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Dovahkiin Rebornby dreadflopp
Dovahkiin Reborn
With this pack you will rebalance and expand the skills and magic system. You will also rebalance and expand character creation, races and standing stones as well as add new spells and shouts.
Compatible Packs: Pack:Deleveled Loot, Pack:Dovahkiin Reborn, Pack:Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance, Pack:Survival, Pack:Weather and Lighting
Warning-Logo.png      Warning:This pack is no longer updated. I am currently only supporting my packs for Skyrim Special Edition. I will still answer questions about the pack, if you have any.
Info-Logo.png      Notice:Changelog at the end of the guide.

Dovahkiin Reborn

What to expect from the pack:

The aim of this pack is to rebalance the skill and magic system and to add new features like new shouts and spells to keep Skyrim interesting but still keeping things balanced. Kryptopyrs Disparity overhauls character creation with an MCM menu with features that resembles Morrowind.

Pre-Installation Setup


Info-Logo.png      Notice:This pack is fully compatible with STEP: Core and STEP: Extended. ELE and ICAIO are requirements.

Other packs

If you use more than this one pack, you need to build your own patch using my my modular patches.

Compatible packs


Highly recommended pack focused on survival.

Deleveled Loot

Pack:Deleveled Loot
Pack by me that delevels loot.

Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance

Pack:Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance
Pack by me focused on balancing gameplay by making it harder, more fun and by adding gameplay elements. Highly recommended.

Semi-compatible and semi-unsupported packs

A real explorers guide to Skyrim (REGS)

Pack:Explorers Guide
REGS has been taken over by Kelmych who will bring it up to date and make it compatible with the latest STEP. It is probably compatible with this pack. REGS is no longer supported since it is incompatible with STEP. If you feel like doing some conflict resolution yourself to make it compatible and removing nescessary mods from STEP, all my old patches for REGS are in the archive named Old patches.

Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition
Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition is more of a replacement for STEP than a pack. SR:LE is not supported but most of SR:LE is still compatible with this and my other packs. Use my my modular patches and read the special instructions for SR:LE.

Not compatible packs

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn is an addon or a pack for SRLE by Darth_mathias. It is an excellent pack that adds many mods on top of SRLE in many different areas, some areas where I haven't added any mods in my packs like quest mods or companion mods. It also adds mods that alters the looks of NPCs, it expands towns, it adds new items and retextures many aspects of the game. SRLE adds mods in all areas that I do in my packs and many of the mods that are in my packs are also in SRLE or SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn. If you want to add the mods that are in SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn but not in my packs, my recommendation is to skip my packs and use SRLE Extended instead. Darth_Mattias provides a patch for Morrowloot Unlimited and with that added you won't miss out on anything essential by using SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn instead of my packs.

Install Order

You should follow the install order outlined in STEP. Install the pack after your STEP install. It may be considered good modding practice to install the pack before the STEP section 2.N. Patches, but currently it doesn't matter since none of the mods from my pack conflict with any mods from the patches section of STEP..

The mods from my pack should be installed as outlined on their pages.

Mods from the pack or STEP that overlap should usually remain in their position laid out in STEP. It may be useful to re-install these mods as a new mod if changes are made to the installation of said mod, with a name fit to the profile. This preserves easy switching between Profiles in MO.

If you are unsure, check the 'conflicts' tab in MO for the mod in question and see what is overwriting it / what it is overwriting. Ask questions on the forums if you are still unsure.

If you install more than one pack, check here: my modular patches.



Overhauling the skills
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

Description: Overhauls alchemy.
Author: Kryptopyr
Main files: Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
Optionals: CACO patches.
Special Instructions:

  • Install all relevant patches as their own mod named CACO patches. Do not use the Hunterborn patch if you use that mod.
  • Deactivate the following STEP mods:
    • 83Willows 101BugsHD Butterfly Dragonfly Luna-Moth Torchbug
    • Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD
    • Clams drop pearls
    • Ragdoll Paralasis
  • Deactivate Immersive Potions, if you use that.

Description: Merges CACO and ordinator skill trees.
Author: Servant of Sin
Main file: None
Optionals: CACO-Ordinatored - Merged.

CACO - iNeed and Frostfall Patches

Author: LucidAPs
Main files: Install the relevant main files if you use mods from the Survival pack. If you use Skyrim Immersive Creatures, use Nebulous112's patches below instead of these patches. If you use Wyrmstooth with iNeed you should also use Nebulous112's patches below instead of these.

