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This is a list of the texture / mesh mods. Installing and uninstalling will have no impact on how you play the game, and can be done as you please including mid-game. These are strictly aesthetic, and therefore can also be FPS heavy. As with Extended, these are optional.
This is a list of the texture / mesh mods. Installing and uninstalling will have no impact on how you play the game, and can be done as you please including mid-game. These are strictly aesthetic, and therefore can also be FPS heavy. As with Extended, these are optional.
Go to [https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DrPharmDawg/SkyRem_Guide_Visual Visuals Guide].
Go to [https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DrPharmDawg/SkyRem_Guide_Visuals Visuals Guide].
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Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Mod Guide for Special Edition
Guide Home
Current Version: 1.2.0
Created and maintained by DrPharmDawg
Last Update: 9:36:33 4 July 2020 (GMT)


Guide Pages
SkyRem Home: Information about the SkyRem Guide.
First Steps: Start here to ensure proper installation, settings, and Tools are setup.
How Tos: Reference guides for utilizing tools.
Core Guide: This section focuses on Stability, Performance, Mechanics, and Content mods.
Extended Guide: This section contains optional mods that build on the core of SkyRem.
Visual Guide: This section focuses on Aesthetic mods.
Final Steps: The final steps to complete, including in-game MCM Setup prior to starting your journey.
Changelog: Check here for updates.
Guide Support
Discord: Discord Channel for all things SkyRem (Guide and Mods).
Patreon: Support SkyRem development via Patreon.
PayPal: Support with a one-time donation via PayPal.
Trello: See guide development progress on Trello.


Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Mod Guide
What is SkyRem? Yes - SkyRem is an acronym (if you have delved into any of my mods, this is probably very apparent). This began with the desire to tweak character creation and development. It has grown into two (so far) series of mods and now a guide as I work to put it all together. The goal: the ultimate roleplay experience in Skyrim. Alone, it is a great game. With the involvement of the modding community, it has become a phenomenal game. This guide, along with the few mods I have authored, is my attempt to give back to that community (or at least contribute in some way).

There are great guides available already, with different focuses, different objectives, varying degrees of difficulty, etc. After countless hours of using other guides, adding, subtracting, altering... this guide is my "finished product" based on the priorities listed below.

As the name suggests, this guide is designed for roleplay. This is not a difficulty or beautification focused mod guide by design. One could argue that difficulty is incorporated simply by the nature of the roleplay focus and modifications, but the intent of the guide goes far beyond just making Skyrim more difficult. As for beautification - an optional guide will be included for this purpose, but is not necessary to achieve the goal of the SkyRem Guide.

Guide Priorities:
(1) Stability
(2) Performance
(3) Mechanics
(4) Content
(5) Aesthetics


DrPharmDawg's Rig Spec
Motherboard ASUS® G751JY
CPU Intel® Core i7 4710HQ @2.50GHz
GPU Nvidia® GeForce GTX 980M 4GB GDDR5
System RAM 24 GBs
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
Monitor Resolution 1920x1080


The guide is divided in to several parts:

  • First Steps: You must spend some time on the front-end preparing your setup with a clean start and a host of modding tools.
  • How To: There are a number of tools and techniques needed to properly mod. This page will help you navigate those processes used by the guide.
  • Core Guide: This is the bulk of the guide with the focus primarily on the first 4 priorities.
  • Extended Guide: Additional mods that focus on the last 3 priorities. Not necessary to achieve the roleplay I intended, but still mods that add to the experience.
  • Visual Guide: This is more a Mod List vs a Mod Guide (there is a difference). These are 100% mesh and texture, therefore can be added or removed on the go (mid-game).
  • Final Steps: Final steps needed to "make it all work" together. This is primarily patching and MCM setup.

Guide Features

This guide:

  • Stable and performance friendly setup with Core and even Extended. The Visual guide is a little more FPS heavy.
  • Installation and utilization instructions for the various modding tools.
  • Streamlined and easy to read approach to modding incorporated in to the design of the guide itself.
  • Patches to make the various setups work together (available on Nexus).
  • Support via Discord and regular updates.

This guide does not:

  • Include ENB or Reshade: I do not use them nor do I care for them. The trade-off for performance is (IMO) not worth it.
  • Include Dead Mods: Mods that have not been updated in over a year or mods with unanswered (or excessive) bug reports/comments.
  • Include CBBE: What little I do in this regard is UNP.
  • Include 4k+: Whenever possible, I use 2k at the most. There are a few exceptions in which 2k is not available however.

