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Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Mod Guide for Special Edition
Final Steps
Current Version: 1.2.0
Created and maintained by DrPharmDawg
Last Update: 13:05:32 24 February 2020 (GMT)


Guide Pages
SkyRem Home: Information about the SkyRem Guide.
First Steps: Start here to ensure proper installation, settings, and Tools are setup.
How Tos: Reference guides for utilizing tools.
Core Guide: This section focuses on Stability, Performance, Mechanics, and Content mods.
Extended Guide: This section contains optional mods that build on the core of SkyRem.
Visual Guide: This section focuses on Aesthetic mods.
Final Steps: The final steps to complete, including in-game MCM Setup prior to starting your journey.
Changelog: Check here for updates.
Guide Support
Discord: Discord Channel for all things SkyRem (Guide and Mods).
Patreon: Support SkyRem development via Patreon.
PayPal: Support with a one-time donation via PayPal.
Trello: See guide development progress on Trello.



Prior to building any patches or creating any LODs, use LOOT to finalize your Load Order. Rather than just running LOOT this time, a few additional steps need to be taken to ensure mods are where they need to be to work properly (and be patched easier).

* Launch LOOT in MO2.
* Find SkyRem - Lora.esp in the right pane and click the [...] to the right and select [Edit Metadata].
* In the window that appears, click [Load After] and under Filename enter RealisticWaterTwo.esp. Click [Save] (disk icon) to the right.
* Find SkyRem - Grace.esp in the right pane and click the [...] and select [Edit Metadata].
* In the window that appears, click [Main] and in the drop-down box to the right select [High Priority Overrides], then [Save].
* Move SkyRem - Lora to the very bottom of your Load Order.

Adjusting Metadata with LOOT in this way can help keep mods in the right place. Using Load After is good especially to ensure a specific mod loads after another specific mod, while using the mod groups (High Priority Overrides) is good for keeping mods in a more generalized location of your Load Order.

Once you are done making adjustments to Metadata, [Sort] as normal, [Apply], and [Exit] LOOT.


Waterflow Patch

This process will fix issues with Oldrim mods that utilized the original animated waterflow so that it works properly with Special Edition's simulated waterflow.

  • In MO2, launch SSEEdit, ensure all mods are selected, and click [OK].
  • In the left pane, select all mods with the exception of the main master files (Skyrim.esm and DLC masters).
  • Right-click on any mod you just highlighted and select [Apply Script].
  • In the [Script] drop-down box, select _make a patch file for waterflow for Oldrim mods and click [OK]. Name it Waterflow Patch.
  • Click [Yes] to any Confirm message pop-ups.
  • Exit SSEEdit once complete, saving the Water Patch plugin.
  • Back in MO2, right-click [Overwrite], select [Create Mod...], and name it Waterflow Patch, and activate the mod.

FNIS Patch

Always rerun the following FNIS Patcher if mods are added/removed that contain animations of any kind. FNIS was installed as part of Step 10 >> Part A of the Core Guide, so you already have the files. Add the FNIS Patcher to your MO executables and run the patcher as followers:

  • In MO2, right-click on the last activated mod and select [All Mods] and [Create empty mod].
  • Name the empty mod FNIS Output and activate it.
  • Click [Configure the executables that can be started through Mod Organizer] (icon with two gears).
  • Enter FNIS Patcher in the title field and locate the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe for the Binary field.
  • Check the [Create Files in Mod instead of] and select the FNIS Output mod you just created and click [Add].

Now that you have the executable and the empty mod setup, run FNIS:

  • Run [FNIS Patcher] from the executables.
  • Check the ["GENDER Specific Animations"], ["SKELETON Arm Fix"], and [* tktk1's "TK Dodge / Ultimate Combat"] options.
  • Click [Update FNIS Behavior]. Once the the patcher is done, click [Consistence Check] to make sure there are no problems.
  • Exit FNIS Patcher.

Smashed Patch

The Smashed Patch will help resolve many conflicts between mods. Create a Smashed Patch:

  • Repeat the process of creating an empty mod named Smashed Patch, activating it, and adding it to the Mator Smash executable.
  • Run [Mator Smash] from the executables.
  • In the pop-up window, select the [Skyrim SE] icon and click [OK].
  • Ensure all mods are selected in the next window, and click [OK].

Add a new tag to handle the Special Edition Followers mod. While I specifically use a new tag for this mod, this is an invaluable tool and method for proper patching and can save you a lot of time from manual patching in SSEEdit.

