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Most stuff here comes from REGS. I picked a select few that seemed interesting.

Mod Name Notes
Winterhold - Expanded RuinsLink to the mod's Wiki page. Source: Pack:Explorers_Guide
Immersive College of WinterholdLink to the mod's Wiki page. Patches
  • 1.9.3 Patch Central (in patch section)

Requiem users should use not use the "CWI Improved NPCs" option, unless they're willing to resolve NPC records conflicts by themselves.


  • ELnFX Patch

Source: Pack:Explorers_Guide

Skyrim SewersLink to the mod's Wiki page. No Vanilla Navmesh edits

Open Cities patch

Open Cities SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. Patch to work with lighting mods, and Immersive Citizens

Install the patches

Open Cities Skyrim Patches

  • Skyrim Sewers
    • OCS + Skyrim Sewers.esp does not install properly with the installer. After installing the other patches, right click on the patch in the Left pannel, select Reinstall, and in the Installer window, Left of "Install", select Manual.
    • Next, right click on 02 Compatibility Patch - Skyrim Sewers and select "set data directory" Then merge this with your existing patch to get the OCS + Skyrim Sewers.esp that is required to have access to the sewers in Open Cities Skyrim.

Open Cities Skryim - Patch Central - REGS Compatible

  • Interesting NPC's
  • Inconsequential NPCs
  • Legendary Patch
  • Immersive College of Winterhold
  • Falskaar
  • Cutting Room Floor
Better Fast TravelLink to the mod's Wiki page. Requiem disables fast travel. Even if you don't use Requiem, you should disable fast travel anyways. I know that this isn't for everyone. Better Fast Travel basically adds lots of carriages to logical places to help minimize the pain of no fast travel, and give you an immersive alternate way to travel.

Source: Pack:Survival

Farmhouse ChimneysLink to the mod's Wiki page. Reinstall

Reinstall to add patch for

  • Live Another Life.
  • Falskaar
  • Wyrmstooth

STEP Instructions

Helgen RebornLink to the mod's Wiki page. Follow the instructions on starting this mod on the Nexus page


  • Don't start until after Helgen.
  • Don't read the "book" until after Helgen, that starts the quest and screws stuff up!

Source: Pack:Explorers_Guide

Windcallers PassLink to the mod's Wiki page. Source: Pack:Explorers_Guide
Lanterns Of SkyrimLink to the mod's Wiki page. Reinstall

Install a Optional ENB patch
Didn't find a Vividian ENB. Will install a patch if they look funny

STEP Instructions

Pure WeatherLink to the mod's Wiki page. Source: Pack:Weather_and_Lighting
Skyrim Particle Patch for ENBLink to the mod's Wiki page. Realistic Water Two should overwrite this mod
Realistic Water TwoLink to the mod's Wiki page. Reinstall

Realistic Water Two - ENB Textures

  • Falskaar

STEP Instructions

The Ruffled FeatherLink to the mod's Wiki page. No need to reinstall.

Mod has been Moved. Now located in the Skyrim STEP Nexus page.


  • Falskaar
    • only need to patch if using WATER
  • ELFX Already Compatible
  • Farmhouse Chimneys Optional Stacks,
  • Decrease Those Plants (both options),
  • Just Ice,
  • Moss Rocks - Legendary
  • Suped-Up Stalhrim 1K.

Also the Enhanced Distant Terrain optional file

STEP Instructions

Vividian ENBLink to the mod's Wiki page. Please do not use the High quality option (Under performance Options). Combined with the High quality STEP Compilation install, it brought my 1070 to its knees with 25-30 FPS, with studding and lag. There are just too many script heavy mods installed for this.
  • Troublemaker mods that should not be installed:
    • DynDoLOD Window Light LOD (please don't use this option)
    • ELFX - Weathers.esp (hide this in the ELFX mod)
  • Ini changes
    • [Display]
    • bFloatPointRenderTarget=1
    • bTreesReceiveShadows=1
    • bDrawLandShadows=1
    • bShadowsOnGrass=1
    • bDeferredShadows=1
    • fGamma=1.0000
    • iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA
    • bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA
    • [Imagespace]
    • bDoDepthOfField=1
    • Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Skyrim prefs that are accessible via the launcher.