  • FrostFall_CACO - Patch
  • iNeed_CACO - Patch
Nebulous112's CACO Patches

Author: Nebulous112
Files: Use these patches or LucidAPs patches above. You only need one of the iNeed patches.

  • Frostfall-SIC-CACO Patch.7z (if you use Frostfall with Skyrim Immersive Creatures and CACO)
  • iNeed-SIC-CACO Patch (if you use iNeed with Skyrim Immersive Creatures and CACO)
  • iNeed-Wyrmstooth-CRF-CACO Patch (if you use iNeed with Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Cutting Room Floor, Wyrmstooth and CACO)
Dreadflopps CACO patches

Description: Leveled lists extracted from other CACO patches to make them mergeable
Special Instructions: Install all patches that you need. These patches will be merged into the Bashed patch and can be deactivated after the bashed patch has been built.

Extra CACO Compatibility Patches - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

Description: Extra CACO patches.
Author: spacegorilla1
Main files: Install all main files you need except the ones for the Immersive Creatures and Vigor.

  • CACO - iNeed (if you use the optional Dangerous diseases add-on from iNeed)
  • CACO - iNeed - Moonlight Tales (if you use the optional Dangerous diseases add-on from iNeed and Moonlight tales)
More Patches for CACO

Description: More CACO patches.
Author: TheIrontoads
Main files: Install all patches that you need:

  • CACO - Cutting Room Floor
  • CACO - Vigor (for users of my Gameplay Rebalance pack)
CACO patches merge

Merge the plugins from the following mods:

  • CACO patches
  • CACO - iNeed and Frostfall Patches
  • Nebulous112's CACO Patches
  • CACO-Ordinatored
  • Extra CACO Compatibility Patches
  • More patches for CACO

Follow these instructions:

  • Sort all patches alphabetically
  • Name the merged plugin CACO patches merged.esp.
  • Name the new mod CACO patches merged.

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim

Description: Overhauls all perks
Author: Enai Siaion
Main file: Ordinator xxx
Optionals: Thief Skills Rebalance for Ordinator
Special instructions: If you use this with combat overhauls like Ultimate Combat and the like, turn off timed blocking in their MCM menu. Do not use Ordinator with any of the optional perk mods.

Ordinator - WAFR and CCOR patch
Info-Logo.png      Notice:This mod is currently not available on the nexus. Skip it for now.

Description: Patches Ordinator with WAFR and CCOR
Author: Hackfield
Main file: Ordinator WAFR CCOR patch - Personal Choice
Optional files: None
Special instructions: This patch is not needed for STEP: Core users.

Wiseman303's Flora Fixes

Description: Respawns harvested flora
Author: wiseman303
Optionals: WM Flora Fixes SMIM Patch
Special instructions: This mod is needed by Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul.

Shouts, Powers, Races and Magic

Talents of the dovahkiin
Apocalypse Spell Package

Description: Adds lots of new spells
Author: Enai Siaion
Main file: Apocalypse vxxx

  • Apocalypse - Dragonborn Staff Crafting
  • Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch (only if you use Ordinator)
Better Vampires

Description: Vampire overhaul.
Author: Brehanin
Main files: Better Vampires x.x
Optionals: None


Description: Overhauls character creation. Modifies races and standing stone blessings and more.
Author: Kryptopyr
Main files: Disparity
Optionals: None.

Dragon Soul Relinquishment

Description: Use dragon souls to get more perks or other powers
Author: Alek
Main files: Dragon Soul Relinquishment v1_2

Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves

Description: Dwemerverse contains 42 brand new Dwemer themed Alteration, Destruction and Restoration spells and a 1-3 hours quest.
Author: Enai Siaion
Main files: Dwemertech vxxx
Optionals: None

Elemental Destruction Magic

Description: Adds new elemental magic.
Author: reaperix
Main files: None
Optionals: Elemental Destruction Magic (Dragonborn Version)
Special instructions: Do not install the main file.

Forgotten Magic Redone

Description: Adds spells that evolve and grow stronger as you use them.
Author: 3JIou, sward66
Main files: Forgotten Magic Redone v1-6-5
Optionals: None

Imperious - Races of Skyrim

Description: Race overhaul
Author: Enai Siaion
Main file: Imperious vxxx
Optionals: Imperious - Disparity Compatibility Patch.

Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials

Description: Werewolf overhaul.
Author: Brevi - Al99 - NsJones
Main files: Moonlight Tales - Essentials - Version x_xx

Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge

Description: Spectraverse features a questline with several voiced characters revolving around the Children of Magnus. Your reward for intervening in the war in heaven is a choice of 42 unique Destruction spells with scripted effects.
Author: Enai Siaion
Main file: Spectraverse vxxx
Optionals: Spectraverse - Only After Dragon Rising


Description: A dragon shouts overhaul that features new shouts.
Author: Enai Siaion
Optionals: Do not install the Wyrmtooth compatibility patch
Special Instructions: This has a conflict with Enchanting Awakened. Solve it by loading it before Enchanting awakened or using my patch (recommended). Thunderchild has compatibility issues with TTRSO - Speech. The new shouts will not benefit from the new TTRSO perks.

Alternate Start

A new beginning

Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Description: Adds new starting location and back stories..
Author: Arthmoor
Main files: Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Special instructions: Install the Alternate start patch from the Even better quest objectives nexus page. Install the Alternate start from the main Farmhouse Chimneys installer. The CRF version is not needed.


Other skills mods
Warning-Logo.png      Warning:The following skills mods are not covered by the patch in this pack. You can use them using my old unsupported patches here. None of these mods are compatible with Ordinator.
Enchanting Awakened

Description: Enchanting skill mod.
Author: egocarib
Main files:

  • Enchanting Awakened
  • Enchanting Awakened - Important Hotfix (Required)
  • Enchanting Awakened - Patch Pack

Miscellaneous: None.
Special Instructions: Install all relevant patches from the main installer and from the patch pack. Not compatible with the following STEP mods, but their functionality are included in this mod:

  • Smart Souls

Bash Tagging Required: (Bash Tagging Guide)

  • EnchantingAwakened.esp (Relev, Names, Stats) [relev optional, it adds soul gems to vendors]
Smithing Perks Overhaul

Description: Replaces the smithing perk.
Author: kryptopyr
Main files: Smithing Perks Overhaul - ALL IN ONE

Stealth Skills Rebalanced

Description: Overhauls the stealth skills
Author: kryptopyr
Main files: Stealth Skills Rebalanced - Full Version
Miscellaneous: None.

TTR Skill overhaul

Description: TTRSO stays close to vanilla and buffs/debuffs perks and balances the skill and magic system.
Author: TheThirdRace
Main files: TTR_Skill_Overhaul
Special Instructions: Do a manual install. Install everything. Delete the source folder. You should only use one plugin for every skill you want to use from TTRSO. If you want to use other skill mods for certain skill, do not install the plugin for that skill from TTRSO. From the official install instructions: Each DLC has a suffix associated with it (DG:Dawnguard, DB:Dragonborn, HF:Heartfires) and you need to eliminate the ESPs you can't use by keeping the only file that match the right suffixes. For any combination of DLCs, there is only 1 ESP possible. If a skill doesn't have any ESP with the suffix for your DLC, that means the DLC has no impact on it and thus don't need to be part of the suffix for that skill.

Merging Required: (instructions)

  • Merge all plugins except TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esm
  • Name the merged file TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp.
  • Name the new mod TTRSO merged. '
  • Copy the TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esm and from the original TTRSO mod folder to the new TTRSO merged mod folder.

  • Deactivate the original TTRSO mod and activate the new merged mod


Tweaking the stats

I have previously recommended Better Leveling which is a Skyrim Community Uncapper preset. It is very good and you can still use it if you like to. Making a preset that fits everyone's play style is very hard and the best thing you can do is probably to tweak the Skyrim Community Uncapper preset yourself. Read the Skyrim -Community- Uncapper guide on the STEP wiki. It's pretty straight forward and really worth it. If you'd like, use my prefered settings that are downloadable from the patches folder in the Dovahkiin reborn section. Some thoughts:

[SkillCaps] [SkillFormulaCaps] [EnchanterCaps]

  • Default settings for skill caps is 100. Consider setting this value to 100 to avoid unbalancing the game.
  • Leaving [SkillCaps] at a higher value lets you keep leveling the skills past the vanilla value of 100. Lowering [SkillFormulaCaps] to 100 sets the actual value that the game uses to 100. The downside of higher [SkillCaps] than [SkillFormulaCaps] is that you'll keep leveling and thus making the game harder without actually raising the used values for the skills. You will gain perk points though.


  • Use the Morrowloot Ultimate settings to slow down the speed of which skills level.
  • You can use the values from Better Leveling if you prefer. If you are using the settings from Better Leveling, consider setting the skill experience gain multipliers for the seperate skills to futher slow down leveling. These settings also evens out the speed of which you level up, meaning you won't rush through the first levels like in vanilla.