  • Click [Manage Smash Settings] (wrench and driver icon).
  • Right-click in the left pane and select [New Setting]. Name the new setting Bash.SEF.
  • Right-click in the tree box and select [Build from plugins].
  • Find and select [specialeditionfollowers.esp] and click [OK].
  • Expand the records tree and then the NPC_ - Non-Player Character (Actor) tree.
  • Select only the options listed below.
ACBS - Configuration
Actor Effects
PRKZ - Perk Count
CNAM - Class
DNAM - Player Skills
ZNAM - Combat Style
  • Right-click the [ACBS] and [DNAM] and select [Toggle] >> [Toggle force values] and [Toggle treat as single entity].
  • Click [Save] and exit the Settings Manager.

Returning to the main screen, create the patch and notify Mator Smash how to build it by taking these steps.

  • Under the [Plugins] tab, highlight every mod with the exception of the Skyrim.esm at the top.
  • Right-click any mod while they are all highlighted, and select [Add to patch] and [<New Patch>].
  • Change NewPatch in both fields to Smashed Patch and click [OK].
  • With all mods still highlighted, right-click again and select [Smash Settings] >> [Smash] >> [Smash.All].
  • Locate and select the ESP(s) below. Right-click and select [Smash Settings] >> [Smash] >> [Smash.ForceAll]
Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim.esp
ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
SkyRem - Grace.esp
Luminosity Lighting Overhaul.esp
Waterflow Patch.esp
  • Locate and select the ESP(s) below. Right-click and select [Smash Settings] >> [Smash] >> [Smash.OverrideAll]
SkyRem - Lora.esp
  • Click [Build patches] (hammer icon).
  • When done, exit Mator Smash, and activate your new Smashed Patch plugin.


SkyRem Patch

  • Author: DrPharmDawg
  • Version: 1.1.1

MAIN FILE: SkyRem Patch

About: Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Mod Guide.

zEdit Patch

Create zEdit Patches:

  • Run [zEdit] from the executables.
  • You may be used to selecting zMerge at this point, but for this step make sure [zEdit] is selected and [Start Session].
  • Leave your entire Load Order included and click [OK].
  • Click [Manage Patchers] (puzzle icon in upper-right).
  • In the left pane, select [Know Your Enemy's Armor Patcher]. Change Patch armor descriptions? to [false].
  • In the left pane, select [Build Patches].
  • Uncheck ALL. We will run one patcher at a time. Do the following steps for each patcher in this order: Know Your Armor Patcher, Know Your Enemy Patcher, and finally zPatch.esp with all options selected.
Check the patcher you want to build.
Click [Build] next to the patchers name (do not click the Build All button at the bottom of the window).
Wait until complete and ensure the new ESP is located at the bottom of your Load Order in the left pane.
Repeat the process for each patcher.
  • Exit zEdit, saving the patches (there will be 4 plugins).
  • At the bottom of the left pane in MO2, right-click [Overwrite] and select [Create mod...].
  • Name the new mod zEdit Patch and activate it.

Relinker Patch

Run the Relinker:

  • Run [zEdit] from the executables, select [zMerge] and [Start Session].
  • Click the [Relink Scripts] button at the bottom of the window.
  • When done, exit zEdit and [Refresh] MO2.
  • Find the newly added Relinker Output mod at the bottom of the left pane and activate it.


Creating LODs (Level Of Detail) will be a three step process, focusing on three different aspects using three different tools.


Note: This process can take a while. Anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.

  • Activate Tamriel Terrain in the let pane, and move the ESM file to the top of the right pane.
  • Run [xLODGen] from the executables.
  • In the left pane, right-click and [Select All].
  • In the right pane, only select [Terrain LOD] (Objects and Trees will be handled by the other tools).
  • In the Terrain Lod box, use the following settings:
LOD4: Quality 5, Build Diffuse Size 512, Build Normal Size 256, Format BC7 Quick, Check Protect Borders (leave other settings at default).
LOD8: Quality 10, Build Diffuse Size 256, Build Normal Size 128, Format BC7 Quick, Set Optimize Unseen to On (leave other settings at default). 
LOD16: Quality 10, Build Diffuse Size 256, Build Normal Size 128, Format BC7 Quick, Set Optimize Unseen to On (leave other settings at default). 
LOD32: Quality 15, Build Diffuse Size 128, Build Normal Size 128, Format BC7 Quick, Set Optimize Unseen to 550 (leave other settings at default). 
Set [Default size: Diffuse] and [Normal] both to 128.
Check [Bake normal-maps]
  • Click [Generate].
  • When you receive the LOD Generator: finished, close xLODGen.
  • Setting the arguments field as detailed in First Steps will place the files directly into the xLODGen Output mod. Refresh MO2 and find it at the bottom of the left pane. Activate it now.


  • Deactivate Tamriel Terrain.
  • Run [TexGen] from the executables.
  • In the pop-up, change {ui|Select Output Path} to X:\Tools\Mod Organizer\Mods\TexGen Output.
  • [Select LOD Texture Size] (I use 256 - Default). Leave the four boxes below this on [Default (BC7 Quick). Click {ui].
  • When done, [Exit] TexGen and refresh MO2 to see that your TexGen Output mod now has textures.


