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Warning-Logo.png Warning: This guide is outdated and have been replaced. Please use the new version: User:Dreadflopp/Dreadflopps_Modular_patches
Modular Morrowloot Overhaul

What to expect from the pack:

  • This used to be a big pack that has now been split into several packs: Dovahkiin reborn, Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance, Deleveled loot and Survival by Smile44.
  • This page now features instructions to use STEP: Extended or Core with some or all of the following packs:


STEP: Extended

  • If you are experiencing script lag it is recommended to remove the plugins from Enhanced Blood textures and remove Enhanced Blood textures dependency from the STEP Extended patch. This is to save computer power and leave room for other scripted mods. It is recommended to still use the textures from Enhanced Blood textures.
Open TES5Edit through MO
Untick all plugins except STEP Extended patch.esp and click OK
Delete the following (by right-clicking them and choose remove)
Example: Right-click on the entry 0D021D40 and choose remove. Do NOT remove the whole Magic effect entry

STEP Extended Patch.esp
	Magic Effect
	Impact Data Set

Right-click STEP Extended Patch.esp and choose clean masters

Double-click on the Enhanced Blood Textures mod in Mod Organizers. Choose the Filetree tab. Right-click and choose Hide on everything except:


(thanks to Darkside for figuring out this method)

If you uninstall Enhanced blood textures, use Brawls Bug Patch from the STEP guide.
  • Other mods that may have a negative impact on stability due to the use of scripts are Footprints and Wet and cold. If your game is not stable, try without these mods. The STEP patch is not dependent on the plugins from these mods. They can therefore be uninstalled without any further steps.


You should make yourself familliar with the following utilities:

BOSS, LOOT and Bash tags

The recommended way of sorting your plugins is with LOOT, which is used by STEP. This guide previously used BOSS to sort plugins. I'm leaving all old BOSS rules in the guide for users who still uses that.

Merging plugins

It may be necessary to merge plugins. This is because Skyrim only allows 255 plugins. Instructions for merging are here and here. Neovalens guide Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition contains some insight to other mods that can be merged.


If you want to do a custom install of STEP, check the patches section to learn which mods from STEP that are required for the patches to work. }}

Mod Installation

Post-Installation Configuration


Conflict resolution

All patches can be found here.

There are several files in the download folder for Modular Morrowloot overhaul that patches mods from different packs. Modular Morrowloot Overhaul patches are used to solve conflicts between my packs, the Survival pack and STEP: Core/Extended. The replacement plugin is a custom version of High Level Enemies which has high level loot removed.

Warning-Logo.png      Warning:Do not use any patches for Cloaks of Skyrim if you use Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade 1.7. They are no longer needed with this version.

If you use one or more of my packs, parts of my packs or SR:LE

If you use High level enemies, download and install the replacement plugin.
Download Modular Morrowloot Overhaul patches. Install all patches that are relevant to your install. SR:LE users should install all STEP and STEP:Extended patches and read the subguide. Sort the plugins in numeric order. If two or more patches uses the same number you are supposed to only use one of them. This is very important, never use two plugins with the same number.

If you use TTRSO Light armor, the patch may need to be manually fixed because of renumbering during the merge of TTRSO:

  • Open TTR_Skill_OVerhaul.esp and the patch #512 in TES5Edit
  • Expand TTR_Skill_OVerhaul.esp/Perk/00051B17
  • Drag Conditions/Condition/CTDA-/Perk (Finesse "Finesse" [PERK:xxxxxx]) from TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp to the patch
  • Close the window and choose to save the patch

If you use SRLE Explorers edition, SR:LE or other mods

If you use either:

read the subguide and download the following patches:

  • Modular Morrowloot Overhaul patches (downloaded in the section above, here as a reminder)
  • SR LE patches
  • SR LE Explorers Edition patches
  • Other mods patches

Install the patches as separate mods in the order specified above. Delete or hide all patches that are not relevant to your installation. SR:LE users should install all STEP and STEP: Extended patches. Sort the plugins from each downloaded patch packages in alphabetical order directly after the patches installed in the previous section. Note that you are supposed to use all patches that are relevant to your install. Example:

Use all four patches if you are using Interesting NPCs, Relighting Skyrim, ELE and STEP/SRLE:
SRLE_E 3DNPC - 1. STEP patch.esp
SRLE_E 3DNPC - 2. Relighting Skyrim - STEP.esp
SRLE_E 3DNPC - 3. ELE - STEP patch.esp
SRLE_E 3DNPC - 4. Relighting Skyrim - ELE - STEP.esp


To save plugin slots and to make sure the load order between the patches doesn't get messed up it is recommended to merge all patches. Use TES5Edit and the merge script to merge the patches. Do not use the standalone for now. The standalone version works fine but since we have these many plugins to merge I find it easier to use the script because you can choose to load only the patches you are about to merge in TES5Edit. TES5Edid will load all masters that needs to be loaded automatically.

