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* [[NMS:Tutorials/Running_NMS_in_Unpacked_Mode|Running in Unpacked Mode]]
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Running_NMS_in_Unpacked_Mode|Running in Unpacked Mode]]
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Cross_SCENE_Referencing|Cross-SCENE Referencing]]
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Cross_SCENE_Referencing|Cross-SCENE Referencing]]
* Adding new technologies
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Terrain_Generation|Terrain Generation]]
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Terrain_Generation|Terrain Generation]]
* Adding new base building items
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* [[NMS:Tutorials/Vulkan_Shader_Modding|Shader modding]] - Vulkan (NMS2.0+) or GLSL (NMS1.0 to 1.77)
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Vulkan_Shader_Modding|Shader modding]] - Vulkan (NMS2.0+) or GLSL (NMS1.0 to 1.77)
* Entity modding:
* Entity modding:
** Using player interactions to toggle scene and entities or trigger GoToState actions
** [[NMS:Reference_Guides/Actions_and_Triggers|TriggerEvent]] to Action chains in [[NMS:Reference_Guides/ENTITY|entities]] - including action loops by using gotostate action repetitions (example: Health refresh every second.)
** [[NMS:Reference_Guides/Actions_and_Triggers|TriggerEvent]] to Action chains in [[NMS:Reference_Guides/ENTITY|entities]] - including action loops by using gotostate action repetitions (example: Health refresh every second.)
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Mod_Creation_by_Hex_Editing_MBINs|Mod Creation by Hex Editing MBINs]]
* [[NMS:Tutorials/Mod_Creation_by_Hex_Editing_MBINs|Mod Creation by Hex Editing MBINs]]

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This is a community effort to document the technical aspects of No Man's Sky's internal workings as well as acquaint aspiring modders with all of the possibilities of what you can do with the game!

Modding No Man's Sky is also an on-going research effort and, as such, many pages will change over time as Hello Games, creators of No Man's Sky, release new patches and as various mod and tool authors publish new ideas and techniques.

Hit us up in the NMS Modding Discord channel, and thanks so much for reading!


We are looking for adventurous individuals to experiment on some of the more obscure aspects of what modding has revealed so far!

Research work is paramount to the continued existence and improvement of mods; as many aspects of No Man's Sky remain hidden away behind untested properties and attributes that cannot be understood without trial and error. As such, experimentation is necessary to learn more about these unknown aspects and interactions of the game. Listed within the Current State of Modding article is what can and can't be done, as so far as we are presently aware. There, you'll also find links to places you can contribute findings and find tools that you may help develop further.

If you are willing to assist in advancing research of the game's internal mechanics, please update this wiki with your findings. To be able to create new pages and edit content, users will need an account. To obtain one:

  1. Sign up for a forum account at STEP: https://forum.step-project.com/
  2. Verify your account.
  3. Log into the wiki using your forum username and password (login is at the top right of all wiki pages).
  4. Mention @TechAngel85 on the Discord or PM him on the forums with your username and desire to edit the NMS wiki. You'll be assigned a user group for editing.

See the Wiki Reference for some guidance on creating and editing pages on the wiki.


Getting Started

If you're completely unfamiliar with modding, check out the Getting Started tutorial! If you've read through Getting Started and want to get right into something quick, you might try your hand at Adding new buildable objects. This can give you a first taste of what it's like to make a mod, and the interconnected nature of files within even a relatively simple mod. Once you've read both of those entries, and in case you've not followed their links, you might check out Compiling Mods, which covers the basics of putting together your mod after you've finished adjusting all the files related to your mod.

All the tools necessary to follow these tutorials can be found below in Modding Tools.



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Reference Guides

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Modding Tools

Development Tools

  • NMS Modding Station - A little helper for creating mods for No Man's Sky. This tool was created to ease up the process of putting a mod together. Its primary aim is to cut down on some of the steps that are currently being done by hand but can be accomplished programmatically, such as repacking modified MBINs. Note: it has PSArcTool built-in!
  • PSARCTool - This handy tool will allow you to extract the .PAK files. No Man's Sky stores all of its assets and data in these files.
  • MBINCompiler - The quintessential tool for decompiling and recompiling the .MBIN files contained within the .PAK files.
  • NMSDK - A blender plugin which allows importing and exporting of models from the game.
  • NMSE (No Man's Sky Script Extender) - similar to script extenders in games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, new functionality can be added through NMSE via external scripting. [NOTE: This hasn't been updated since the 1.0x release of the game. If anyone would be interested in reviving this project, many people would be very appreciative!]
  • Auto mod-builder updater with mod script system (AMUMSS) - Revolutionary No Man's Sky script based tool that can automate every step of nms modding via easy to create and use lua scripts. Once translated into a script your mod will be ready to be regenerated again in a click after any update (once MBINCompiler will be updated too as AMUMSS relies on MBINCOmpiler). It can also merge mods together, extract .pak files, check any mod conflict and much more...
  • VR mod enabler - Enables mods in VR.

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Assistive Tools

  • NMS Reward Allocator - this tool allows one to add either preexisting rewards, or custom rewards, to every interaction of any set of existing interactions in the game. E.g. this enables one to quickly add a reward to all Korvax/Vy'keen/Gek Operations Centres or Manufacturing Facilities, as well as any others.
  • Cheat Engine - a powerful tool for adjusting games in real-time by accessing how they're loaded into a computer's memory. However, it's important to remember that these changes are only for as long as the game is loaded, and must either be saved & reloaded alongside Cheat Engine each time (via CheatTables) or copied over to related game files to create a mod. It's this latter approach, making live adjustments and converting the results into file-based mods (i.e. recompiled MBINS, packed into .pak files), where one may find the most value in using Cheat Engine with No Man's Sky. Nevertheless, there are some situations in which the only real way (as of writing) to share one's changes may be to distribute CheatTables, and one will have to discern these situations for oneself. You can find more details about Real-Time Adjustments below.

Other Tools