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# Delete the two .pak files, they are no longer needed.
# Delete the two .pak files, they are no longer needed.
#: The folder should now look like the image below...
#: The folder should now look like the image below...
# Copy '''MBINCompiler.exe + .libMBIN.dll''' to <code>METADATA\REALITY\TABLES</code>  and <code>METADATA2\REALITY\TABLES</code>
# Copy '''MBINCompiler.exe''' to <code>METADATA\REALITY\TABLES</code>  and <code>METADATA2\REALITY\TABLES</code>
# Decompile all .MBINs by dragging them on '''MBINCompiler.exe'''.
# Decompile all .MBINs by dragging them on '''MBINCompiler.exe'''.
Line 256: Line 256:
# Drag all .EXML files over MBINCompiler.exe. You'll get new .MBINs.
# Drag all .EXML files over MBINCompiler.exe. You'll get new .MBINs.
# Delete or move all .EXML files.
# Delete or move all .EXML files.
# Delete libMBIN.dll, MBINCompiler.exe, MBINCompiler.log from all folders.
# Delete MBINCompiler.exe and MBINCompiler.log from all folders.
== (Step 4) Packing ==
== (Step 4) Packing ==

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Tutorials // Merging two mods



This is a tutorial on combining two mods which alter the same files. We’ll be merging two basebuilding mods as an example:


Steps involved

  1. Unpacking and decompiling the files.
  3. Compiling the files.
  4. Repacking the files.

(Step 1) Unpacking & decompiling

  1. Create a working folder (C:\Merge UltraBase-Star Trek Flags).
  2. Copy MBINCompiler and PSArcTool to this folder.
  3. Extract the mod archives into this folder.
  4. Unpack zz-UltraBaseBuilding.pak by dragging over PSArcTool.exe.
  5. Rename METADATA to METADATA2.
  6. Unpack _MOD.ST.PlayerFlagsFull.pak
  7. Delete the two .pak files, they are no longer needed.
    The folder should now look like the image below...
  9. Decompile all .MBINs by dragging them on MBINCompiler.exe.

(Step 2) Editing

Open BASEBUILDINGTABLE.EXML from both mods in Notepad++. They are shown in 2 tabs for easy copying.

Now locate "TREKFLAG1”:

