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Info-Logo.png Notice: Changes to the live guide can occur at any time between releases, so reference the Developmental Changelog to ensure nothing is missed that may impact this release (link above).

Release Changes


C - Extenders
D - Fixes
E - Interface
F - Conflicting Graphics
G - Landscape & Environment
H - Characters & Creatures
I - Clothing & Equipment
J - Animations & Effects
K - Clutter & Miscellaneous
L - Sound
M - Gameplay
N - Patches

Modified Mod Notes/Pages


  • Changed first section of the Guide to highlight the release notes. This was done due to our new versioning and release practices.
  • Updated the Minimum System Requirements for STEP:Core section. The requirements are now more specific to eliminate some confusion of what hardware you need to run a modded setup.
  • Updated the entire Guide with various grammar tweaks for better clarity and readability.
  • Added "Extended Mod" to the tables legend.
  • BethINI has been added to the list of utilities in section 1.C. It is a Core utility and will be requirement for installing STEP starting with this release.
  • Section 1.D INI Tweaks has mainly been replaced with BethINI. It will remain as an information placeholder for now.
  • Added link to new Radeon Settings Guide in section 1.E.1.1.
  • Updated the Final Pre-Installation Notes section with explanations of STEP:Core and STEP:Extended installations. Also moved and added information about the STEP Patches to this section (it was hidden in the LOOT section.)
  • Updated wording throughout the Guide.