Make sure the Modular Morrowloot Overhaul patches are sorted in numeric order followed by the SR LE patches sorted in alphabetic order, the SR LE Explorers Edition sorted in alphabetic order and lastly theOther mods patches sorted in alphabetic order before merging. See the example below on how to sort them. Name the merged plugin "MMO merged" and the new mod MMO merged.

LOOT Rules:

  • MMO merged.esp Set global priority 990400

Sorting the patches:

010 STEP patch.esp
015 STEP Extended patch
750 Traps are dangerous - STEP.esp
900 STEP forward (installed by everyone).esp
SRLE Atlas - BetterDGEntrence.esp
SRLE Atlas - Book Covers Skyrim.esp
SRLE Vividian - STEP.esp
SRLE_E 3DNPC - 1. STEP.esp
SRLE_E 3DNPC - 2. Relighting Skyrim - STEP.esp
SRLE_E 3DNPC - 3. ELE - STEP.esp
SRLE_E RRREnhanced - z. 3DNPC - ELE - STEP.esp
OM Arissa - MLU.esp
OM Vilja - RRREnhanced 2. - STEP - ELE.esp
OM z. Breezehome fully upgradable.esp

Load order

LOOT Rules:

  • MMO merged.esp Set global priority 990400

Bash tags

Add the bash tags names and stats to the merged MMO patch using wrye bash. If you use patch 470 or 800 CACO - STEP Extended, add bash tag delev.

Other mods

If you have installed followers mods that alters existing NPCs, these will need patching as they conflicts with several mods. Simply forward any conflicting follower mod record and add to your own conflict resolution patch(es), placed after our patches


Checking that the game is stable

Using all the packs that is included in this game may be to much for your computer. To check that your game is stable you should use these methods that was posted on the forums by Harpalus:
I have some standard tests. It all depends on what you're testing. In all of the below tests, I always hit the asterisk (*) key on the number pad to display my FPS. Anything below 25 or so is problematic. (My load order gives me 55-60 FPS without an ENB preset, 25-50 with one). When testing anything, try to do it on a new game to minimize the chances of old mods interfering. As detailed below, Alternate Start and some console commands are a godsend for testing things.

If you're testing script load (particularly in combat), I prefer starting a new game (to ensure no leftover scripts) with Alternate Start and starting off at the Solitude Inn. I then head out into the streets, turn on god mode (with tgm), and spawn three (or more) dragons. They'll run amok in one of the busiest cells in Skyrim. On my load order everything works fine: my framerate is stable, the dragons behave as expected. With some script-heavy mods, however, things start going wrong: with Burn Freeze Shock Effects, for example, I start seeing walls and floors disappear. To test script load of scripts that attach themselves to every NPC (Wet and Cold, Footprints), just spawn 100 of any human NPC inside of a city. Ideally use bandits, as then you can test your framerate in large fights (turn on god mode). With my load order I have a playable framerate for both of these tests.

If you're testing how well combat works in your game, then I start a new game (again, with Alternate Start so as not to drive me crazy -- I only use Alternate Start when testing). I then use the console to advance my combat skills suitably (player.advskill block 3000, for example), and get myself to a reasonable level and select a few perks. I also spawn a set of elven armor or wolf armor or something, just so I'm reasonably well equipped. Then I just charge off to the nearest bandit camp and see how everything feels. At a reasonable level (say, level 20) with a standard difficulty setting (Adept, for example) you should be able to handle most bandit camps in Skyrim. If you can't handle a bandit camp without dying several dozen times, then your load order is probably more "hardcore" than "fun", and you'll want to trim your load order of a few difficult combat mods. Note: mods such as Requiem or PermaZones, or Erkeil's deleveled mod can make you underleveled for a particular area: if you're running something like this, make sure you're of the appropriate level for the bandit camp you're testing. Be sure to advance your level past 15 or so even without these mods, as you can actually be underleveled for areas in vanilla Skyrim.