Mod Legend

Each mod utilizes this template:

Mod Name & Link

  • Author of Mod
  • Version used by SkyRem Guide
  • Tags (See below)

FILES: File(s) to Download and Install

Install: Any additional installation instructions or steps to take following installation.
Info-Logo.png Notice: Unless otherwise indicated with an Install line, always select [Merge] when prompted if installing multiple files for a single mod.

Mod Tags

Tags are described below. Read through the mods card prior to doing anything to prevent having to back track. Dark Tags with Light lettering indicate new or updated mods and download and/or installation needs, such as Newly added or BSA extraction.
Light Tags with Dark lettering indicate post-installation needs such as optimizing meshes, ESLifying, merging, porting, or cleaning).

  • TOOL
     : Tool utilized during the modding process. Not actually a Mod, but required for proper guide installation.
  • NEW
     : Newly added Mod since previous version.
     : Mod has been updated since previous version.
  • BSA
     : During installation, select YES to extracting the BSA.
  • CAO
     : Run the Cathedral Asset Optimizer (CAO) to properly convert the files for use with SSE.
  • ESL
     : Plugin (ESP) can safely be tagged as an ESL using SSEEdit.
     : Plugin will be included in a Merge using zEdit.
  • PORT
     : Mod needs to be completely converted from LE to SSE.
     : Mod needs to be cleaned using SSEEdit.
     : Mod contains patches (either separate files or in a FOMOD) that need to be installed as an individual Mod.

Guide Notes

  • Each Step is divided in to Parts. The last Part in several steps is for mods that can be Merged. All the Mods in this part will be Merged with zEdit at the end of that Step.
  • Following completion of each Step, sort (Loot) and test your setup. This is much easier than troubleshooting after completing the guide if something goes wrong.
  • In the Core guide, anything highlighted YELLOW indicates a selection to be made if using the associated mod from the Extended Guide.

Extended And Visual Guide

The additional two guides are arranged in the same fashion as the Core Guide (Steps & Parts). Install each Step & Part after completing the corresponding Core Guide unless otherwise noted as an Install note. For example, complete Core Guide Step 6 Part A (Quests). Next, complete determine if there is anything in Step 6 Part A of the Extended Guide you want to install and do so. Finally, complete Step 6 Part A of the Visual Guide. Once all of Step 6 Part A is complete (Core is required, Extended is optional, and Visuals are only meshes and textures that can be installed or removed at anytime), move on to Part B of the Core Guide. Not every Step/Part will be in each guide. If a guide does not contain a particular Step or Part, simply move on to the next guide.


Start here. Under no circumstances should you skip this section. You may already have everything set-up, but look through the First Steps section just to be sure. Included in the First Steps section:

  • Directions on starting with a clean setup of Skyrim and the Skyrim Creation Kit.
  • Download, install, and setup instructions of the various modding tools used by the guide.
  • Download, install, and setup instructions of Mod Organizer 2, the Mod Manager used by the guide.
  • Directions on cleaning your Master files.
  • Directions on basic INI setup using BethINI.

Go to First Steps.


Information regarding various modding processes required by the SkyRem Guide can be found here. Currently included in the How To section:

  • Cleaning Mods
  • Extracting BSAs (archives)
  • Optimizing NIFs (meshes)
  • Porting Mods from LE
  • Merging Mods
  • ESLifying
  • Finding ESPs that can be ESLified

Go to How Tos.


The Core of the guide. This section primarily includes the mods that handle the Stability, Performance, Mechanics, and Content (top 4 of the 5 priorities). All mods in the Core Guide are required in order to accomplish what the SkyRem Guide intends. More importantly, many of the mods in the Core Guide are required for the provided patches to work.

Go to Core Guide.


The Extended Guide contains additional mods that add to the SkyRem concept, but are not necessary. The Extended Guide, unlike the Core Guide, is not all-or-nothing. You can add the Extended Guide content as you see fit Step by Step and Part by Part. If you feel the Characters need a little more sprucing up, but do not see the need for additional Quest material, skip Step 6 of the Extended Guide and install only Step 11. Think of Core as the "required" mods, and Extended as the "optional" mods.

Go to Extended Guide.


This is a list of the texture / mesh mods. Installing and uninstalling will have no impact on how you play the game, and can be done as you please including mid-game. These are strictly aesthetic, and therefore can also be FPS heavy. As with Extended, these are optional.

Go to Visuals Guide.


Following mod installations from the above guides, you will need to take a few final steps to ensure everything plays well together. This includes creating patches, creating LODs, installing additional SkyRem patches based on your setup, and finally setting up in-game MCMs.

Go to Final Steps.