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Skyrim Gameplay Rebalanceby dreadflopp
Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance
This pack will rebalance the game and make it fun at all levels, up to level 100 and beyond. It fits both new and experienced players.
Compatible Packs: Pack:Deleveled Loot, Pack:Dovahkiin Reborn, Pack:Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance, Pack:Weather and Lighting
Warning-Logo.png      Warning:This pack is no longer updated. I am currently only supporting my packs for Skyrim Special Edition. I will still answer questions about the pack, if you have any.
Info-Logo.png      Notice:Changelog at the end of the guide.

Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance

What to expect from the pack:

Big parts of this pack was done by Garfink. Big thanks to him. The aim of Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance is to rebalance Skyrim's difficulty without making enemies into health-sinks. This is achieved by adjusting sizes of mobs, increasing spawn points, the types of spawns, giving more potions, magicks and perks to the NPCs, improving their AI and allowing NPCs to use enchantments, all the while not nerfing the hero. There are also mods that add gameplay functionality featured in this pack. Garfinks rebalancing was in my opinion focused on a hardcore player and with all mods recommended by him the game was impossible for me to play. I am more of a casual player. Since Garfink stopped developing this pack I have done rebalancing myself and can therefore offer something for both the casual and the more harcore type gamer. I have split the pack into two parts where the second part is only installed by experienced hardcore players.

Pre-Installation Setup


Info-Logo.png      Notice:This pack is fully compatible with STEP: Core and STEP: Extended. ELE and ICAIO are requirements.

Other packs

If you use more than this one pack, you need to build your own patch using my my modular patches.

Compatible packs


Highly recommended pack focused on survival.

Deleveled Loot

Pack:Deleveled Loot
Pack by me that delevels loot.

Dovahkiin Reborn

Pack:Dovahkiin Reborn
Pack by me focused on player races, skills, powers, spells etc. Highly recommended

Semi-compatible and semi-unsupported packs

A real explorers guide to Skyrim (REGS)

Pack:Explorers Guide
REGS has been taken over by Kelmych who will bring it up to date and make it compatible with the latest STEP. It is probably compatible with this pack.

Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition
Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition is more of a replacement for STEP than a pack. SR:LE is not supported but most of SR:LE is still compatible with this and my other packs. Use my my modular patches and read the special instructions for SR:LE.

Not compatible packs

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn is an addon or a pack for SRLE by Darth_mathias. It is an excellent pack that adds many mods on top of SRLE in many different areas, some areas where I haven't added any mods in my packs like quest mods or companion mods. It also adds mods that alters the looks of NPCs, it expands towns, it adds new items and retextures many aspects of the game. SRLE adds mods in all areas that I do in my packs and many of the mods that are in my packs are also in SRLE or SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn. If you want to add the mods that are in SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn but not in my packs, my recommendation is to skip my packs and use SRLE Extended instead. Darth_Mattias provides a patch for Morrowloot Unlimited and with that added you won't miss out on anything essential by using SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn instead of my packs.

Install Order

You should follow the install order outlined in STEP. Install the pack after your STEP install. It may be considered good modding practice to install the pack before the STEP section 2.N. Patches, but currently it doesn't matter since none of the mods from my pack conflict with any mods from the patches section of STEP..

The mods from my pack should be installed as outlined on their pages.

Mods from the pack or STEP that overlap should usually remain in their position laid out in STEP. It may be useful to re-install these mods as a new mod if changes are made to the installation of said mod, with a name fit to the profile. This preserves easy switching between Profiles in MO.

If you are unsure, check the 'conflicts' tab in MO for the mod in question and see what is overwriting it / what it is overwriting. Ask questions on the forums if you are still unsure.

If you install more than one pack, check here: my modular patches.



A better gameplay experience

The following mods are recommend for both casual and hardcore players. If you are not installing the hardcore mods the recommended in game difficulty setting is Adept but that can be lowered if the game is to hard for you.


Description: NPCs will use potions, spells from mods, perks from mods and will spawn in bigger groups. This program is setup through a patcher later. Install the mod like any other mod for now.
Author: The ASIS Team
Main file: ASIS Patcher 1-42-5 Hacked (or later version)
Optionals: None.

Better Stealing

Author: Meh321
Main file: Better Stealing x_x

Deadly Dragons

Description: Overhauls the games dragons and adds new dragon types.
Author: Tommy2368

Deadly Dragons Script Patch

Description: Fixes som Deadly Dragons scripts.
Author: 3JIou, Redshift
Special instructions: No patch for Audio Overhaul Skyrim is needed, it is included in my patches.