If you're testing texture mods for FPS, just start a new game with Alternate Start and run around any random location. Be sure to test both indoors and outdoors.

This last one might not apply to you, but when adjusting saturation levels (ie, adjusting an ENB or SweetFX preset, or perhaps Imaginator), I use three locations: the Riverwood Inn (excessive saturation can cause the large inn fires to make the room look too reddish), the Riverwood exterior (it's usually sunny there, and too much saturation makes sunny weather look almost neon), and Bloated Man's Grotto during the quest Ill Met By Moonlight (just start the quest with setstage DA05 50, then use coc BloatedMansGrottoExterior01 to teleport to the cave entrance). Bloated Man's Grotto (during this quest) is ideal for this because it's easily one of the most saturated, colourful areas in the vanilla game. Be sure to also test out nights to see how dark they get. I recommend doing these quick color tests when selecting an ENB or SweetFX preset: if it looks fine in all of the above situations then you'll probably be fine throughout an entire playthrough.

BOSS, LOOT and Bash tags

A compilation of all rules and Bash tags


Note that I do not support BOSS anymore. This is a collection of BOSS rules that have previously been in the guide as well as some BOSS rules added by @darkside

  • Morrowloot.esp BEFORE Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade.esp
  • Scarcity - Less loot mod.esp BEFORE Bashed Patch, 0.esp
  • Scarcity - 8x Loot Rarity.esp BEFORE Bashed Patch, 0.esp
  • Scarcity - 6x Merchant Item Rarity.esp BEFORE Bashed Patch, 0.esp
  • You Hunger.esp TOP Lighting
  • Rebirth Monster - SIC Patch.esp AFTER Rebirth Monster.esp
  • iNeed.esp BOTTOM Realism
  • vSCM_SmarterCombatMusic.esp BOTTOM Base V
  • CCO_SIC Path.esp BOTTOM Compatibility Patches
  • Resplendent - The Races Package.esp AFTER Endgame NPC Overhaul.esp
  • Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp BOTTOM Player Perks
  • High Level Enemies - SIC.esp TOP Base Late
  • High Level Enemies - SIC Falskaar.esp AFTER High Level Enemies - SIC.esp
  • High Level Enemies - Hardcore.esp AFTER Rebirth Monster.esp
  • Endgame NPC Overhaul.esp TOP Post UFO
  • Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp AFTER Endgame NPC Overhaul.esp
  • iNeed - Dangerous Diseases.esp AFTER iNeed.esp
  • NPC Knockout Overhaul.esp BOTTOM Base N
  • LootandDegradation.esp BOTTM MCM Mods
  • NoRareVendorMetals.esp AFTER Scarcity - Less Loot Mod.esp
  • Complete Crafting_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp BOTTOM Compatibility Patches


