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Dreadflopp's Modular Patches

Info-Logo.png      Notice:Changelog at the end of the guide.



I provide modular patches for the mods that I use in my personal setup which includes STEP: Extended, parts of SRLE, all of my packs + Survival pack by Smile44 + many other mods, as well as versions of those patches for STEP:Core and STEP: Extended. I have previously supported SR:LE, Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition. Due to my limited time and because of the fact that many SR:LE users use SRLE: Extended: Legacy of the Dragonborn or SRLE: Legacy of The Dragonborn Reqtified the need for SR:LE compatibility for my packs are not as relevant as before. If there are users that want to use my packs with SR:LE in its current pre Skyrim Special Edition form, all my old SR:LE patches are still available.

By using my modular patches with the official STEP: Core or STEP: Extended patch you will have compatibility between any setup of the following packs:

Install Order

You should follow the install order outlined in STEP. Install the packs after your STEP install. It may be considered good modding practice to install the packs before the STEP section 2.N. Patches, but currently it doesn't matter since none of the mods from my packs conflict with any mods from the patches section of STEP..

The mods from my packs should be installed as outlined on their pages; the install order of the packs in relation to one another doesn't matter.

Mods from the packs or STEP that overlap should usually remain in their position laid out in the corresponding guide. It may be useful to re-install these mods as a new mod if changes are made to the installation of said mod, with a name fit to the profile. This preserves easy switching between Profiles in MO.

If you are unsure, check the 'conflicts' tab in MO for the mod in question and see what is overwriting it / what it is overwriting. Ask questions on the forums if you are still unsure.

Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition

Many of the mods from SR:LE can be used with any or all of my packs. With my patches that you will download later there is a folder called 2. Patches for some other mods I use. In this folder you will find patches for many mods from SR:LE. In the folder 3. Old and unsupported patches you will find even more patches for SR:LE. These patches are, as the name of the folder suggests, not being updated anymore. They probably work fine.

Add SR:LE mods to STEP

You can use essentially any SRLE mods with your STEP:Core or Extended install, but you need to be careful if installing an SRLE mod that changes the same things as a mod in STEP; a prime example of this is RS Children. If installing RS Children, you must deactivate New Children from STEP. Likewise, if using XPMSE from SRLE, you must deactiviate XPMS (XP32 Maximum Skeleton) from STEP.

Add STEP mods to SR:LE

This is no longer supported my possible if you use my unsupported patches.
To use SRLE instead of STEP with my packs and patches, you must first make some changes to your SRLE install:

  • Realistic Ragdolls and Force - Install but hide the plugin
  • Even better quest objectives - leave out the following patches:
    • BetterQuestObjectives-DBForevertoMisc.esp
    • BetterQuestObjective-CuttingRoomFloor.esp
    • BetterQuestObjectives-PaarDilemmaPatch.esp
  • Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul - leave out the following patches:
    • Cutting Room Floor patch
    • ELE patch
  • SR:LE Conflict resolution patch - Do not install
  • Enhanced lighting for ENB - rename ELE:s plugin:
    • ELE_Legendary_Fs_Wt_Lite.esp -> ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp
  • RS Children - Choose to install the Non-Essential children from the main installer and include it in the merge.
  • No Spinning Death Animation - do not install

The following mods from the STEP guide should be added on top of your SR:LE install:

  • Explosive bolts visualized
Hide the following textures from the SR:LE mod EotW The Dawnguard Textures Remastered:
    • /textures/dlc01/weapons/crossbow/
    • /textures/dlc01/weapons/crossbow/
  • Consistent Older people
  • Invisibility Glitch - Eyes fix
  • Animated Weapon Enchants
  • Smooth blades draws and sheath
  • Hearthfire Expanded
  • NARC
  • Not so fast - main quest
  • Elemental Staffs
  • STEP Extended patch
The STEP Extended patch is the plugin from the STEP Compilation named STEP Extended.esp. You should not install the textures from the STEP Compilation.

LOOT rules
Delete the following LOOT rules IF you use my pack Deleveled loot:

  • Complete Crafting_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp - Load After ELE_Legendary_Fs_Wt_Lite.esp

Relighting Skyrim, ELFX and Lanterns of Skyrim

If you choose to use my unsupported patches you may use ELFX instead of Relighting skyrim and Lanterns of Skyrim.
The choice is yours:

Do it the STEP way:

LoS is optional but recommended, it has no conflict and needs no patches

Do it the SR:LE way:

Use my patches. The ELFX Exteriors module and Enhanced lighting for ENB (ELE) are both required
The custom version from the SR:LE guide. Do not use my Relighting Skyrim patches, they are not for this version

If you use Vividian ENB, choose to use/not use Lanterns of Skyrim when installing it.

'If you use Realistic Room Rental with Relighting Skyrim (not the custom SR:LE version), check here.

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn

SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn is an addon or a pack for SRLE by Darth_mathias. It is an excellent pack that adds many mods on top of SRLE in many different areas, some areas where I haven't added any mods in my packs like quest mods or companion mods. It also adds mods that alters the looks of NPCs, it expands towns, it adds new items and retextures many aspects of the game. SRLE adds mods in all areas that I do in my packs and many of the mods that are in my packs are also in SRLE or SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn. If you want to add the mods that are in SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn but not in my packs, my recommendation is to skip my packs and use SRLE Extended instead. Darth_Mattias provides a patch for Morrowloot Unlimited and with that added you won't miss out on anything essential by using SRLE Extended: Legacy of The Dragonborn instead of my packs.


