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STEP Modlist

Info-Logo.png Notice: This needs to be updated for version 2.10.0 for the Guide.

The following is our mod list set up as a visual of how mods would be arranged under the Mod Picker top categories. We could always include the sub-categories, if desired. Mods within a section are listed alphabetically. The only exceptions made are for mods that require to be loaded early to due to heavy conflicts (I've dubbed this section 'First Responders' for the time being). For these types of mods, I suggest we include a separate section similar to our current Conflicting Graphics section. Obviously with this new setup some of the instructions on the mod pages will have to change or be updated.

Mods with a "???" next to them are ones that I question where to appropriately place them within the categories and/or would like to here Mator's reasoning on the placement of these mods.

Mod Picker Categories

Downloadable Content

I've included this for the base vanilla assets that are not technically mods, but still require some work to be done.

  • Update
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfire
  • Dragonborn
  • High Resolution Texture Pack

Foundational Mods

These are mods which cause major conflicts within their categories; thus, need to be installed before most other mods. This also includes mods which provide a graphical foundation, which all other mods overwrite.

  • Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
  • Unofficial High Resolution Patch
  • STEP Optimized Vanilla Textures
  • Skyrim Realistic Overhaul
  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod


Animations & Physics

  • Animated Clutter
  • Better Turn Animation
  • D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation
  • Dual Wield Blocking Animations
  • NoMaaM Breathing Idles
  • Running With Bows

Lighting & Weather

  • Enhanced Lighting for ENB-LITE
  • Lanterns Of Skyrim
  • Lightning During Thunder Storms
  • Relighting Skyrim
  • Wonders of Weather

Models & Textures

  • A Quality World Map
  • AMidianBorn Blade of Woe
  • AMidianBorn Book of Silence
  • AMidianBorn Caves and Mines
  • AMidianBorn Farmhouse
  • AMidianBorn Imperial Light and Studded
  • AMidianBorn Solstheim Landscape
  • AMidianBorn Stormcloak Officer Armour
  • AMidianBorn Whiterun
  • Animated Weapon Enchants
  • Barenziahs Glory
  • Book Covers Skyrim
  • Burn Freeze Shock Effects
  • Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored
  • Dawnguard Crossbow Bolts Visualized
  • Dawnguard Rune Weapons FXS
  • Deadly Spell Impacts
  • Deathbell HD
  • Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling
  • Dragonborn Mages Robes Retexture Pack
  • Elemental Staffs
  • Embers HD
  • Enchanting Candle Meshes Improved
  • Enhanced Blood Textures
  • Enhanced Night Skyrim
  • Footprints
  • Gemling Queen Dragon Claws
  • Gemling Queen Jewelry
  • Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux
  • HD Dark Brotherhood Door
  • HD Enhanced Terrain
  • HD Linens
  • HD Misc
  • HD Ore and Ingots
  • HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit
  • High Quality 3D Map
  • High Quality Food and Ingredients
  • High Quality LODs
  • HQ Paper
  • HQ Snow
  • Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture
  • Improved Closefaced Helmets
  • Improved Vanilla Mountains
  • Improved Weapon Impact Effects
  • Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul
  • Main Menu Spinning Emblem
  • New Thinner Torch
  • Nightingale Prime
  • Northfires Skidmarks
  • Not Really HD-Display Case
  • Not Really HD-Keys
  • Not Really HD-Mask of Clavicus Vile
  • Pilgrim's Delight
  • PondFish and Salmon Replacer
  • Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD
  • Re-Defined Dungeons
  • Real Wood Textures-Farmhouses
  • Realistic HD Baskets
  • Realistic Instruments
  • Realistic Water Two
  • Rens HD Shrines
  • Septim HD
  • Silly Level of Detail-Wine Cellar
  • Skyrim Improved Puddles
  • Skyrim Redesigned
  • Skyrim Skill Interface Re-Texture
  • Smaller Ice Spikes and Spear
  • Soul Gems Differ
  • Super Realistic Ore
  • Sweet Mother
  • TDN Vampire Armor Retexture
  • The 418th Step
  • The Elder Scrolls V Rewritten-Arvak
  • Tobe's Hi-Res Textures
  • Trees HD
  • Vivid Landscapes-Tundra Moss Revised
  • WEBS extended
  • White Phial Replacer
  • Whiterun Trellis Redesigned
  • STEP Compilation - placed here because it should overwrite all textures

