patch.

  • Reinstall Immersive Citizens and install the RRR patch if you use the enhanced version.
  • If you use the enhanced version with Relighting Skyrim you will experience some flickering lights in inns. This is solved by deleting all entries for inns in the Relighting Skyrim plugin. This reverts the lighting in inns to vanilla with modifications by RRR.

Open RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp in TES5Edit and delete all records and subrecords that edits inns. These records are listed below:

	Block 1
		Sub-Block 1
		Sub-Block 3			
		Sub-Block 4
		Sub-Block 5
	Block 2
		Sub-Block 6
		Sub-Block 9
	Block 4
		Sub-Block 8
	Block 5
		Sub-Block 3
	Block 6
		Sub-Block 0
		Sub-Block 5
		Sub-Block 7
		Sub-Block 8
	Block 7
		Sub-Block 7
	Block 8
		Sub-Block 0
		Sub-Block 7

Example: In RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp, navigate to Cell/Block 1/Sub-Block 1 and right click 00013A7F and choose to remove the record. This will delete it and all its subrecords.

Scarcity - Less Loot Mod

Description: Makes all loot less common
Author: Syclonix
Install Instructions: Install the following plugins:

  • Scarcity - Less loot mod.esp
  • Scarcity - 8x Loot Rarity.esp
  • Scarcity - 6x Merchant Item Rarity.esp
Trade and Barter

Description: Different factors influences buying and selling prices
Author: kryptopyr
Main files: Trade And Barter - Hearthfire
Optionals: None
Special Instructions: This mod is already in STEP. It is here as a reminder for you to change settings in the MCM menu.


All you need to survive

None of the following equipment mods are needed for the functionality of the pack but are rather here to provide support patches for them because they are quite popular. A patch is provided if you use all equipment mods. If you want to only use some, please merge your own patch here. Jaysus swords is the only mod that doesn't need any patch.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade

Description: Crafting.
Author: kryptopyr
Main files: Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
Optionals: CCO Compatibility Patch for WAF True Weapons
Special instructions: STEP: Extended users have this mod installed already. Move the mod in the left hand panel so the install order matches that of the STEP guide. LOOT should sort the optional file, CCO Compatibility Patch for WAF True Weapons, right after the main plugin. If it doesn't, place it there manually.

Faction Crossbows

Description: Adds crossbows and bolts.
Author: Hothtrooper44
Main files: A. Faction Crossbows
Optionals: Faction Crossbows Compatibility patch and Leveled Lists

Faction Crossbows level list patch

Description: Cleans up the Faction Crossbow level list to my liking and makes it more compatible when merged into the bashed patch.
Author: Dreadflopp

Immersive Armors

Description: Adds armors to Skyrim.
Author: Hothtrooper44
Main files: Immersive Armors v8 Special Instructions: If you use Immersive armors 8, it is recommended to choose the option to unpack the BSA when the option pops up in Mod Organizer. If the BSA is unpacked you can hide or remove Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp and save a plugin slot.

JaySuS Swords

Description: Adds swords.
Author: JaySuS
Main files: JaySuS Swords V13C
Updates: JaySuS Swords V13C to V13D Update
Optionals: None
Special Instructions: Delete all plugins, JSwords.esm and JSwordsDistributionBalancePlugin.esp. Complete Crafting and Overhaul removes the need for these plugins.

Lore Weapon Expansion

Description: Adds weapons to Skyrim.
Author: InsanitySorrow, Elvarheim
Main files: Lore Weapon Expansion
Optionals: None.

Lost LongSwords

Description: Adds weapons to Skyrim.
Author: MrBrownstone
Main files: Lost LongSwords 1-HANDED
Optionals: None

Unique uniques

Description: Gives unique weapons unique appearances.
Author: InsanitySorrow

Dual Sheath Redux

Description: This mod is already included in STEP. We reinstall it with different options.
Author: Neovalen
Main files: Dual Sheath Redux
Optionals: None.
Install Instructions: This mod should be reinstalled. Leave at the install order placement that STEP instructed you to. This is because it should be overwritten by Better shaped weapons.

FOMOD Instructions
Dual Sheath Redux
Base mod and/or Compatibility Packs
Base mod and/or Compatibility Packs
Base Packs or Both
Base Packs or Both

CheckmarkMO.png Patcher and Vanilla meshes

CheckmarkMO.png Mod Packs

Back or Hip
Back or Hip
Do you use a swords on back skeleton?
Do you use a swords on back skeleton?
Users choice. Select Yes if you plan on using swords on the back.
Replacer mods
Replacer mods
Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project
Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project

CheckmarkMO.png Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project

Standalone mods
Standalone mods
Select all options that are relevant for your install.