Use the LOOT rules found in the packs that you use

Bash tags

Use the Bash tags found in the packs that you use


  • 15-11-25 Updated patches
  • 15-11-21 Added ELFX compatibility, check the SR:LE subguide. Uploaded ELFX patches.
  • 15-11-20 Deleted some patches: 411, 412 and SRLE Immersive citizens/RRR patches
  • 15-11-17 Updated patches
  • 15-11-16 Upated SRLE_E patches
  • 15-11-13 Patches updated
  • 15-11-11 Updated patches
  • 15-11-11 Removed REGS support. Updated patch descriptions
  • 15-11-08 Updated MCR RS Children - STEP.esp. All patches are compatible with ULSEEP.
  • 15-11-04 Removed patch 489 Immersive armors - STEP. No need to update patch midgame. Removed instruction to not use Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp.
  • 15-11-01 Updated patches for Mature Skin, Elemental Destruction Magic, Disparity, Imperious.
  • 15-10-31 Updated the instructions on how to remove Enhanced Blood Textures dependency from the STEP patch.
  • 15-10-31 Added more compatible packs. Updated patches. Updated patches install instructions. Added SR:LE compatibility subguide.
  • 15-10-26 Removed the section Final steps since it was no longer relevant
  • 15-10-25 All patches updated and filenames have been shortened. All patches are made with CCOR updated to 1.7Beta. Frostfall will not recognize cloaks until it is updated to 3.0 (soon).
  • 15-10-25 Added instructions to set delev for 800 CACO - STEP Extended
  • 15-10-13 Added patches for Elemental Destruction Magic by reaperix
  • 15-10-13 Renamed patch 475 to 489. Updated patch 480.
  • 15-10-13 Added bash tag delev for patch 470
  • 15-10-12 Updated patches
  • 15-10-12 Updated merging instructions and patches instructions
  • 15-09-19 Updated patch 100 Extended versions
  • 15-09-19 Updated patches, renamed warmonger patches
  • 15-09-14 Updated patches
  • 15-09-14 Updated link to TES5Edit
  • 15-09-14 Added delev tag to the MMO patch (if you use LWE)
  • 15-08-28 Removed old instructions to not use Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux
  • 15-08-23 Updated patch 100+497
  • 15-08-18 Updated patches to make them compatible for users that do not use the official STEP lighting solution.
  • 15-08-17 Updated patch 100 Morrowloot - STEP Extended patch.esp, patch 160 (missing file extension(!)), updated renamed MCR The shadow of Meresis - STEP Extended patch to MCR The shadow of Meresis - STEP Core & Extended patch, deleted MCRno share ETaC Core & Extended.esp, deleted MCR 3DNPC - STEP Extended patch.esp
  • 15-08-14 Updated patch 511, 512 & 582. Modified Load order instructions for the MMO patch.
  • 15-07-31 Removed patch 720 since it was a duplicate of patch 710. No need to rebuild the merged patch. Updated the MCR Realistic room rental - STEP patch and the MCR REalistic Room Rental - 3DNPC patch
  • 15-07-16 Patches updated
  • 15-07-09 Updated patches to new morrowloot version
  • 15-07-09 Removed instructions to remove Skyrim Coin Replacement Redux dependency from the STEP patch
  • 15-07-06 Patches froozen and kept for users of Morrowloot 4E. I'm beginning to update the patches to use with Morrowloot ultimate.
  • 15-06-23 Patches updated - up to date with STEP Also updated my conflict resolution patches. Some REGS patches there that will be moved to the standard patch package soon.
  • 15-06-19 Update to patch 760. It is now STEP: Extended only
  • 15-05-16 Added High level enemies - SIC edition replacement plugins to the patches
  • 15-05-15 Removed Vividian - AOS patch (MCR). Added OBIS patches.
  • 15-04-12 Updated patch #512. Only difference is that WAF is added as master as you get errors in the patch if WAF is not loaded.
  • 15-04-12 Added instructions for manually fixing the patch if using TTRSO light armor
  • 15-04-12 Added som patches for Stealth Skills Rebalanced and TTRSO
  • 15-04-11 Patch #510-514 updated
  • 15-04-07 Patches updated
  • 15-03-28 Patched TTRSO heavy armors, light armors and smithing against WAF. TTRSO now uses WAF keywords when deciding if the armor is a Matching set.
  • 15-03-28 Added a patch for CWINPCImprovements. Modified some patches in my own conflict resolution (which covers mods not in the packs)
  • 15-03-24 Added Harpalus methods of checking that the game is stable
  • 15-03-24 Split the pack into Survival, Dovahkiin Reborn, Skyrim Gameplay Overhaul, Deleveled Loot