   <Property value="GcBaseBuildingEntry.xml">
     <Property name="ID" value="TREKFLAG1" />
     <Property name="HasProduct" value="True" />
     <Property name="IsTemporary" value="False" />
     <Property name="SnapPoints" value="TkModelResource.xml">
     <Property name="Model" value="TkModelResource.xml">
     <Property name="InactiveModel" value="TkModelResource.xml">
     <Property name="DecorationType" value="GcBaseBuildingObjectDecorationTypes.xml">
       <Property name="BaseBuildingDecorationType" value="Normal" />
     <Property name="IsPlaceable" value="True" />
     <Property name="IsDecoration" value="True" />
     <Property name="IsConnection" value="False" />
     <Property name="PlacementNormalOffset" value="0" />
     <Property name="Biome" value="GcBiomeType.xml">
       <Property name="Biome" value="Lush" />
     <Property name="BuildableOnPlanetBase" value="True" />
     <Property name="BuildableOnSpaceBase" value="False" />
     <Property name="BuildableOnFreighter" value="False" />
     <Property name="BuildableOnPlanet" value="False" />
     <Property name="BuildableOnPlanetWithProduct" value="False" />
     <Property name="BuildableUnderwater" value="True" />
     <Property name="BuildableAboveWater" value="True" />
     <Property name="GlobalLimit" value="0" />
     <Property name="SystemLimit" value="0" />
     <Property name="PlanetLimit" value="0" />
     <Property name="RegionLimit" value="0" />
     <Property name="PlanetBaseLimit" value="0" />
     <Property name="FreighterBaseLimit" value="0" />
     <Property name="CheckPlaceholderCollision" value="True" />
     <Property name="CollisionScale" value="0.75" />
     <Property name="EnableCollision" value="True" />
     <Property name="CanPlaceOnItself" value="True" />
     <Property name="CanRotate3D" value="True" />
     <Property name="CanScale" value="True" />
     <Property name="Groups">
       <Property value="NMSString0x10.xml">
         <Property name="Value" value="ADDIT" />
     <Property name="StorageContainerIndex" value="-1" />
     <Property name="CanChangeColour" value="True" />
     <Property name="CanChangeMaterial" value="True" />
     <Property name="CanPickUp" value="True" />
     <Property name="ScanRadius" value="0" />
     <Property name="RemovesAttachedDecoration" value="True" />
     <Property name="EditsTerrain" value="False" />
     <Property name="BaseTerrainEditShape" value="Cube" />
     <Property name="TerrainEditBaseYOffset" value="0" />
     <Property name="TerrainEditTopYOffset" value="0" />
     <Property name="TerrainEditBoundsScalar" value="1" />
     <Property name="IsSealed" value="False" />
     <Property name="CloseMenuAfterBuild" value="False" />
     <Property name="LinkGridData" value="GcBaseLinkGridData.xml">
       <Property name="Connection" value="GcBaseLinkGridConnectionData.xml">
         <Property name="Network" value="GcLinkNetworkTypes.xml">
           <Property name="LinkNetworkType" value="Power" />
         <Property name="NetworkSubGroup" value="0" />
         <Property name="NetworkMask" value="0" />
         <Property name="ConnectionDistance" value="0.1" />
         <Property name="UseMinDistance" value="False" />
         <Property name="LinkSocketPositions" />
         <Property name="LinkSocketSubGroups" />
       <Property name="Rate" value="0" />
       <Property name="Storage" value="0" />
       <Property name="DependsOnEnvironment" value="None" />
       <Property name="DependsOnHotspots" value="None" />
       <Property name="DependentConnections" />
     <Property name="GhostsCountOverride" value="0" />
     <Property name="SnappingDistanceOverride" value="0" />
     <Property name="RegionSpawnLOD" value="1" />

Select this whole GcBaseBuildingEntry section. Copy this to the other mod’s BASEBUILDINGTABLE.EXML, right below <Property name="Objects">. Repeat this for the other flags. Save.

Next, locate “Star Trek Flags A”:

   <Property value="GcBaseBuildingGroup.xml">
     <Property name="ID" value="ADDIT" />
     <Property name="ParentGroup" value="DECORATION" />
     <Property name="Name" value="Star Trek Flags A" />
     <Property name="Icon" value="TkTextureResource.xml">
     <Property name="DefaultColourIdx" value="0" />
     <Property name="DefaultItem" value="" />
   <Property value="GcBaseBuildingGroup.xml">
     <Property name="ID" value="ADDIT2" />
     <Property name="ParentGroup" value="DECORATION" />
     <Property name="Name" value="Star Trek Flags B" />
     <Property name="Icon" value="TkTextureResource.xml">
     <Property name="DefaultColourIdx" value="0" />
     <Property name="DefaultItem" value="" />

Select this section and copy it into the other mod’s BASEBUILDINGTABLE.EXML. Save. You’re done with this file.

Open NMS_REALITY_GCPRODUCTTABLE.EXML from both mods in Notepad++. Locate TREKFLAG1:

