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Fallout 3 doesn't have the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) mod that was added for Fallout New Vegas. Instead there are Control Panel menus accessed through the Pipboy Item menus and/or through hotkeys. The following is a list of all the menus added by the mods in theFallout 3 guide, and some recommendations on parameters that are worth changing from their default values.

The list of all Control Panel menus added and the mod that added the menu is provided below. In addition to the menus in the Item menus, the menus for some mods are available through a hotkey. Some Control Panel menus are available through both a hotkey and an item menu.

Control Panel Menu List

Apparel Menu: Hotkey (if used) Mod < Adv. Recon Settings > Advanced Recon < Configure Crosshair > Dynamic Crosshair < FWE Control Panel > Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition < Flashlight Options > (default is 'B', recommend changing to 'L') Flashlight < Triage > Triage (available when exiting Pipboy) [PA] - config (default is 'P') Powered Power Armor

Aid Menu: CASM Options Menu CASM Enhanced Weather Settings Enhanced Weather [DTO Bonus Menu] Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (available when exiting Pipboy) [Gun Oil] RH_Ironsights menu

Misc Menu {Bullet time} (hotkey set in menu) Bullet Time function from FWE

(hotkey set in menu) Sprint function from FWE (default is 'B') JIP Selective-Fire ('Shift' + 'Backspace') JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating ('Right-Shift') Stimpack Counter (default is 'F6') Adjustable HUD (aHUD) (default is 'I' held 2 seconds) Immersive HUD (iHUD)

Main Game Menu DUIF3 Darnified Menu Options

Darn UI Combat Indicator

As mentioned in Arwen's Mod List for Fallout 3 ( DarnUI includes a Combat Indicator. The default for this indicator is off, but it can be enabled by changing the following line inDarnUI Support for FWE: menus\prefabs\DUIF3Settings.xml with Notepad++. This parameter is not available as an option in the DUIF3 menu, it needs to be changed in the settings file.


<_HUDShowCI> 0 </_HUDShowCI> to
<_HUDShowCI> 1 </_HUDShowCI>. 

Menu Comments

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition full description of FWE menu options

Recommended change

Experience Control Panel Options ( > Character > Experience ) recommend Option 2 - Faster leveling (iXPBumpBase = 225), requires 35-40% more XP across all levels, balanced for Level 30 Cap. or perhaps Option 3 - Moderate leveling (iXPBumpBase = 300), requires 60-90% more XP across all levels, balanced for Level 30 Cap.

Flashlight: Menu Options

change flashlight color
change hotkey (recommend changing hotkey to 'L')