  • 15-03-24 Removed recommendations to not install enhanced version of Inns and taverns, removed erso's mods, removed SPERG, removed improved dragon shouts, removed SkyRe, removed dodge mod, removed instructions to not install cwi improved npc's from REGS, removed duel, removed endgame npc's, added PermaZONES, added ultimate combat, added disparity
  • 15-03-20 Updated patches
  • 15-03-20 Added Toxicity and Immersive potions
  • 15-03-17 Updated the collection of bash tags at the end of the guide to reflect recent changes to different mods
  • 15-03-17 Small update to the bashed patch patch
  • 15-03-17 Added modified morrowloot lvl list that corrects some dawnguard stuff not carried over
  • 15-03-17 Updated the complete crafting overhaul leveled list replacement. Had forgotten a glass dagger in there.
  • 15-03-17 Removed replacement plugins for Lore weapon expansion and aMidianborn content addon. Added Modified leveled lists instead. Updated patching instructions to reflect this
  • 15-03-17 Removed instruction to delete Lore weapon expansion plugin. Added bash tagging instructions instead.
  • 15-03-15 Update to patch 230 ERSO 18 - STEP Core & Extended patch.esp
  • 15-03-14 Updated patches and replacement plugins again because of CCOR update
  • 15-03-14 Updated install instructions for Cloaks of Skyrim and Complete crafting overhaul.
  • 15-03-14 Updated patches and replacement plugins to reflect changes in Weapons and armor fixes remade 5.1
  • 15-03-14 Updated merging instructions with links to Neovalens guide
  • 15-03-14 Removed Bash tag Relev from Morrowloot 4E
  • 15-03-08 Modified instructions for Better Leveling
  • 15-03-08 Updated install instructions for TTRSO, updated patches
  • 15-02-28 Added SUM
  • 15-02-28 Changed Relighting Skyrim version in my custom install, updated patches (mmo and my custom install) to latest uskp changes. Added my bashed patch patch. Please read the notes about it.
  • 15-02-22 Forgot to add a patch, it's there now (577 TTR_Skill_Overhaul_OneHanded - STEP Extended & Core)
  • 15-02-22 Updated the patches and the patches for my custom install
  • 15-02-22 Added note (and patch) about using Deadly Combat as an alternative to Duel. Added VioLens to my custom install. Switched Enchanting Awakened, Stealth Skills Rebalanced and Smithing perks overhaul for TTRSO in my custom install.
  • 15-02-19 Patch 780 updated
  • 15-02-18 Added instructions to NOT install CCO_WAFTrueWeapons_Patch
  • 15-02-16 Updated my (dreadflopp) custom install with Vivid clouds and fogs, moon glow and alternate summoning visuals
  • 15-02-15 Added link to the latest version of TES5Edit which is required by the merged script
  • 15-02-15 Added bash tag Delev to NoRareVendorMetals.esp (Sold Out)
  • 15-02-15 Using the latest version of the merged script (1.8) all patches can now be merged
  • 15-02-09 Updated patches and My Conflict Resolution patches. Updated link to patches.
  • 15-02-09 Added LOOT rule to Immersive armors
  • 15-02-09 Added instructions to install Thunderchild - Wyrmstooth patch
  • 05-02-09 Added loot rule for Enhanced lighting for ENB (dredflopps custom install)
  • 15-02-02 Modified the Scarcity LOOT rules
  • 15-01-29 Updated patch #100
  • 15-01-29 Added LOOT rules to scarcity, the merged patches and the conflict resolution patches from my custom install
  • 15-01-28 Added LOOT rule for Imperious - Races of Skyrim
  • 15-01-27 Replaced Resplendent races with Imperious. I don't know if the MCM settings still appy.
  • 15-01-27 Updated patches: Minor updates #730 to keep up with USKP. Removed resplendent patch. The new replacement mod, Imperious races, desn't need any patches.
  • 15-01-27 Updated the Patches for Dreadflopps custom install. Added ELE.
  • 14-11-16 Added my (dreadflopp) recommended install
  • 14-11-16 Added more records that should be removed from the STEP patch if you are not using enhanced blood textures
  • 14-11-15 Added Loot and degradation, removed Reduced gold rewards for quests
  • 14-11-13 Updated patches, added load order and bash tags instructions to the MMO patches
  • 14-10-29 Added Dual sheath redux (already in STEP) as we need different install options than STEP. Added some info about the DSR patcher
  • 14-10-27 Sharlikrans compatibility patches removed textures and meshes from their version of Jaysus swords. This means I switched the Sharlikrans download to Jaysus original download. No need to redownload Jaysus if you got it from Sharlikran (or Jaysus)
  • 14-10-26 Added Living takes time, removed professions, added MCM setting for frostfall, complete crafting overhaul, iNeed. Removed SkyTweaks carry weight tweak in favor of iNeeds carry weight tweak.