   <Property value="GcProductData.xml">
     <Property name="Id" value="TREKFLAG1" />
     <Property name="Name" value="ANDORIA" />
     <Property name="NameLower" value="Andoria" />
     <Property name="Subtitle" value="VariableSizeString.xml">
       <Property name="Value" value="Andoria" />
     <Property name="Description" value="VariableSizeString.xml">
       <Property name="Value" value="The Andorian Mining Consortium runs from no one." />
     <Property name="Hint" value="" />
     <Property name="GroupID" value="" />
     <Property name="DebrisFile" value="TkModelResource.xml">
     <Property name="BaseValue" value="1" />
     <Property name="Level" value="0" />
     <Property name="Icon" value="TkModelResource.xml">
     <Property name="HeroIcon" value="TkModelResource.xml">
       <Property name="Filename" value="" />
     <Property name="Colour" value="Colour.xml">
       <Property name="R" value="0.172549" />
       <Property name="G" value="0.4862745" />
       <Property name="B" value="0.6235294" />
       <Property name="A" value="1" />
     <Property name="SubstanceCategory" value="GcRealitySubstanceCategory.xml">
       <Property name="SubstanceCategory" value="BuildingPart" />
     <Property name="Type" value="GcProductCategory.xml">
       <Property name="ProductCategory" value="BuildingPart" />
     <Property name="Rarity" value="GcRarity.xml">
       <Property name="Rarity" value="Common" />
     <Property name="Legality" value="GcLegality.xml">
       <Property name="Legality" value="Legal" />
     <Property name="Consumable" value="False" />
     <Property name="ChargeValue" value="0" />
     <Property name="StackMultiplier" value="0" />
     <Property name="DefaultCraftAmount" value="1" />
     <Property name="CraftAmountStepSize" value="1" />
     <Property name="CraftAmountMultiplier" value="1" />
     <Property name="Requirements">
       <Property value="GcTechnologyRequirement.xml">
         <Property name="ID" value="LAND2" />
         <Property name="InventoryType" value="GcInventoryType.xml">
           <Property name="InventoryType" value="Substance" />
         <Property name="Amount" value="5" />
       <Property value="GcTechnologyRequirement.xml">
         <Property name="ID" value="FUEL1" />
         <Property name="InventoryType" value="GcInventoryType.xml">
           <Property name="InventoryType" value="Substance" />
         <Property name="Amount" value="5" />
     <Property name="AltRequirements" />
     <Property name="Cost" value="GcItemPriceModifiers.xml">
       <Property name="SpaceStationMarkup" value="0" />
       <Property name="LowPriceMod" value="0" />
       <Property name="HighPriceMod" value="0" />
       <Property name="BuyBaseMarkup" value="0" />
       <Property name="BuyMarkupMod" value="0" />
     <Property name="RecipeCost" value="1" />
     <Property name="SpecificChargeOnly" value="False" />
     <Property name="NormalisedValueOnWorld" value="0" />
     <Property name="NormalisedValueOffWorld" value="0" />
     <Property name="TradeCategory" value="GcTradeCategory.xml">
       <Property name="TradingClass" value="None" />
     <Property name="WikiCategory" value="Construction" />
     <Property name="IsCraftable" value="True" />
     <Property name="DeploysInto" value="" />
     <Property name="EconomyInfluenceMultiplier" value="0" />
     <Property name="PinObjeective" value="" />
     <Property name="PinObjeectiveTip" value="" />
     <Property name="CookingIngredient" value="False" />
     <Property name="CookingValue" value="0" />

Select this whole GcProductData.xml section and paste this into the other mod’s NMS_REALITY_GCPRODUCTTABLE.EXML. Do this for all the flags. Save. You’re done with this file.

Open DEFAULTSAVEDATA.EXML for both mods. Locate "KnownProducts":

     <Property value="NMSString0x10.xml">
       <Property name="Value" value="TREKFLAG1" />

Copy this section for all 40 flags to the other mod's DEFAULTSAVEDATA.EXML. Save. Repeat this for the file DEFAULTSAVEDATACREATIVE.EXML.

(Step 3) Compiling

  1. Delete METADATA
  3. Drag all .EXML files over MBINCompiler.exe. You'll get new .MBINs.
  4. Delete or move all .EXML files.
  5. Delete MBINCompiler.exe and MBINCompiler.log from all folders.

(Step 4) Packing

Select and drag all folders + files over PSArcTool.exe. You now have a psarc.pak, give it a proper name and copy it to the NMS mod folder.