A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches

Description: Meshes for Dual Sheath Redux.
Author: Slothability
Install Instructions:

FOMOD Instructions
A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches
Swear Fealty to The Sloth King
Swear Fealty to The Sloth King
Swear Fealty to The Sloth King
Swear Fealty to The Sloth King

CheckmarkMO.png Auto Detect and Install Mesh Packs

Standalone mods
Standalone mods
Jaysus Swords
Jaysus Swords

CheckmarkMO.png Jaysus Swords

Morrowloot 4E Edition
Morrowloot 4E Edition

CheckmarkMO.png Morrowloot 4E Edition

Info-Logo.png      Notice:Do not forget to run the Dual sheath redux patcher again. See the STEP guide for instructions.


Conflict resolution
Info-Logo.png Notice: For the time being, you need to merge your own patch using my modular patches.

Download the relevant patches from here.
The equipment patch needs all equipment mods except Jaysus swords.
Install the patches and sort them with LOOT.

If you have other packs installed, please merge your own patch with instructions found here.

Post-Installation Configuration

Warning-Logo.png      Warning:Remove all leveled lists that are installed with Weapons and armor fixes

LOOT rules

  • Scarcity - Less loot mod.esp Set global priority 990900
  • Load Scarcity - 8x Loot Rarity.esp Set after Scarcity - Less loot mod.esp
  • Load Scarcity - 6x Merchant Item Rarity.esp Scarcity - Less loot mod.esp
  • Load Sky Haven Temple M&M3.esp after Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp (This only applies to REGS users)
  • Load Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp after Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp
  • Load LostLongSwords.esp after Faction Crossbows_lvl_list patch.esp
  • Set global priority for RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp to 990100
  • Set global priority for RealisticWaterTwo.esp to 990200
  • Set global priority for ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp to 990400
  • Load STEP Core Patch after ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp
  • Load STEP Extended Patch after ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp
  • Set global priority for STEP Core - Deleveled Loot.esp to 990600
  • Set global priority for STEP Extended - Deleveled Loot.esp to 990600

Bash tags

Bash Tagging Guide

  • You Hunger.esp (Delev) (applies to users of the Survival pack)
  • Remove (Relev) from the STEP: Extended/Core patch
  • MUS patches merged.esp (Stats, Delev, Relev)
  • Deleveled Loot Equipment - STEP patch.esp (Delev)
  • Remove (Relev) from Lore Weapon Expansion.esp
  • Remove all bash tags from Faction Crossbows.esp

Rebuild the bashed patch. The lvl list plugins will get merged into the bashed patch. It is now safe to untick them.

Dual Sheath Redux

Run the dual sheath redux patcher that you installed in the STEP guide.

In the settings of the Dual Sheath Redux you can change which biped slots should be used for left and right biped. These can be changed so they do not use the same slot as any other equipment mod does. If the use the same slot, one of them won't show. I recommend changing it to the slots Neovalen (author of both Dual Sheath Redux and the guide/pack Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition) uses since we have several equipment mods in common. Changing biped slots may not be necessary if you are not using immersive armors but it doesn't hurt.

In the patcher settings, choose:

Left Biped Slot: 54
Right Biped Slot: 45
  • Click [Patch]

MCM Settings

To make it more user friendly, here is a collection of all in-game settings, MCM settings and console commands in a goggle doc to make it easy to view them on your phone:
Please take a glance at all MCM configurable mods that you use. There are several settings and tweaks you might want to use that I haven't brought up due to it not being important to what we intend to do with this pack.


This pack used to be a part of a bigger pack that I developed with the help of Nicopad and Garfink. Big thanks to them.


