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Current Version: SkyrimSE:0.3.0b   |   Mods in STEP: 535   |   Mod Pages: 1556


USER-SPECIFIC SYSTEM SPECS - Use the links at right to enter or modify user-specific system specs, which will create a personal SystemSpecs page. If user specs have already been entered, use the 'UPDATE' link to get to the current entry and edit that page using PAGE TOOLS --> EDIT WITH FORM. The user specs page can be conveniently linked in users' forum sigs or posts where applicable.
CREATE A MOD PAGE - This is very important! Any mod to be added to the STEP Guide MUST be first added to the wiki using this form. Mod pages should be FULLY COMPLETED by an experienced user of the given mod, preferably the Mod Tester. Once this information is recorded, an administrator will be able to add the mod and any relevant notes to the mod-ordering list.


ANTHOLOGY BOILERPLATE - This provides the BBcode used for mod OPs after being accepted into STEP and placed into the Anthology forum
COPY DEVELOPMENT GUIDE - Copies over a new STEP WIP guide. Be certain to enter the correct version number! This guide will not go live until admin "hit the switch" under the relevant SMW trigger, so it is safe to use this without disrupting the live guide. Use the 'edit' link to simply view and potentially edit the existing WIP guide.
COPY DEVELOPMENT CHANGELOG - Same as above, but pertains to the Changelog.
EDIT/PROPAGATE MOD LISTS - This is important, as it links to the mod list pertaining to the live, development WIP, or any past STEP mod list. Enter in the relevant STEP version number. Please be careful to get the version number right, or an irrelevant mod list will be created. Once inside the mod list, simply edit sections accordingly by using add/remove buttons and "drag & drop" functionality for ordering mods by section. Mods cannot be added to a relevant section until the mod page has been created for that section. Each mod list pertains only to the Guide to which the mod list corresponds, so WIP mod lists can be created independent of the live guide. However, mod notes affect all guides, so be careful to keep mod notes "guide independent".
SMW DICTIONARY - A WIP dictionary of the SMW objects and functionality that exist as well as a discussion page with plans for future dev.
NEW STEP PARADIGM - Link to the Nexus article source about the new STEP direction.