Immersive Patrols

Description: Adds fully functional, scheduled patrols
Author: Scrabbulor
Main files: DLC Aggressive IP 2.0.3 (or later version)

Immersive Potions

Description: All instant restoration potions (Health, Stamina and Magicka) now work over a five second duration
Author: Nastakanoth
Special Instructions: TTRSO users: Needs to be loaded after TTRSO, which it is if you are using LOOT. This mods functionality is already included in Morrowloot Ultimate and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul. If you use any of these two mods, do not use Immersive potions.

Kill the Orchestra

Description: This mod installs silent music files which the game will load instead of the original music, disabling the music.
Author: alt3rn1ty

FOMOD Instructions
Kill the Orchestra
Skyrim Music Options
Skyrim Music Options
Skyrim music - Select all you want silenced
Skyrim music - Select all you want silenced

CheckmarkMO.png Combat Music Generic

CheckmarkMO.png Combat Music Bosses

CheckmarkMO.png Discover Generic Location

CheckmarkMO.png Discover Stinger Music

CheckmarkMO.png Dread Music

CheckmarkMO.png Dungeon Music

CheckmarkMO.png Explore Music

CheckmarkMO.png Reveal Music

CheckmarkMO.png Town Music

Dawnguard Music Options
Dawnguard Music Options
Dawnguard music - Select all you want silenced
Dawnguard music - Select all you want silenced

CheckmarkMO.png Soulcairn Dungeon Music

CheckmarkMO.png Soulcairn Explore Music

CheckmarkMO.png Falmervalley Explore Music

CheckmarkMO.png Vampirecastle Music

Dragonborn Music Options
Dragonborn Music Options
Dragonborn music - Select all you want silenced
Dragonborn music - Select all you want silenced

CheckmarkMO.png Explore Music

CheckmarkMO.png Apocrypha Music

Loot and Degradation

Description: Tempered weapons and armors degrades to their initial state over time and use
Author: Isoku

NPC Knockout Overhaul

Description: NPCs in bleed out can be knocked out. You can make stealth knockouts.
Author: Sevencardz and Noobzor

OBIS - Organized Bandits In Skyrim

Description: More and deadlier bandits
Author: Indigoblade and the OBIS Team
Main files: OBIS 2.01
Update: OBIS 2.02
Optionals: None.
Special Instructions:

  • OBIS.esp load after Rebirth Monster.esp
  • OBIS.esp load after High Level Enemies - SIC.esp
Skyrim Immersive Creatures

Description: Adds dozens of new creatures
Author: lifestorock
Main files: Skyrim Immersive Creatures v6_5_2b NMM BAIN
Special Instructions:
From the main installer choose:

  • Main
  • DLC2

STEP: Extended users should install the SIC patch from Complete crafting overhaul and Enhanced Blood Textures.

Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade Patch

Description: Makes items from SIC use WAF stats
Author: statmonster

Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim

Description: Combat overhaul.
Author: Enai Siaion
Main files: Wildcat vXXX

Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim

Description: New enchantments.
Author: Enai Siaion and T3nd0
Main files: Wintermyst vXXX
Optional files: Wintermyst - Skyproc Patcher
Special instructions: Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp should be deactivated when you build the bashed patch.
The block list for the Wintermyst patcher needs to be edited.

Doubble click on Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim in MO
Select the textfiles tab and select the text file
Delete the bashed patch from the block list and choose save.

Wintermyst includes the features of Animated Weapon Enchants that is in STEP Extended. Deactivate Animated Weapon Enchants and remove the dependency from the STEP Extended patch:

Open xEdit through MO
Untick all plugins except STEP Extended patch.esp and click OK
Delete the following (by right-clicking them and choose remove)
Example: Right-click on the entry 0004605b and choose remove. Do NOT remove the whole Magic effect entry

STEP Extended Patch.esp
	Magic Effect
Right-click STEP Extended Patch.esp and choose clean masters

Wintermyst - Loot and Degradation Patch

Description: Combat overhaul.
Author: Alex9ndre
Main files: Wintermyst - Loot and Degradation Patch


A tougher gameplay experience

The following mods should be installed by hardcore players only since they raise the difficulty of the game quite a bit. If you are installing these mods the recommended in game difficulty setting is Novice.

ASIS Improved INI Files

Description: Improved .ini files for ASIS.
Author: EggOver1979
Main files: ASIS Improved INI Files Optionals: ASIS Experimental Patch V2 .

Info-Logo.png      Notice:You need to manually merge the contents of NPCEnchantFix.ini from ASIS Improved INI Files and Weapons and Armors Attributes

Dragon Combat Overhaul

Description: Overhauls dragon combat.
Author: ApolloDown
Special instructions: This mod has a conflict with No spinning death animation. This is solved by not installing the merged version of no spinning death animation. An alternative, if you want, is to load dragon combat overhaul after no spinning death animation.