Sounds & Music

  • Better Animal Footsteps
  • Better Horse Pain Sounds
  • Better Weapon Swing Sounds
  • Audio Overhaul for Skyrim (this mod needs to remain out of order to due to 50+ conflicts)
  • Heart of the Beast
  • IHSS-Improved Horse Steps
  • Immersive Thunder
  • Improved Combat Sounds
  • Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door
  • Smooth Blade Draw and Sheathe
  • Thundering Shouts
  • Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds
  • Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds

Character Appearance

  • Appropriately Attired Jarls
  • Beards
  • Better Beast Races
  • Better Freckles
  • Brows
  • Consistent Older People
  • Cover Khajiits
  • Female Vampires Have Fangs
  • More Realistic Hair
  • New Children
  • Superior Lore-Friendly Hair
  • XCE-Xenius Character Enhancement
  • XCE-Dawnguard
  • Better Males


  • Clothing and Clutter Fixes
  • Enchantment Reload Fix
  • Fuz Ro D-oh
  • Invisibility Glitch Eyes Fix
  • Modern Brawl Bug Fix
  • NARC
  • Wiseman303s Critter Fixes


  • Convenient Horses
  • Lock Overhaul
  • Realistic Ragdolls and Force
  • SM Drop Lit Torches
  • Smart Souls
  • Wiseman303s Trap Fixes

AI & Combat

  • Better Stealth AI for Followers
  • Come together N Out of the way
  • Dual Wield Parrying
  • Immersive Citizens-AI Overhaul
  • Non-Essential Children

Economy & Item Balance

  • Clams Drop Pearls
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
  • Skyrim-Community-Uncapper
  • Trade and Barter
  • Weapons and Armor Fixes (I chose Gameplay for this because it's doing more balancing than fixing)

Immersion & Role-playing

  • Auto Unequip Ammo
  • Dead Body Collision Fix
  • Disease Descriptions
  • Dragons Shout With Voice
  • Follower Trap Safety
  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul
  • Point the Way
  • Ragdoll Paralysis
  • Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux
  • Skyrim Enhanced Camera
  • Traps Make Noise
  • Wet and Cold

Quests & Stories

  • Even Better Quest Objectives
  • Gildergreen Regrown
  • Not So Fast-Main Quest
  • The Choice is Yours
  • The Paarthurnax Dilemma
  • Thieves Guild Requirements
  • Timing is Everything

User Interface

  • Better Dialogue Controls
  • Better MessageBox Controls
  • Immersive HUD
  • KenMOD Time On Loading Screen
  • Lore-Based Loading Screens
  • Main Font Replacement
  • Viewable Faction Ranks


  • Nothing here


  • Bring Out Your Dead
  • Cutting Room Floor
  • Farmhouse Chimneys
  • Hearthfire Extended
  • Oblivion Gates

New Characters

  • Nothing here


  • PapyrusUtil
  • SKSE
  • SkyUI
  • XPMS Extended


  • STEP Patches - out of order so it's installed before running Batched Patch
  • Bashed Patch
  • Dual Sheath Redux - placed here because XMPS has to be installed before running it
  • Better Shaped Weapons - placed here because it needs to overwrite Dual Shealth Redux
  • Dynamic Distant Objects LOD
  • ENBoost
  • Fores New Idles in Skyrim
  • RaceMenu
  • BethINI
  • LOOT