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This wiki has been created as a community effort to document the technical aspects of No Man's Sky's internal workings as well as acquaint aspiring modders with all of the game modding possibilities!

Modding No Man's Sky is an on-going research effort and, as such, many pages will change over time as new patches and updates will be released by Hello Games and as various tool authors will publish new ideas and techniques.

Join us in the NMS Modding Discord channel, and thanks so much for reading!

Getting Started

If you want to mod NMS, reading the Current State of Modding article is a good start.
Then, you might check out the Getting Started tutorial and the Compiling Mods page, to get all the basis to extract files and repack files and uses a mod.

Once done, you might have the basis to go on and create your first mod, or you can now pick one of the beginner's tutorials. All the tools necessary to follow these tutorials can be found in the Modding Tools page.


We are looking for adventurous individuals to experiment on some of the more obscure aspects of what modding has yet to reveal!

Research work is paramount to the continued existence and improvement of mods. As many aspects of No Man's Sky remain hidden away behind untested properties and attributes, experimentation is necessary to learn more about these unknown aspects and interactions of the game. Listed within the Current State of Modding article is what can and can't be done, as so far as we are presently aware. There, you'll also find links to places you can contribute findings and find tools that you may help develop further.

If you are willing to assist in advancing research of the game's internal mechanics, please update this wiki with your findings. To be able to create new pages and edit content, users will need an account. To obtain one:

  1. Sign up for a STEP forum account
  2. Verify your account from the mail you will receive.
  3. Log into the wiki using your forum username and password (login is at the top right of all wiki pages).
  4. Mention @TechAngel85 on the NMS Modding Discord channel or PM him on the forums with your username and desire to edit the NMS wiki. You'll be assigned a user group for editing.

See the Wiki Reference for some guidance on creating and editing pages on the wiki.