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;    _____                                 _ 
;   / ____|                               | |
;  | |  __   ___  _ __    ___  _ __  __ _ | |
;  | | |_ | / _ \| '_ \  / _ \| '__|/ _` || |
;  | |__| ||  __/| | | ||  __/| |  | (_| || |
;   \_____| \___||_| |_| \___||_|   \__,_||_|

;--sOblivionMods is an alternate root directory for Bash Installers and other Bash data.
;    Putting it under the game's install directory can cause performance problems 
;    during gameplay, so by default it is placed at the same level as the game folder.
;    Here are the Oblivion and Skyrim defaults, and two other examples.
;sOblivionMods=..\Oblivion Mods
sOblivionMods=D:\Skyrim Mods
;sOblivionMods=C:\Games\Oblivion Mods
;sOblivionMods=C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Mods

;--sBashModData is the directory containing data about your mods, ini edits, etc.
;    If using MOM, mTES4 Manager, or other utility to manage multiple installs, 
;    you will want to change this to keep the Bash data with your saved games.
;    You'll need to use an absolute path to your saved games folder, so here
;    are the defaults and a few examples.
;sBashModData=..\Oblivion Mods\Bash Mod Data
sBashModData=D:\Skyrim Mods\Bash Mod Data
;sBashModData=C:\Documents and Settings\Wrye\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Bash Mod Data
;sBashModData=C:\Users\Wrye\AppData\Local\Skyrim\Bash Mod Data

;--sInstallersData is the directory containing data about which installers
;    are installed by Wrye Bash. If you changed sBashModData above, you'll 
;    probably want to change this one too. Examples:
;sInstallersData=..\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\Bash
sInstallersData=D:\Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers\Bash
;sInstallersData=C:\Documents and Settings\Wrye\My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Bash Installers\Bash
;sInstallersData=C:\Users\Wrye\AppData\Local\Skyrim\Bash Installers\Bash
;sInstallersData=C:\Users\Wrye\AppData\Local\Skyrim\Bash Installers Data

;--OblivionPath is the game directory (containing Oblivion.exe, TESV.exe, etc).
;    A "normal" install of Bash will place the Mopy directory in your game directory.
;    Use this argument only if you placed Bash outside of the game directory and the
;    automatic detection and -g command line parameter fail to find the game.
;    If using a relative path, it will be relative to the Mopy directory.
sOblivionPath=E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

;--User directory arguments.
;  These arguments allow you to specify your user directories in several ways.
;  These are only useful if the regular procedure for getting the user directory fails.
;  And even in that case, the user is probably better off installing win32com.

;--UserPath is the user profile path.
;  May help if HOMEDRIVE and/or HOMEPATH are missing from the user's environment.
;  Example=C:\Documents and Settings\Wrye
;sUserPath=C:\Documents and Settings\Wrye

;--PersonalPath is the user's personal directory ("My Documents").
;  Should be used in conjunction with either the -l argument or
;  setting sLocalAppDataPath.
;sPersonalPath=C:\Documents and Settings\Wrye\My Documents

;--LocalAppDataPath is the user's local application data directory.
;  Should be used in conjunction with either the -p argument or
;  setting sPersonalPath.
;sLocalAppDataPath=C:\Documents and Settings\Wrye\Local Settings\Application Data

;--SteamInstall Bash will try to detect if you have a Steam install but
;  if it fails to properly detect it (or incorrectly detects that you do)
;  you can set this to the desired setting.