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Role Playing. This is something I always liked. I am an old school, pen and paper RPG gamer. Warhammer, Cyberpunk 2020 and a couple of Polish role playing systems are my favourites, add Games Workshop's Talisman to the list as well. I also love to role play my video games. Not only the RPG by genere ones, but other too. I even role play GTA series. I'll RP any game that allows for it! Skyrim undoubtly is one of the most RP-friendly game out there, due to customisation possibilities (mods), big, open and living world and lore legacy.

Each of my Skyrim characters has their own story. I don't just create a random High Elf mage and play. I like to know, who my character is, how they act, what are they capable of, their strenghts and weaknesses. I write my character's background first and once I KNOW who they are, I role play them character for all the playthrough, trying not to break out. For example, Fjoldvik, true Nord by blood for gnereations despises every form of magic. He never used an enchanted weapon. He was even hesitant about putting it into his backpack and taking it back to the town for sale. It's magic! He cannot understand magic. Things just don't HAPPEN, there must be a reason for things to occur. One does not simply create a ball of fire in the palm of their hand! It's insane! It took Fjoldvik long time (about 10 levels :) to create his first potion! Potions are somewhat magical, aren't they? Or so he seems to think. He is yet to find out that he is a Dragonborn. Being a Dragonborn surely requires using at least SOME magic, not to mention absorbing dragon souls. ABSORBING. SOULS. OF DRAGONS. Really? Are you serious? I wonder how he is going to cope, I really do...

That is how I like to play my Skyrim. I've always said that the game (any game in fact) is as much fun, as you make it. You have total control over how much FUN you will have! If you create a character that is master of magic, melee combat and sneaking, and then run through missions of all the guilds in game... Where is the fun? It's boring! I prefer to CREATE my game just the way I like it. Maybe because I am also a writer. I simply like to make up stories and create worlds in my mind :)

I would like to introduce my Skyrim characters to you on this page. I hope this will be an inspiration to you guys, maybe you will want to create similar characters and maybe you just love RP like me, and just enjoy readin jibberish like that :D

My Characters

1. Fjoldvik - Nord warrior, future Dragonborn

Fjoldvik used to live a simple life in Falkreath hold, in a small house south of Helgen, that his father - a dedicated hunter - built for their family in the woods. When his parents died, Fjoldvik became a mercenary. He has abandoned the old house, travelled to Cyrodill and has lived a life filled with battle and adventure, until one day he was ambushed by a troll in the woods. This happened to take place not very far from Skyrim border, only about a day's worth of travel from Fjoldvik's old family house. He managed to survive the encounter and kill the monster, but the battle was tough. The troll badly wounded Fjoldvik's face and the man lost the left eye. He was later found unconscious and near death by Agny - a Nord healer travelling from Cyrodill to meet her relatives in Skyrim. She treated Fjoldvik's wounds and brought him back to life.

Some things happen for a reason. Or so they say.

Fjoldvik was very grateful for Agny's help and offered to travel with her as her bodyguard. They crossed the border together and ventured into Flakreath hold. As the night fell, they found themselves near Fjoldvik's old family house in the woods. That's where they sought shelter. Agny decided they should stay here for a few days, until Fjoldvik's wounds are fully healed. She was truly a woman of a kind heart and gentle soul.

A few days became a few weeks, weeks became months and so they fell in love over time. They stayed and lived a quiet and peaceful life, not knowing much about affairs of the outside world. Their happiness didn't last long however. When civil war started in Skyrim, Imperial soldiers started to flow in from Cyrodill. Fjoldvik and Agny had no idea. Until one night their door were smashed and a dozen of drunk soldiers broke in. As a few of them held Fjoldvik down, the rest tied Agny to a table, tearing her clothes down. After they were done, they knocked Fjoldvik unconscious and set the house on fire.

One of the soldiers must have had some sense of guilt however. When his comrades were running away into the woods, he turned away and carried the Nord outside the burning house and left him there. When Fjoldvik came to his senses, all he saw was his life burned down. Something died in him that night. He swore revenge. Having only woolen shirt and trousers left, he decided to travel back to Cyrodill to seek vengeance. That's when he was caught by an imperial patrol. Little did he know that his story is only about to begin, that he is to become the greatest hero of his times, the hero that bards will sing about, the hero that will be followed by many a people – and hated by even more...

Character facts:

 - Fjoldvik is a true Nord, blood and bone by generations. He is very prejudiced towards any form of magic and will avoid anything and anyone that’s magical, if he can. He is even hesitant towards using enchanted weapons, however being a man of strength and a true warrior he realises that it is sometimes necessary to defeat some more powerful enemies. He is well trained in using all weapon and armour types.
- He likes mushrooms. It's his favourite food.
- After what happened to him, he grew true hate towards the Empire and the Legion
- He is a Talos worshipper, as was his father and grandfather. He doesn't like to talk about religion though. He keeps his faith to himself, however he's ready to defend it if need arises. He dislikes High Elves, but he has nothing against other races of Tamriel.