  • 14-10-19 Added some info about SR:LE and Weather & Lighting
  • 14-10-18 Added a custom xp32 install and belt fastened quivers to avoid clipping between backpacks/quivers
  • 14-10-16 Added some creatures you might want to disable from Skyrim Immersive Creatures
  • 14-10-14 Added NPC knockout overhaul. Added a patch for NPC knockout overhaul - Thieves guild requirements
  • 14-10-13 Added some .css style to the guide
  • 14-10-13 Compiled all LOOT/BOSS rules. Checked all rules.
  • 14-10-13 Removed Thunderchild LOOT rule and replaced it with a patch (630 Thunderchild - Enchanting awakened patch.esp) since the rule couldn't be used with SPERG. The patch makes thunderchild/enchanting enhanced independent of load order against each other
  • 14-10-10 Updated the patch format again after some constructive criticism
  • 14-10-08 Forgot the replacement plugins. Added them to the patches section
  • 14-10-07 Removed Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed and Encumbering loot armour and weapons. If you like them continue to use them, no patches are needed.
  • 14-10-07 Moved ERSO 18 & 29 to the equipment section where the belong
  • 14-10-07 All patches updated to a new format
  • 14-10-07 Removed Garfinks ASIS edits since ASIS has been updated and the probably aren't relevant
  • 14-10-07 Some layout changes. Cleaned up some texts. Added Final Steps. Still working on this. Patches will be posted in a day or two
  • 14-10-05 Moved all skill mods to a seperate category. This will help me when I make patches. Added SkyRe to this category. Will work with the layout to make it easier to read.
  • 14-09-30 Made the instructions on how to clean the STEP patches from dependencies on removed mods clearer. Removed the pre-cleaned STEP patch since it was outdated.
  • 14-09-27 Added instructions to install the patch for Immersive weapons from the WAF installer
  • 14-08-11 Removed Garfinks ASIS .ini-files, added ASIS improved INIs, added Stealth Skills Rebalanced - SPERGified by ServantOfSin
  • 14-07-24 Removed NPC Enchantment fix since it's functionality is included in ASIS
  • 14-07-24 Updated patches. Added a third patch archive. Removed instructions to merge TTR.
  • 14-07-17 Removed instruction to delete TTR source folder (this was a mistake that shouldn't have made it to the guide)
  • 14-07-16 Updated Patches and replacement plugins
  • 14-07-15 Removed instructions to not update Lore Weapon Expansion and removed instruction to use Garfinks replacement plugin for this mod since it was not made for the latest version
  • 14-07-15 Created replacement plugins for the lates Lore weapons expansion and Weapons & Armor_TrueOrcish&DaedricWeapons.esp. Uploaded replacement plugin for amidianborn content addon.
  • 14-07-15 Changed instructions for the patches and uploaded new patches. There are now two downloads.
  • 14-07-15 Added note to remove relev from Weapons and armor fixes_remade.esp
  • 14-07-15 Added note to remove relev from STEP patch
  • 14-07-14 Added bash tags for aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp
  • 14-07-12 Updated our STEP Extended replacement patch
  • 14-07-12 Updating the pre-install text and some wording throughout the guide to 2.9 (ongoing during the day)
  • 14-07-12 Added note to Lore Weapons Expansion to stay on version 1.2. Added note to the SkyRe section because it needs updates.
  • 14-07-02 Added the in-game settings as a google doc
  • 14-07-02 Removed TES5Editing from Skyrim immersive creatures
  • 14-07-02 Updated TTR instructions to merge all plugins you want to use. Updated TTR patches to use the merged plugin as master
  • 14-07-02 Added reminder in pre-install to use Brawls Bug Patch if not using enhanced blood textures.
  • 14-07-01 NPC enchantment fix is now included in ASIS. Updated NPC enchantment fix instructions and ASIS patcher instructions to reflect this.
  • 14-06-27 Modified description for Unofficial SPERG Patches to not use WAF patch. Updated our patches, please redownload.
  • 14-06-23 Further edited the Pre-Install text for WAF and added a LOOT rule to Morrowloot
  • 14-06-23 Added LOOT rule for Thunderchild, again thanks Blattgeist
  • 14-06-23 Added instructions for WAF and GDO in the pre-install instructions
  • 14-06-23 Updated the patches because of CCF update. Added edits Blattgeist pointed out and his Traps are dangerous CTD fix (thanks!)
  • 14-06-23 Added some instructions to Professions
  • 14-06-21 Updated patches because of Weapon and armor fixes being updated to version 5. Use complete plus version, true orcish & daedric.
