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{{NMSPage|contentTitle=how to use MBINCompiler}}
{{NMSPage|contentTitle=How to use MBINCompiler}}
== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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How to use MBINCompiler



MBINCompiler has been created by Monkeyman192 to convert the .MBIN binary files to and from human readable .EXML files.
To do this, MBINCompiler relies on the data structure stored in the game executable.
As the game is updated, both the data structure and the .MBIN files are evolving. And so do MBINCompiler.
What this means is that there is not one MBINCompiler, but multiple ones, at least one for each game version. In practice, it sometimes needs a few iterations after a game update before the new MBINCompiler will fully decompile and recompile the wide range of MBIN files. So you might also have several versions before the final one that will definitely open (almost) all the .MBIN files for a particular game version.

Info-Logo.png      Notice:After any major game version, you might need to wait a few days before some mods will be updated, the time for Monkeyman192 to update MBINCompiler

Using MBINCompiler

MBINCompiler is very easy to use :

  • just drag and drop any .MBIN file over it and it will decompile the file into the corresponding .EXML file.
  • just drag and drop any .EXML file over it and it will compile the file into the corresponding .MBIN file.

Optionally, you can do the same with whole folders. If you drag and drop a folder over MBINCompiler, it will act as follows :

  • if the folder only contains .MBIN files, it will decompile them all into .EXML files.
  • if the folder only contains .EXML files, it will compile them all into .MBIN files.
  • if there's a mix of .MBIN and .EXML files, MBINCOmpiler will ask what is the source file format between .MBIN or .EXML. Just type MBIN or EXML and it will then compile or decompile accordingly to your choice.

Once you get the .EXML file, you're ready for modding, as .EXML can be read and edited with any text editor.
It's now up to make the changes that will create a great mod !