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Implemented as of STEP 2.10.0


  • Major - Introduce fundamental new functionality, tools, or methods. (e.g., Official Pack implementation, changing from BOSS to LOOT or from Wrye Bash to MO).
  • Minor - changes to guide mod list.
  • Hotfix - Change/fix Guide instructions that require amendment to the changelog (however large or small) and any other 'hotfixes' (e.g., changes to mod install order, mod instruction updates, patch updates, etc).

Under this scheme

STEP Guide version example: 2.9.2

  • v2 brought changes to mod sorting software, mod management software, and introduced alpha Pack support
  • v9 constitutes nine changes to the mod lineup since the change to v2.
  • v2 constitutes two bug/hotfixes have been released since the last mod lineup change (v9).

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Skyrim & potential new FO4 guides:

Skyrim (current Skyrim STEP Guide version): 2.9.2

  • Switch to official Wrye Bash support: 3.0.0 (major changes resets minor/hotfix versions)
  • Remove a mod or add new mods: 2.10.0 (minor changes resets hotfix version)
  • Update mod installation instructions: 2.9.3
  • Separate Extended Pack from Core Guide AND change mod management software: 3.0.0

FO4 (brand new guide): 1.0.0 (new guides start at the beginning)