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{{NMSPage|contentTitle=Using Mods (by Lo2k)}}
{{NMSPage|contentTitle=Using Mods <small>(by Lo2k)<small>}}
== Preparations ==
== Preparations ==

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Using Mods (by Lo2k)</div>



To enable mods in No Man's Sky, you first need to execute the following steps :

  1. Go into your No Man's Sky PCBANKS folder
  2. Select the DISABLEMODS.txt file and rename or remove it
  3. Create a new folder and name it "MODS"
Info-Logo.png      Notice:Be sure to check the PCBANKS folder after each game update as the DISABLEMODS.txt file is often recreated.

Now, you can place the .pak files from your downloaded or created mods inside the MODS folder or right-click on your .pak file in NMS Modding Station and choose Copy in my MODS folder.
Launch the game to enjoy the changes!

Mods load order

It's important to note that mods are run in alphanumerical order, so the mod filename will affect its load order.
Here is a quick order : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A a B b .... Z z _
So a mod named "0mod" will load before a mode named "bmod" and a "_mod" will load last. If two mods contain the same file, the file from the last mod will prevail. So a "_mod" will always apply over the others, reason why so many modders used a "_" before their mod names.

Anyway, if your a mod author, it's better to notify users in your mod description of what files you've modified. This will ultimately help them to notice if mods could be in conflict and help them sort which mods are in cause. In that case, some tools like AMUMSS can help detecting the mods editing the same files and thus conflicting.