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Tech's Skyrim Special Edition Guide
Development Notes

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Bugs to Fix

This is a list of bugs I've tracked from the forum or as a result of my own game-playing. I will eventually look into these stuff.

  • Correct orange glow on lighting at night
    I have completed this for the Lanterns of Skyrim mod. The option is available in the guide patches section.
  • Bright blue color or shaders on snow mountains. Possibly related to Vivid Weathers.
    Reported Fix: Add fSnowRimLightIntensity=0.1 in Skyrim.ini' and change bEnableImprovedSnow to 0 in Skyrimprefs.ini. Thanks to Brandoman!

Feature Requests

These are feature requests for the guide. They may or may not make be incorporated.

  • Label for classic Skyrim mods

Mod Suggestions

These are mod suggestions either from the forum topic or from me seeing an interesting mod on Nexus. These may or may not be incorporated into the guide.