Warning-Logo.png      Warning:DCO contains a bug that makes it impossible to win over Miraak. This is solved by uninstalling DCO before that fight and reinstalling it after.
High Level Enemies - SIC Edition

Description: Lets enemies continue to level up to provide challenge to players at higher levels. This function is already included for some enemies with OBIS and Skyrim Immersive Creatures. HLE extendeds this feature to even more creatures, even some that might be a little absurd (like mudcrabs and skeevers).
Author: Dalquist
Special instructions:

  • Install High level enemies Falskaar if you use Faslkaar.
  • If you use Morrowloot Ultimate, download my replacement plugin and let it overwrite the original mod.


Deleveled Skyrim
High level enemies - Hardcore

Description: Install a hardcore setting for High level enemies. This makes the game even harder
Author: Dalquist
Main files: None
Optionals: High Level Enemies - Hardcore

PermaZONES - Dangerous Encounter Zones for Skyrim

Description: This mod makes Skyrim semi-deleveled. Some encounter zones will be to hard for you, meaning you'll have to return when you are at a higher level.
Author: TenderHooligan


Conflict resolution
Info-Logo.png Notice: For the time being, you need to merge your own patch using my modular patches.

Download the relevant patches from here.
Install the patches and make LOOT rules for them:
LOOT Rules:

  • STEP Core - SGR Casual.esp Set global priority 990400
  • STEP Core - SGR Hardcore.esp Set global priority 990400
  • STEP Extended - SGR Casual.esp Set global priority 990400
  • STEP Extended - SGR Hardcore.esp Set global priority 990400

If you only install some mods from the pack or if you have other packs installed, please merge your own patch with instructions found here.

Post-Installation Configuration

LOOT rules

  • Load dD-DG-DB-Immersive Creatures EBT Patch.esp AFTER STEP Extended patch.esp
  • Load Rebirth Monster.esp after High Level Enemies - SIC.esp
  • Set global priority for RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp to 990100
  • Set global priority for RealisticWaterTwo.esp to 990200
  • Set global priority for ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp to 990400
  • Load STEP Core Patch after ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp
  • Load STEP Extended Patch after ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp
  • Set global priority for STEP Core - SGR Casual.esp to 990600
  • Set global priority for STEP Extended - SGR Casual.esp to 990600
  • Set global priority for STEP Core - SGR Hardcore.esp to 990600
  • Set global priority for STEP Extended - SGR Hardcore.esp to 990600

Bash tags

Bash Tagging Guide

  • CCO_SIC_Patch.esp (Delev, Relev)


Automatic patching


If you have installed the hardcore mods you have ASIS installed. Just like Dual Sheath Redux this mod features a patcher. To make sure both patchers are executed in the right order, we install SUM.

  • Download and install SUM
  • Add executables for SUM.
Click on the data tab on the right side of Mod Organizer
Expand SkyProc Patchers
Expand SUM
Right click SUM.jar, choose Add as executable
Click OK
  • Run the SUM dynamic patch through MO. Make sure all patchers you use are ticked. Click on SUM options [open]. Make sure everything is Unticked. Click on patcher list [open] to return. Click on settings after every patcher and set them up using the following settings:
  • ASIS - Casual users
Make sure only the following is ticked:
NPC enchantment fix

  • ASIS - Hardcore users
Make sure only the following is ticked:
Increased Spawns
NPC potions [NPC Potions defaut number of potions 2, chance per potion 5]
NPC enchantment fix

Click open at Increases spawns. Change the settings as follows if you use High level enemies hardcore:


Use interior spwans
Reduce interior Spawn chance 2

If you an even more hardcore setting, you can turn up the spawn settings a little:


Use interior spawns
Reduce interior Spawn chance 2
  • Dual Sheath Redux

Use settings from STEP (if any) or any pack that you uses that change these


  • Add executable for Wintermyst.
Click on the data tab on the right side of Mod Organizer
Expand SkyProc Patchers
Expand EnaiSiaion_Wintermystpatcher
Right click Wintermystpatcher.jar, choose Add as executable
Click OK
  • Run the Wintermystpatcher through MO.

FNIS, Bashed patch, Dual Sheath Redux

Make a habit of always rebuilding the bashed patch, running FNIS and Dual Sheath Redux/ASIS after you have installed/uninstalled mods.