  • 17-07-29 Added warning about pack no longer being supported. Changed notes about REGS.
  • 16-10-29 Switched to MLU patches insted of MUS patches. Added instructions to not use some of them.
  • 16-10-28 Removed Warmonger
  • 16-08-02 Removed the Scarcity/Bashed patch fix since it is not needed.
  • 16-07-27 Removed Sold Out
  • 16-07-26 Swapped MLU for MUS
  • 16-07-26 Loot rules updated
  • 16-05-24 Patches updated
  • 16-05-24 Removed Jaysus warning notice and decided to ignore any balancing issues since they are minor and caused by something else, possibly Ordinator.
  • 16-05-24 Sorted the mods and cleaned up some install instructions. Added Faction crossbows and a LOOT rule for it and Lost Longswords. Added bash tags instructions for Faction Crossbows.
  • 16-05-22 Added Jaysus swords warning notice
  • 16-05-02 Added instruction to not use the MLU - CACO patch
  • 16-03-21 Patches updated
  • 16-02-21 Added IA8 - MLU patch by FlyingFox
  • 16-02-14 Made som changes to the Immersive armors instructions
  • 16-02-14 Removed the instruction to delete the CCOR true weapons lvl list which was wrong
  • 16-02-05 Added a note about not using the official MLU - RotE patches
  • 16-01-28 Patches updated
  • 15-12-06 Patches updated, link to modular patches updated
  • 15-12-06 Added info about CCO Compatibility Patch for WAF True Weapons
  • 15-12-06 Added MLU LOOT rules
  • 15-12-06 Added Lore Weapon Expansion.esp bash tag
  • 15-12-05 Added Relev bash tag to MLU patches merged.esp
  • 15-11-25 Updated patches
  • 15-11-21 Added info on how to fix RRR/Relighting Skyrim flickering issue
  • 15-11-13 Patches updated
  • 15-11-13 Updated RRR install instructions
  • 15-11-11 Removed REGS support
  • 15-11-10 Modified RRR install instructions
  • 15-11-10 Immersive armors warning added
  • 15-11-05 Updated install instructions for Immersive Armors
  • 15-11-04 Minor update to patch. No need to update midgame.
  • 15-11-02 Minor changes. Note to install Warmonger closefaced helmets patch. Note to install survival pack after this.
  • 15-10-31 Added CCOR to the pack
  • 15-10-31 Added more compatible packs. Updated patches.
  • 15-10-25 Patches updated. All patches are made with CCOR updated to 1.7Beta. Frostfall will not recognize cloaks until it is updated to 3.0 (soon)
  • 15-10-25 Modified/Added LOOT rules for ELE, STEP patch, RW2
  • 15-10-25 Added delev bash tag to my equipment patch
  • 15-10-25 Added MLU/CACO LOOT rule
  • 15-10-25 Added MLU patches merge bash tag
  • 15-10-24 Added GDO - Immersive armors LOOT rule
  • 15-10-13 Updated the equipment patch. Rebuild the bashed patch. (edit: updated again)
  • 15-10-13 added information about the MLU patches merge
  • 15-10-13 Added LOOT rule for MLU patches merged.esp
  • 15-10-12 Patches updated
  • 15-10-12 Added MLU patches bash tag, added RW2 LOOT rule
  • 15-09-22 Clarified my small intro to ServantOfSins guide to fix the bashed patch
  • 15-09-22 Updated the STEP Extended patch
  • 15-09-21 Updated instructions for MLU install
  • 15-09-14 Updated equipment patch, updated Warmonger optionals
  • 15-09-14 Added equipment patch. Added instructions to the intro to the equipment section.
  • 15-09-14 Added unique uniques
  • 15-09-14 Added links to TES5Edit and to the merge script.
  • 15-09-14 Rewrote install instructions for Morrowloot ultimate and created more LOOT rules for it
  • 15-09-14 Added special instructions to Immersive Armors.
  • 15-09-14 Added some note about recommending CCOR/STEP: Extended
  • 15-09-14 Added instructions to use the one handed version of Lost Longswords
  • 15-09-03 Added Warmonger armory and Lost longswords
  • 15-08-23 Updated patches. Updated install instructions for Morrowloot Ultimate
  • 15-07-31 Added some information about Realistic Room Rental.
  • 15-07-09 Removed instructions to not use Skyrim Coin Replacement Redux
  • 15-07-09 Updated LOOT rules
  • 15-07-09 Updated patches and patch instructions
  • 15-07-09 Removed Morrowloot 4E and added Morrowloot Ultimate. It's recommended to start a new game because of this.
  • 15-07-09 Removed support for Immersive Weapons for now
  • 15-06-23 Patches updated - up to date with STEP
  • 15-05-15 Updated LOOT rules for lvl lists, added support for OBIS
  • 15-03-29 Updated the CCOR lvl list
  • 15-03-29 Added a patched level list from Weapons and armor fixes for core users and updated patching instructions
  • 15-03-28 Added Dual Sheath Redux - Morrowloot 4E Patch
  • 15-03-24 Initial release