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** CACHE.SQS : Texture caching file for quick texture adressing. Stores header and footer of most used textures
** [[NMS:Reference_Guides/TEXTURES/TEXTURE_MBIN_Files|TEXTURE MBIN Files]]
** [[NMS:Reference_Guides/TEXTURES/TEXTURE_MBIN_Files|TEXTURE MBIN Files]]
** [[NMS:Reference_Guides/TEXTURES/Texture_Formats|NMS texture formats]]
** [[NMS:Reference_Guides/TEXTURES/Texture_Formats|NMS texture formats]]

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Game Structure


Game File Types

NMS mostly uses the .mbin file format to store data. See the MBIN hex-editing tutorial for an introduction to the game files. Each MBIN game file has a template name prefixed a 2-character template class (eg. Tk or Gc), and each template has a lookup file in the MbinCompiler library. The structure and content of game files have been researched by the NMS community and given names, which are what appears in the EXML files generated by MbinCompiler. Users can find the game's different file types with descriptions below:

  • BANKS_INTERMEDIATE - No real use
    • FNT files : text files storing each char settings
    • DDS files : Textures storing fonts as bipmaps
    • MBIN files : store all the strings, texts and dialogs of the game
  • METADATA - All the game tables and databases
    • EFFECTS : defines properties like light, particles, shakes and duration of game effects
    • ENTITLEMENTS : Handled game pre-order bonuses
    • REALITY : game major tables
      • Reference Tables listing game items and properties extracted from game tables.Outdated
    • TROPHIES : Handled game achievments
    • BIN files : text files controlling shaders branching
  • PLAYTOGETHER - unknown
  • PROMO - old game promotional files
  • SCENES - Trailer and demonstration static files
    • BIN files : shaders initialization text files
    • SPV files : Vulkan fragmented shader files
  • TPFSDICT - Encrypted profanity words you can't use in NMS
  • UI
    • MBIN files : describes all the components and parts of the game GUI

XML File References