  • Installer Options
    • Custom Install
  • ENB Mainfiles
    • Vividian ENB Vivid
  • ENB Lighting Options
    • Darker Interiors (or normal. Remember to set your display brightness in game to the middle. if interiors are too dark for you, then use a brighter setting. I would advise using the Normal, brighter, or darker options here, rather than using settings elsewhere to change interior brightness. And pretend that DOOM setting does not exist, that one is just plain stupid. )
    • Normal Lighting (no Change)
  • ENB Performance Options
    • Default Version
      • ​NOTE: my 1070 was unable to handle High quality option. I had to revert to normal, and down grade to the Normal STEP Compilation (from the High quality version). Now I get 50-60 FPS (as oposed to 25-30). I'm also using a 2560 x 1600 display. You will get much better results with a lower resolution.
  • ENB Sharpening Options
    • Sharpen
  • ENB Optional Files
    • Enblocal.ini File
      • Checked
    • xtended Cinematic Lens Effects - 2 FPS
      • None
    • SMAA Anti Aliasing
      • None
    • Support Files
      • Checked
  • Depth of Field Options
    • Depth of Field: Normal (No change)
  • Skyrim Fixes
    • Dim Torches
      • None
    • Red Lights Color Fix
      • Put after lighting and weather mods
    • Remove Sunglare
      • Checked
  • Compatibility patches for third party Mods
    • Lanterns for Skyrim Preset
    • Wearable Lanterns Preset
  • Mindflux - Particle Patch
    • Mindflux - Particle patch and fixes
      • Ultimate HD Fire Effects, should overwrite particle patch.
    • Mindflux - Subsurface scattering patch
      • None (have SMIM)
  • Install Snow Files
    • No thanks - I don't need this (lol. read what it does. not even going there)
  • What Weather mods do you use?
    • I use Pure Weather
  • Do you use Climates of Tamriel?
    • None
  • Other Mods
    • Summerset Isle
      • None
  • Read the Description to know what to do!
    • YES! I have read the Description and know now what to do!
      • checked
  • IMPORTANT: After you finished this Install, you will need to navigate to your Skyrim Data folder OR if you use Mod Organizer to your Mod Organizer/mods/Vividian ENB - Weather and Lighting Enhancement/ folder. Inside you will find a folder called "Vividian ENB Install Files". Copy the content of this folder into your Skyrim Main Directory where your TESV.exe and skyrimlauncher.exe is. Please delete any leftovers of other enb's before doing so! (enbseries folder, .fx files, ...)

Source: Pack:Weather_and_Lighting

Vivid Clouds and Fogs - Vanilla and Climates of TamrielLink to the mod's Wiki page. Selections:
  • Vivid Clouds and Fogs (full Resolution)
    • Vivid Clouds
    • Vivid Groundfogs
    • Vivid Mountainfogs
    • Vivid Steams
    • Vivid fire smoke
  • Do you use Climates of Tamriel
    • None
  • Vanila Skyrim
    • None
  • Climates of Tamriel
    • None
  • Pure Weather
    • PureWeather: Groundfogs + Windyclouds
This installs Windy Clouds and Extended Groundfogs as one conflictless Mod. Place it after every mod that changes Weathers.
  • RCRN Weathers Only
    • None
  • NLA Weathers Only
    • None
  • Purity Weathers Only
    • None

Source: Pack:Weather_and_Lighting

Birds and FlocksLink to the mod's Wiki page. ====Uninstall====

been reading that this mod makes unnecessary changes to a variety of meshes and areas around Skyrim, and I felt it was just not worth all the potential conflicts it may cause. I didn't think it would be missed all that much (ie no more birds flying into and out of hills and stuff). Fewer birds, but with DynDOLOD desyncing bird flapping, I think we have enough birds as is.

During game play, I have not noticed large flocks of birds diving into hills or appearing out of the side of cliffs anymore. While there are fewer birds, its not a problem.