  • 14-06-20 Added instructions to clean Duel, which removes the need for the WAF patch
  • 14-06-19 Added BOSS/LOOT rules for aMidianBorn and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
  • 14-06-19 Updated professions description.
  • 14-06-19 Updated all patches and made them more modular. Updated some text in the introduction of the guide to reflect this. Removed WIP tag
  • 14-06-19 Added NicoPads recommendations
  • 14-06-19 Added Traps make noise, Better fast travel, Realistic Room Rental Basic, Dodge mod, Smarter Combat Music, Yield 2.0, Spectraverse, Dwemerverse
  • 14-06-19 Added instructions for Reproccer in the patchers section
  • 14-06-19 Added SkyRe_main.esp which was missing from the guide.
  • 14-06-19 Added instructions to Skyrim Immersive Creatures to fix a compatibility issue with Run for your lives
  • 14-06-19 Added BOSS/LOOT rules for High level enemies - Hardcore and Aurora. Added instructions to Aurora.
  • 14-06-03 Updated you hunger instructions
  • 14-05-27 Added Garfinks SkyRe/EnchantmentAwakened patch replacer. Fixed a typo in the SPERG instructions.
  • 14-05-27 Removed Warmonger since it conflicted with something we couldn't find, which was causing naked NPC's. Removed Unofficial SkyRe patch since we only used SkReCraftinFix.esp which isn't needed anymore.
  • 14-05-27 Updated instructions for dragon combat overhaul. Updated instructions for High level enemies - SIC edition+fixed a typo. Made the morrowloot LOOT rule clearer. Added Enchanted awakening to Garfinks used skill/power/magic mods.
  • 14-05-25 Updated the ASIS ini file. Added CCOR/IA7 SkyRe patch.
  • 14-05-22 Modified instructions for SPERG mcm menu
  • 14-05-21 Updated instructions for Reduced gold rewards for quests and gold adjustments
  • 14-05-20 Updated ASIS ini files, moved reduced indoor spawn settings to the mcm menu
  • 14-05-20 Changed MCM settings for random encounters, immersive creatures, resplendent races. Changed patcher settings for ASIS. Added recommended game setting: Novice
  • 14-05-20 Added CCOR_IW_Patch.esp to the SkyRe/CCOR patch
  • 14-05-19 Added Customized AI to ASIS settings
  • 14-05-18 Added Enchanting Awakened Skyre Perk Tree Merge
  • 14-05-18 Added Aurora, fixed iNeed instructions, fixed Morrowloot Support for Immersive Weapons SkyRe and Other Mods instructions in the equipment section, fixed warmonger instruction, some skyre section fixes and removed skyre wip tag, added Encumbering loot armour and weapons, modified instructions for Reduced Gold Rewards for Quests, Overhauled the mod layout by ripping of REGS and SkyRe. Changed instruction for community uncapper and skytweak.
  • 14-05-11 Added You Hunger, added notes to LOOT users
  • 14-05-11 Updated link to ASIS ini files and added a missing ini file
  • 14-05-11 Added Warmonger armory and Lore Weapon Expansion. Changed instructions for "Morrowloot Support for Immersive Weapons SkyRe and Other Mods"
  • 14-05-15 Replaced realistic needs and diseases with iNeed
  • 14-05-14 Updated ASIS spawn settings
  • 14-05-11 Updated Skyrim immersive creatures description (removed extended stats and changed Spawn amount maximum)
  • 14-05-11 Updated instructions for Unofficial Skyrim Redone Patches (do not install SkyRe_Main_Fix.esp)
  • 14-05-11 Updated Professions ini, updated instructions for SkyRe Compatibility and ReProccer Patches
  • 14-05-10 Added new mod, Professions
  • 14-05-08 Added Better Stealth AI for followers and Improved sneak detection to GSRP
  • 14-05-08 Rearranged equipment mods, added some equipment mods. Added patches for aMidianBorn content addon
  • 14-05-08 Updated instructions for Thunderchild. Changed SkyTweak settings
  • 14-05-08 Added instructions to add DELEV to gold adjustments
  • 14-05-08 Added instructions to use ERSO 18, 29 with caution. Added STEP: Extended patch replacer.
  • 14-05-08 Added ASIS ini file. Added instructions to Improved Dragon Shouts
  • 14-05-08 Added Smithing Perks Overhaul - TTR_Skill_Overhaul_Light_Heavy_armor Patch
  • 14-05-08 Updated the structure of the patches archive added uploaded a replacement plugin for High levele enemies - sic edition. Updated patch link. No need to redownload patches.
  • 14-05-08 Changed instructions for Apocalypse spell package, forgotten magic redone, dfb - random encounters, high level enemies, gold adjustment. Added introduction to GSRP. Changed post install instructions for the patchers and changed ASIS settings.
  • 14-05-07 Massive update. Please go through the guide again.