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== Other Tools ==
== Other Tools ==
* [https://github.com/goatfungus/NMSSaveEditor NMS Savegame editor] - Tweak your savegame values the easy way. Comes also with a raw edit mode.
* [https://github.com/goatfungus/NMSSaveEditor NMS Save editor] by '''GoatFungus''' - Tweak your savegame values the easy way. Comes also with a raw edit mode.
* [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289099380600864768/673867640825184256/NMS-ModelViewer-January12.2020-Grekwaste.7z NMS Model Viewer] by '''Gregkwaste'''
* [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/289099380600864768/673867640825184256/NMS-ModelViewer-January12.2020-Grekwaste.7z NMS Model Viewer] by '''Gregkwaste'''
* [https://nomansskymods.com/mods/nms-location-manager-saveshare-locations-and-teleport/ NMS Location Manager]
* [https://nomansskymods.com/mods/nms-location-manager-saveshare-locations-and-teleport/ NMS Location Manager]

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Modding Tools


Development Tools

  • Auto mod-builder updater with mod script system (AMUMSS) - Revolutionary NMS script based tool that can automate every step of nms modding via easy to create and use lua scripts. Once translated into a script, your mod could be regenerated again in a click after any update (once MBINCompiler will be updated too as AMUMSS relies on it). It can also merge mods together, extract .pak files, check any mod conflict and much more...
  • MBINCompiler - The quintessential tool for decompiling and recompiling the .MBIN files contained within the .PAK files.
  • No Man's Audio suite - WIP
  • NMSDK Blender Export Plugin - A blender plugin which allows importing and exporting of models from the game.
  • NMS-MCDAMM - a little No Man's Sky Mod Conflict Detector and ModManager --- edit - compare - merge
  • NMS Modding Station - This tool eases up the process of putting a mod together by cutting down most of hand made steps. Note: it has PSArcTool built-in!
  • NMS Model Viewer - explore the original models and model arrangements (i.e. layouts) shipped with the game! Note: original source code is here, with notes on usage & keyboard shortcuts in the Wiki tab.
  • NMSE (No Man's Sky Script Extender) - similar to script extenders in games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, new functionality can be added through NMSE via external scripting. [NOTE: This hasn't been updated since the 1.0x release of the game. If anyone would be interested in reviving this project, many people would be very appreciative!]
  • NMS UI visualizer - WIP
  • NMS Vulkan Shader Tool - Allows compilation and decompilation of .spv shader files.
  • PSARCTool - Extracts and recreates the PAK files storing all the NMS assets and data.

Assistive Tools

These two generators, one for products, tech, & substance tables, and the other for the various mission tables of the game, create scripts that when run annotate the tables with translations from the localization tables for their various localization ids. This makes reading over these different tables significantly easier than jumping back & forth between them and the localization tables.

  • NMS Reward Allocator by GmrLeon - this tool allows one to add either preexisting rewards, or custom rewards, to every interaction of any set of existing interactions in the game.
  • Cheat Engine - a powerful tool for adjusting any game variable loaded in memory in real-time. Note that these changes only last the time of your current game session, and must either be saved & reloaded alongside Cheat Engine each time (via CheatTables) or copied over to related game files to create a mod (i.e. recompiled MBINS, packed into .pak files).

Other Tools