Note: Ensure your DynDOLOD Resources version and the Standalone version match before moving forward.

  • Run [DynDOLOD] from the executables.
  • In the pop-up click [Advanced>>>].
  • In the next window, right-click in the upper left box and choose [Select all].
  • Change {ui|Output Path} to X:\Tools\Mod Organizer\Mods\DynDOLOD Output.
  • In the upper right: Click [Medium] and check both [Candles] and [FXGlow].
  • In the bottom box: Check all options EXCEPT [Fake lights selected world], [Use original LOD assignments], and [Upgrade NearGrid Large Refs].
  • Still in the bottom box: Change [Max tile size] to 256 (to match TexGen).
  • Click [OK].


A Matter of Time

Page Header Option Setting
Display Symbol 1 Scale 18%
Transparency 50%
Horizontal Offset -125
Vertical Offset -28
In-Game Clock Scale 85%
Horizontal Anchor Left
Vertical Anchor Top
Horizontal Offset 38
Vertical Offset 32
In-Game Date Scale 85%
Horizontal Anchor Left
Vertical Anchor Top
Horizontal Offset 135
Vertical Offset 33
Control Symbol 1, In-Game Clock, In-Game Date Control Mode Always
Hotkey X

Atlas Map Markers

Page Header Option Setting
Extra Options Compass Settings Location Max Distance 10000


Page Header Option Setting
Gameplay Hotkeys Build Campfire >.
Harvest Wood <,

Cathedral Weathers

Page Header Option Setting
Settings General Configuration Spell [ ]
Weather Seasonal Perspective [X]
Lighting Nocturnal Sight Darker
Interior Vision Darker

Complete Crafting

Page Header Option Setting
Learning & XP Alternate Experience Formula Use Alternate XP Formula [X]
Smithing Experience Tanning Rack [0.5]
Smelter [0.5]
Mining [15]
Mining & Materials Mining Mining Presets Faster Mining and More Ore
Smelting Ingot Production Per Perk
Enable Mods Display Crafting Recipes Bandoliers Bags and Pouches [X]
Cloaks of Skyrim [X]


Page Header Option Setting
Options CORI Options: Skill Levels Novice Archetype 15
Apprentice Class 30
Adept Class 45
Expert Specialization 60
Master Specialization 75

ESF: Companions

Page Header Option Setting
Joining Dark Brotherhood Members Dark Brotherhood Members Can Join [ ]
Advancement Requirements Before Your Trial Total Combat Skills 70
Player Level 10
Days Passed Since Joining 15
Requirements Before Joining the Circle Total Combat Skills 100
Player Level 20
Do Quest For Each Circle Member [X]
Days Passed Since Joining 15
Requirements Before Kodlak's Request Total Combat Skills 120
Player Level 30
Days Passed Since Joining 10
Quest Tweaks Radiant Quest Settings Before Skjor & Vilkas Give Quests 6
Radiant Quest Reward Gold Use Default Gold Reward [ ]
Gold per Guild Rank 25
Gold per Player Level 0
Gold per Quest Difficulty Level 25

Extended UI

Page Header Option Setting
Stats Menu Hide Legendary UI Elements [X]
Show attribute modifiers [X]
Show skill modifiers [X ]

Follower Framework

Page Header Option Setting
Activity Sandboxing Only Sandbox in Town [X]
Mounts Mount Support Riding Support Only
Movement Catch Up Teleport [ ]
Stealth Extinguish Torches when Stealthed [X]
Gameplay Gold Expenditure Weekly Follower Cost 250
Expendables Cost 500
Share the Wealth On
Share Minimum 500
Actions Disable Weapon Draw [X]
Regard System Gift Chance 10%
Quest & Dialogue Dialogue Show Dismiss Steward [X]
Optional Companions Winterhold Mages [X]
Thieves Guild Members [X]


Page Header Option Setting
Gameplay Player Exposure Rate 0.5x
Fast Travel & Waiting Disable Fast Travel [X]
Disable Waiting while Outdoors [X]
Meters General Meter Settings Layout Preset Top Right
Exposure Settings Show Advanced Settings [X]
Y Position 0.0
Wetness Meter Show Advanced Settings [X]
Y Position 36.0

GIST Soul Trap

Page Header Option Setting
Main Notifications ALL [ ]
Leveling Enable Leveling System [X]
Soul Capturing Show message when level insufficient [ ]

Immersive Armors

Page Header Option Setting
Armor Options Crafting & Distribution Einherjar Brigadine Armor [ ]
Einherjar Plate Armor [ ]

Immersive Creatures

Page Header Option Setting
Creature Toggles Creatures Goblins [ ]
Riekling Solstheim Only
Additional Spawns Spawn Types Ore Guardians [ ]

