Pack:Everything + The Kitchen Sink/2.G Landscape & Enviornment

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Mods that modify landscape, buildings, and environments of Skyrim.

Mod Name Notes
Embers HDLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Disabled to save an esp.

Winterhold - Expanded RuinsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Revamps Winterhold, in an awesome way.
Better College ApplicationLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Picked the Plugin Version. Your choice.

Also grab the Plugin update (if you chose the Plugin Version)

Immersive College of WinterholdLink to the mod's Wiki page. Install Main File,

Use Original Book Covers Saturation, Nothing under Nexus Mods

Hidden Hideouts of SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Grab the Main file and the DLC optional file.

Adds 21 hidden hideouts around Skyrim. Small areas you can make your home.

Install Options. This is personal Preference.

  • Review and pick one of the 3 install options, Standard, No Map Markers, Deep Immersion.
  • Keep in mind that with Deep Immersion, you will need to use Campfire - Complete Camping System to set up your own camp (adding fire pit, tent, etc yourself).

I picked the Deep Immersion options, planning to use Campfire to set up my camp. Same for the DLC optional file. Merge.

Skyrim SewersLink to the mod's Wiki page. Download the "Skyrim Sewers 412 Main File" and the optional No Vanilla Navemesh edits file.
Open Cities SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. Download the "Open Cities Skyrim" and the optional "Open Cities Skyrim Patches" Files.

Patch to work with lighting mods, and Immersive Citizens

Patches Optional File:

  • Skyrim Sewers
[ Open Cities Skryim - Patch Central - REGS Compatible]Link to the mod's Wiki page. Open Cities Skyrim - Patch Central - REGS Compatible

Only install the patches listed below, other mods (like ESF) have their own custom patch. Advice using Control - F to search for the mods

  • Interesting NPC's
  • Inconsequential NPC's
  • Legendary Patch
  • Immersive Collage of Winterhold
  • Falskaar
  • Cutting Room Floor
Carriage and Ferry Travel OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page. Requiem disables fast travel. Use this to travel instead.

Main File


  • CFTO - Hearthfire Extended Patch
Farmhouse ChimneysLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Use Step Instructions, but also check the options for

  • New Lands
    • Falskaar + Wyrmstooth (if used)
  • Misc Mods
    • Live Another Life + Cutting Room Floor
Helgen RebornLink to the mod's Wiki page.  !!!IMPORTANT!!!
  • Follow the instructions on starting this mod on the Nexus page


  • Don't start until after Helgen (with Live Another Life Mod, you need to visit Helgen, complete the first quest by getting to Whiterun, and then wait a day or so.). Can also verify there are bandits in Helgen first.
  • Don't read the "book" until after this as that is what starts the quest. Otherwise the quest gets screwed up.
Windcallers PassLink to the mod's Wiki page. A nice environment mod.
Lanterns Of SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall is Optional====

Use STEP instructions, but use ENB options when applicable

Realistic Water TwoLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Reinstall====

Use STEP instructions, but add in these options:

  • 4. New Lands
    • Wyrmstooth
    • Falskaar
  • 5. Waves
    • Wyrmstooth
    • Falskaar
Skyrim Improved PuddlesLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Disabled to save an esp.

Vividian ENBLink to the mod's Wiki page. Lots of stuff to do here

Keep in mind that the ENB settings are basically your preference. I HIGHLY recommend users with something less than a 1070 pick performance options where possible.

Download the main file "Vividian ENB 7"

  • Don't download the optional file
  • Install Options
    • Vividian - Vivid Weathers ENB
  • ENB Performance Options
    • Default Version
  • ENB Sharpening Options
    • Default
  • Interrior Lighting Mods
    • ELE Lite 0.95b
      • Legendary + Falskaar + Wyrmstooth (or the combination that you installed)
  • ELE OLD Fallback
    • NONE
  • ENB Optional Files
    • Enblocal.ini File
  • Depth of Field Options
    • Depth of Field: Normal (No Change)
  • Skyrim Fixes
    • Toggle all, then after install, move the Red Lights Color Fix esp from Avaliable ESPs to the optional ESP section for use later if needed
  • Compatibility patches for Third Party Mods
    • Both
  • Mindflux - Particle Patch
    • (checked) Mindflux - Particle patch and Fixes

1. Install Vividian ENB Files 2. Copy "Vividian ENB Install Files" to your Skyrim Folder 3. Skyrimprefs.ini [Display] bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 bTreesReceiveShadows=1 bDrawLandShadows=1 bShadowsOnGrass=1 bDeferredShadows=1 fGamma=1.0000 iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA [Imagespace] bDoDepthOfField=1 Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Skyrim prefs that are accessible via the launcher.

Blood and Silver - Cidhna Mine ExpandedLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Optional====

Used the "Basic Version"