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December 2017

December 03
  • Hid SSE Fixes from the guide until the author updates it.
  • Updated mod instructions for Even Better Quest Objectives to reflect the changes in the latest version.

November 2017

November 05
  • Added Flora Respawn Fix
  • Updated Vivid Weathers instructions for latest version of the mod
  • Updated the CR Patch:
    • Forwarded new keywords for players with the Creation Club content, Survival Mode
    • Forwarded a soulgems's object bounds
    • Patched Flora Fix and Harvest Overhaul so that Harvest Overhaul would use the now included fix.
    • Patched a few Magic Effects
    • Patched a couple Quests
    • Resorted Masters

October 2017

October 16
October 15

Moved Majestic Mountains below Realistic Water Two. This was done due to changes in the latest version of Majestic Mountains (v1.59).

July - September 2017

September 2017
August 2017
  • Updated install instructions for Static Mesh Improvement Mod.
  • Updated install instructions for Farmhouse Chimneys to account for Live Another Life.
  • Removed Dragon Bleed Bug Fix since it's now included in the Unofficial Patch.
  • Updated install instructions for Skyrim SE Skill Interface Re-Texture now that the wizard I wrote has been uploaded.
  • Updated install instructions for High Quality Food and Ingredients.
  • Adjusted walking speeds via the CR Patch
    • This increases all walking speeds to more natural levels. Generally the player will be faster when walking. This was solely down for immersion. I may look into the rest of the speeds later.
  • Added 1st Person Candlelight Fix to Game Fixes
  • Added Alternate Start - Live Another Life to Gameplay
  • Update all patches to account for new mods
  • New LOOT rule added for CR Patch and Weather Patch. Be sure to install the updated patches!
  • Moved the Bashed Patch section above DynDOLOD section
    • Users should rebuild their Bashed Patches.
    • Users will want to update their DynDOLOD installs. I've added a couple extra steps to the end of the instructions.
  • Updated Better Dynamic Snow SE mod instructions
  • Rearranged the ending sections of the guides. Users should update DynDOLOD. See the DynDOLOD manual on how to properly do this on current games.
July 2017
  • Added LoS Patch to the guide patches.
    • This patch is NOT required!
    • Users who have Lanterns of Skyrim installed without an ENB, may wish to consider adding this patch. What it does is tones down the orange tint from the default light produced by the added lanterns, while making the light feel more natural.
    • Users who have ENB\Reshade installed will have varying results with the adjusted tint. These users may or may not find this patch useful.
  • Removed Belt-Fastened Quivers since it's included in XPSSE.
  • Updated link to Majestic Mountains
  • Updated the instructions for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul to install one of the patches. Normally I would incorporate such patches, but I think it's best not to do it this time.
  • Update to the CR Patch to restore bow and crossbow sounds to vanilla. This is so the mods installed after Immersive Sounds can overwrite its edits.
  • Critical update to the Inigo Patch.
  • Update several mod links that were pointing to the wrong Nexus page (copy & paste errors)
  • Updated the mod instructions for the three mods that the authors have not uploaded my gifted, updated archives for
  • Updated the patches
July 20, 2017
  • Initial Release