  • This value alters how much player character (PC) experience you gain from different skills. MLU uses the default values. I prefer to cut the value for smithing in half (fSmithing=0.5) since I feel I gain to many levels from leveling up smithing which makes the game to hard. Consider doing the same for Alchemy and Enchanting. You could instead use the values from Better Leveling to futher slow down leveling. Better Leveling also changes the default setting for what detemines how much PC experience you should gain, the current PC level or the current skill level.


The default setting is 2=1, which gives you one perk point per level. This is the recommended setting. If you want more perks (which may unbalance the game), use the setting from MLU:

I use this setting even though it may unbalance the game just to try more of the ordinator perks.

[HealthAtLevelUp] [MagickaAtLevelUp] [StaminaAtLevelUp]

The default and recommended setting is 2=10


Default and recommended value is 2=0


Default and recommended value is 2=0


Default and recommended value is 2=5

Bash tags

Bash Tagging Guide

  • CACO patches merged.esp (Names)
  • EnchantingAwakened.esp (Relev, Names, Stats) [relev optional, it adds soul gems to vendors]
  • STEP Extended - Dovahkiin Reborn patch.esp (Delev)


Conflict resolution
Info-Logo.png Notice: For the time being, you need to merge your own patch using my modular patches.

If you install the whole pack except Other skill mods, download the relevant patch from here.
Install the patch and make a LOOT rule for it:
LOOT Rules:

  • [patch name].esp Set global priority 990400

If you only install some mods from the pack, or if you install mods from the Other skills section, or if you have other packs installed, please merge your own patch with instructions found here.

Post-Installation Configuration

LOOT rules

  • Load Imperious - Races Package.esp after RaceMenu.esp
  • Load Imperious - Races Package.esp after RaceMenuPlugin.esp
  • Load Imperious - Races Package.esp after RaceMenuPluginXPMSE.esp
  • Load TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp after Disparity.esp
  • Load Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp after Disparity.esp
  • Load Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp after TradeBarter.esp
  • Load Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp after Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
  • Load CACO patches merged.esp after Ordinator - Dragonborn Respec.esp
  • Load CACO_ClothingCraft_lvl list.esp after MUS patches merged.esp AND after CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.esp
  • Load CACO_GrayCowl_Patch_lvl list.esp after MUS patches merged.esp AND after CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.esp
  • Load CACO_Wyrmstooth_Patch_lvl list.esp after MUS patches merged.esp AND after CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.esp
  • Load CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.esp after MUS patches merged.esp
  • Set global priority for RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp to 990100
  • Set global priority for RealisticWaterTwo.esp to 990200
  • Set global priority for ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp to 990400
  • Load STEP Core Patch after ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp
  • Load STEP Extended Patch after ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp
  • Set global priority for STEP Core - Dovahkiin Reborn patch

.esp to 990600

  • Set global priority for STEP Extended - Dovahkiin Reborn patch

.esp to 990600

FNIS, Bashed patch, Dual Sheath Redux

Make a habit of always rebuilding the bashed patch, running FNIS and Dual Sheath Redux after you have installed/uninstalled mods.

MCM Settings

To make it more user friendly, here is a collection of all in-game settings, MCM settings and console commands in a goggle doc to make it easy to view them on your phone:
Please take a glance at all MCM configurable mods that you use. There are several settings and tweaks you might want to use that I haven't brought up due to it not being important to what we intend to do with this pack.


This pack used to be a part of a bigger pack that I developed with the help of Nicopad and Garfink. Big thanks to them.