Immersive Encounters

Page Header Option Setting
New Event Toggle WE Events New WE Event Chance 20
WI Events New WI Event Chance 50
Tavern Brawl Enable Tavern Brawl [ ]

Immersive HUD

Page Header Option Setting
Activation Compass Activation Key press toggles [X]
Options Hide shout meter with compass [X]
Enable fast fade of xxxxx [X] for all 3


Page Header Option Setting
Basics Player Hunger Rate 1
Thirst Rate 3
Fatigue Rate 2
Advanced NPCs Followers Purchase Food [X]
Difficulty World Food Spoilage Words
Spoilage Rates Raw 2.0 Days
Light 7.0 Days
Medium 5.0 Days
Heavy 3.0 Days
Gameplay Unknown Water [X]
Death [X]
Notifications Text Perspective 1st Person
Widget Style Alpha/Color-Based
X Offset XXXXX
Y Offset YYYYY
Track Disease [X]

Keep It Clean

Page Header Option Setting
Settings Parameters Duration before becoming Dirty 24
Duration before becoming Very Dirty 48
Toggles Start Keep It Clean [X]

Lock Overhaul

Page Header Option Setting
General General Settings Allow increasing skill [X]
Enable the sound effect [X]
Enable crime [X]
Allow Auto Open When Unlocked [ ]
Lock Requirement Lock Requirement Novice 1
Apprentice 20
Adept 40
Expert 60
Master 80
Smash Locks Smash Locks Novice 15
Apprentice 30
Adept 45
Expert 60
Master 75
Allowed Weapons Two + One Handed
Unlock with Magic Unlock Spell Novice 10
Apprentice 30
Adept 50
Expert 70
Master 90
Allowed Spells Alteration Only


Page Header Option Setting
General Options Book of Homies Enable Book of Homies [ ]


Page Header Option Setting
Options MIA Options The North Remembers [X]
A Girl Has No Name [X]

Morning Fogs

Page Header Option Setting
Settings Fog Frequency 60%
Randomize [X]


Page Header Option Setting
Options Health/Magicka/Stamina Leveling Rate 750
Carry Weight Leveling Rate 1500

Not So Fast MG

Page Header Option Setting
Minimum Days Before Events Saarthal Expedition 7
Psijic Monk Visit 7
Brelyna's Practice 3
J'Zargo's Experiment 3
Onmund's Request 3

Not So Fast MQ

Page Header Option Setting
Minimum Days Before Events First Dragon Sighting 10
Note from Delphine 5
Other Balgruuf's Reward Always Armor


Page Header Option Setting
Settings Extra Spawns Enable? [X]
Inside Maximum 5
Additional Options Intensity 5
Level Limit 100


Page Header Option Setting
Settings Enable? [X]
Respawn Setting Respawn Inerval 168
Stable Raids Allow Stable Raids [X]

Poisoning Extended

Page Header Option Setting
Main Direct Poisoning Poison Prompt Never
Clean Prompt Never
Right-hand weapon }]
Left-hand weapon {[

RDO (Relationship Dialogue Overhaul)

Page Header Option Setting
Other Options Game Settings NPC Greeting Distance 75
NPC Head Tracking Distance 200
Toggle NPCs Allow Terek [ ]

Simply Knock

Page Header Option Setting
Settings Settings Base Success Rate 25%
Welcome Duration 24 Hours
Failure Timeout 24 Hours
Friends Always Allow Entry [X]


Page Header Option Setting
Advanced SWF Version Checking All Options [ ]

Skyrim Unique Treasures

Page Header Option Setting
SUT Configuration Configuration Options Unique item notices [ ]
Immersive Ownership [X]
Lore friendly items only [X]

Smart Training

Page Header Option Setting
Training Perk Points Disabled
Mod Active [X]

Timing is Everything

Page Header Option Setting
DLC Quests Dawnguard Vampire Attacks 50
Dawnguard Recruitment 45
Min Days Between Attacks 5
Dragonborn >>After A Blade In The Dark
Minimum Level 60
Extra Options Dragon Attacks Min Days Between Attacks 5

Trade & Barter

Page Header Option Setting
Merchant Inventory Variable Merchant Gold Low Variability [X]
Perks Cost to Invest 2500
Increased Gold after Investment 1000
Master Trader 1500


Page Header Option Setting
Melee & Ranged Melee Camera View Smart
Player Killmove Immunity [X]
Stealth & Triggers Stealth Seated Killmoves [X]

Widget Mod

Page Header Option Setting
Position Gold Counter [X]
Horizontal-Anchor Right
Left/Right-Position 1349
Up/Down-Position 675
Weight Counter [X]
Horizontal-Anchor Right
Left/Right-Position 1290
Up/Down-Position 720