MCM Settings

To make it more user friendly, here is a collection of all in-game settings, MCM settings and console commands in a goggle doc to make it easy to view them on your phone:
Please take a glance at all MCM configurable mods that you use. There are several settings and tweaks you might want to use that I haven't brought up due to it not being important to what we intend to do with this pack.


This pack used to be a part of a bigger pack that I developed with the help of Nicopad and Garfink. Big thanks to them.


  • 17-07-29 Added warning about pack no longer being supported. Changed notes about REGS.
  • 16-10-29 Removed Vigor and RotE
  • 16-10-28 Removed WAA
  • 16-09-10 Added Deadly Dragons Script Patch
  • 16-07-27 Added better stealing
  • 16-07-26 Added Wintermyst
  • 16-07-26 Removed Combat Evolved and Animal Tweaks. Added Wildcat. Made Vigor an optional mod.
  • 16-07-26 Updated LOOT rules
  • 16-06-22 Removed Vigor Campfire support and Vigor merge
  • 16-06-01 Patches updated
  • 16-05-24 Patches updated
  • 16-05-23 Added LOOT rule: Load Animal Tweaks.esp after NoAnimalsReportCrimes-DG+DB.esp
  • 16-05-22 Added Animal Tweaks. Patches will be updated tomorrow.
  • 16-05-22 Added Kill the Orchestra and Vigor
  • 16-05-22 Sorted the mods, removed Backup Movement Speed Reduction and Smarter combat music
  • 16-05-22 Added notes to install WAA after ASIS
  • 16-03-21 Patches updated
  • 16-03-13 Patches updated
  • 16-02-27 Removed my RotE patches
  • 16-02-27 Added RotE patches (a new mod)
  • 16-02-22 Patches updated
  • 16-02-22 Updated SIC instructions to not use the outdated RotE patch. Updated Deadly Dragons to use the new Loremonger version.
  • 16-02-21 Patches updated
  • 16-02-19 Updated WAA instructions
  • 16-02-10 Added bash tags for CCO_SIC_Patch.esp
  • 16-02-10 Updated RotE patch
  • 16-02-09 Added randomthunder.esp LOOT rule
  • 16-01-28 RotE patch updated
  • 15-12-24 Patches updated
  • 15-12-10 Updated instructions for High level enemies and Immersive potions
  • 15-12-06 Patches updated, link to modular patches updated
  • 15-12-06 Added the HLE replacement plugin to the guide instead of in the patches section
  • 15-12-05 Added LOOT rules for Combat Evolved merged.esp
  • 15-11-27 Patches updated
  • 15-11-25 Patches updated
  • 15-11-25 Added back Combat Evolved
  • 15-11-25 Added Weapons and armor attributes
  • 15-11-25 Removed Toxicity, it sometimes got stuck in 100& toxicity mode.
  • 15-11-25 Removed Duel, it was giving me stutter locks and ruined balance
  • 15-11-16 Added EBT/SIC LOOT rule
  • 15-11-13 Patches updated
  • 15-11-13 DCO warning added
  • 15-11-13 SIC updated install instructions
  • 15-11-11 Removed Ultimate Combat & Combat Evolved. Added Duel. Removed REGS support.
  • 15-11-02 Moved ASIS Improved INI to Hardcore section and added ASIS Experimental Patch V2
  • 15-10-31 Added more compatible packs. Updated patches.
  • 15-10-25 Patches updated. All patches are made with CCOR updated to 1.7Beta. Frostfall will not recognize cloaks until it is updated to 3.0 (soon)
  • 15-10-25 Modified/Added LOOT rules for ELE, STEP patch, RW2
  • 15-10-25 Moved special instructions for immersive patrols that were mistakenly put under obis
  • 15-10-12 Updated patches and patches LOOT rules
  • 15-10-12 Added RW2 LOOT rule
  • 15-09-21 Moved HLE and HLE - Hardcore, updated descriptions for them. Updated patches and LOOT rules.
  • 15-08-23 Patches updated, updated install instructions for deadly dragons
  • 15-08-14 Removed outdated instructions from Dragon Combat Overhaul
  • 15-07-16 Patches updated
  • 15-07-07 Updated pack with new mods. Removed some mods. Changed the structure of the pack. Updated patches.
  • 15-06-19 Fixed an error with the STEP: Core patches
  • 15-05-16 Added OBIS loot rule, added High level enemies replacement plugin
  • 15-05-15 Added OBIS, updated patches
  • 15-04-07 Updated patches to forward new USKP changes
  • 15-03-30 Added Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade Patch by statmonster
  • 15-03-25 Small updates to the patches to decrease your plugin count
  • 15-03-24 Patches updated
  • 15-03-24 Initial release