  • 17-07-29 Added warning about pack no longer being supported. Changed notes about REGS.
  • 16-08-08 Added Nebulous112's CACO patches
  • 16-07-31 Fixed some typos in the LOOT rules and removed some old ones
  • 16-07-27 Added CACO - iNeed and Frostfall Patches
  • 16-07-27 Added rule to deactivate Ragdoll Paralasis if you use CACO
  • 16-07-26 Loot rules updated
  • 16-07-12 Sorted the mods alphabetical order and fixed typos etc
  • 16-06-23 My CACO leveled lists patches updated with new Bash tags. Make sure Wrye bash is set to automatic bash tags for each plugin. Updated the LOOT rules.
  • 16-05-24 Patches updated
  • 16-05-22 CACO - Vigor patch plugin added to the More CACO patches instructions
  • 16-05-02 Patches updated
  • 16-04-10 Removed not to not include SIC - CACO patch in my merge
  • 16-03-21 Patches updated
  • 16-03-18 Added CACO patches bash tag
  • 16-03-18 Updated Dreadflopps CACO patches
  • 16-03-13 Updated Dreadflopps CACO patches again
  • 16-03-13 Added CACO_Immersive_Creatures_Patch_ lvl_list.esp LOOT rule
  • 16-03-13 Added instructions to not use the CACO - Hunterborn patch
  • 16-03-13 Added instructions to use the official CACO - SIC patch
  • 16-03-13 Updated Spectraverse instructions: Install Spectraverse - Only After Dragon Rising optional file.
  • 16-03-13 Added CACO_3DNPC_Patch_lvl list.esp by cstarkey42 to Dreadflopps CACO patches
  • 16-03-11 Patches updated
  • 16-02-27 Removed incorrect instructions to not use iNeed Dangerous Diseases with CACO
  • 16-02-20 Added more CACO patches and LOOT rules for them
  • 16-02-20 Removed Combat Evolved - Ordinator LOOT rule
  • 16-02-19 Patches updated
  • 16-02-18 Modified VM Flora fixes instructions
  • 16-02-09 Added randomthunder.esp LOOT rule. Added note to install Alternate Start/Farmhouse Chimneys patch.
  • 16-02-09 Updated the STEP - Extended patch
  • 16-02-09 Added the mod Ordinator - WAFR and CCOR patch
  • 16-01-28 Added LOOT rule for CACO_Immersive Creatures patch.esp
  • 16-01-28 Added Extra CACO Compatibility Patches - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
  • 16-01-18 Patches updated
  • 15-12-24 Patches updated
  • 15-12-06 Patches updated, link to modular patches updated
  • 15-11-25 Patches updated
  • 15-11-13 Patches updated
  • 15-11-13 Added instruction to not use some CACO patches.
  • 15-11-11 Removed REGS support
  • 15-11-01 Added Wiseman303's Flora Fixes which is required by CACO
  • 15-11-01 Added the new version of Imperious to the pack. Updated patches.
  • 15-10-31 Added more compatible packs. Updated patches.
  • 15-10-25 Patches updated. All patches are made with CCOR updated to 1.7Beta. Frostfall will not recognize cloaks until it is updated to 3.0 (soon)
  • 15-10-25 Added Better Vampires, Moonlight Tales, Alternate Start. Patches will be uploaded later.
  • 15-10-25 Modified/Added LOOT rules for ELE, STEP patch, RW2
  • 15-10-25 Added bash tag for my dovahkiin reborn extended patch
  • 15-10-25 Added ordinator optional+LOOT rule for it
  • 15-10-25 Added instructions to merge the CACO patches+LOOT rule for it
  • 15-10-25 Removed the Thunderchild/Wyrmstooth patch and made my own. Yet to be uploaded.
  • 15-10-24 Removed Ordinator - WAFR and CCOR patch by Hackfield
  • 15-10-24 Removed Elemental destruction - caf LOOT rule. Working on patches instead.
  • 15-10-21 Edited the tweaks section
  • 15-10-13 Added LOOT rule for Elemental Destruction Magic
  • 15-10 -13 Added Elemental Destruction Magic by reaperix. Updated patches.
  • 15-10-13 Added Ordinator - WAFR and CCOR patch by Hackfield
  • 15-10-12 Updated patches
  • 15-10-12 Added LOOT rules
  • 15-10-12 Added CACO and CACO-Ordinatored
  • 15-10-12 Switched to Merge plugins standalone for TTRSO - All plugins can now be merged
  • 15-10-11 Changed to Ordinator as the prefered skill overhaul
  • 15-08-22 Shared my own Community uncapper preset, removed Better leveling
  • 15-08-17 Removed the Extended patch, renamed the Core patch to Core & Extended
  • 15-08-14 Added instruction to install Ordinator patch from the Apocalypse nexus page
  • 15-08-14 Added Ordinator and LOOT rules for it
  • 15-08-14 Updated patches, added LOOT rule for TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp, modified merging instructions for TTRSO
  • 15-07-16 Patches updated
  • 15-07-09 Updated patches
  • 15-04-12 Updated TTRSO merging instructions and instructions for manually fixing the patch
  • 15-04-11 Updated patches
  • 15-04-07 Added MCM setting for Thunderchild
  • 15-04-07 Updated patches. Updated thunderchild description.
  • 15-03-28 Patches updated
  • 15-03-24 Initial release