All patches can be found here.

There are several files in the download folder. Download Dreadflopps modular patches.


There are three folders found in the patch:

1. Patches for Dreadflopps packs + Survival by Smile44

This folder contains 2 subfolders. They require ELE and Immersive citizens AI overhaul to be installed.

  • Install all patches from the subfolder that matches your base game install (STEP: Core or STEP: Extended).
  • Hide or remove the patches that are for mods that you do not use.
2. Patches for some other mods I use

This folder contains patches for mods that I support.
If you intend to use Falskaar and Wyrmstoothyou you need to make some alterations to the STEP install. Reinstall Realistic Water Two (RW2), Farmhouse Chimneys, Skyfalls + Skymills and Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) with the following settings:

  • Realistic Water Two
FOMOD Instructions
1. Resolution
1. Resolution

DotMO.png Medium [baseline]

2. Compatibility
2. Compatibility

DotMO.png Default

3. Combination
3. Combination

DotMO.png Legendary

4. New Lands
4. New Lands

DotMO.png Wyrmstooth

DotMO.png Falskaar

5. Waves
5. Waves

DotMO.png Wyrmstooth

DotMO.png Falskaar

6. Other
6. Other

DotMO.png Bobbing Longboats [unless you use the superior mod Realistic Boat Bobbing]


  • Farmhouse Chimneys
Choose to install all relevant patches. There is no need to install any patch for CRF sine that is included in the STEP patch.
  • Skyfalls + Skymills
Choose to install all relevant patches.
  • Enhanced Lighting for ENB
Download the main file called ELE_Lite_v0_95b_Only IL - NMM_BAIN. In the fomod installer, choose Legendary + Falskaar + Wyrmstooth. After installation, rename the plugin to ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp

Install my patches
Install all patches from from 2. Other mods. Hide or delete all patches that are for mods that you do not use.

3. Old and unsupported patches

If you're doing the unsupported add STEP mods to SR:LE install use the STEP: Extended patches and add releveant patches from the Other mods and unsupported mods archieves.

If you use TTRSO Light armor, some patches may need to be manually fixed because of renumbering during the merge of TTRSO causing the patches to fail:

  • Open TTR_Skill_OVerhaul.esp and STEPCore___TTRSO Light armor.esp TES5Edit (if you use STEPExt or SRLE, open the corresponding patch that you use instead)
  • Expand TTR_Skill_OVerhaul.esp/Perk/00051B17
  • Drag Conditions/Condition/CTDA-/Perk (Finesse "Finesse" [PERK:xxxxxx]) from TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp to STEPCore___TTRSO Light armor.esp
  • Close the window and choose to save STEPCore___TTRSO Light armor.esp

If you use TTRSO Light armor and Stealth skills rebalanced, some patches may need to be manually fixed because of renumbering during the merge of TTRSO causing the patches to fail:

  • Open TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp and STEPCore___Stealth Skills Rebalanced__TTRSO Light armor.esp TES5Edit (if you use STEPExt or SRLE, open the corresponding patch that you use instead)
  • Expand TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp/Perk/00051B1C
  • Check that the Conditions/Condition/CTDA-/Perk entries are forwarded correctly from TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp to STEPCore___Stealth Skills Rebalanced__TTRSO Light armor.esp. See the simplified scrrenshot:
  • If they are not, drag the perks from TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp to STEPCore___Stealth Skills Rebalanced__TTRSO Light armor.esp
  • Close the window and choose to save STEPCore___Stealth Skills Rebalanced__TTRSO Light armor.esp


To save plugin slots and to make sure the load order between the patches doesn't get messed up it is recommended to merge all of my plugins. Use these instructions to merge the patches.
Make sure my plugins are sorted in alphabetical order. Name the merged plugin "Dreadflopps modular patches merged.esp" and the new mod Dreadflopps modular patches merged.

Load order

LOOT Rules:

  • Dreadflopps modular patches merged.esp Set global priority 990600

Bash tags

Add the bash tags names, stats, relev and delev to the merged patch using Wrye bash.


Checking that the game is stable

Using all the packs that is included in this game may be to much for your computer. To check that your game is stable you should use these methods that was posted on the forums by Harpalus:
I have some standard tests. It all depends on what you're testing. In all of the below tests, I always hit the asterisk (*) key on the number pad to display my FPS. Anything below 25 or so is problematic. (My load order gives me 55-60 FPS without an ENB preset, 25-50 with one). When testing anything, try to do it on a new game to minimize the chances of old mods interfering. As detailed below, Alternate Start and some console commands are a godsend for testing things.

If you're testing script load (particularly in combat), I prefer starting a new game (to ensure no leftover scripts) with Alternate Start and starting off at the Solitude Inn. I then head out into the streets, turn on god mode (with tgm), and spawn three (or more) dragons. They'll run amok in one of the busiest cells in Skyrim. On my load order everything works fine: my framerate is stable, the dragons behave as expected. With some script-heavy mods, however, things start going wrong: with Burn Freeze Shock Effects, for example, I start seeing walls and floors disappear. To test script load of scripts that attach themselves to every NPC (Wet and Cold, Footprints), just spawn 100 of any human NPC inside of a city. Ideally use bandits, as then you can test your framerate in large fights (turn on god mode). With my load order I have a playable framerate for both of these tests.

If you're testing how well combat works in your game, then I start a new game (again, with Alternate Start so as not to drive me crazy -- I only use Alternate Start when testing). I then use the console to advance my combat skills suitably (player.advskill block 3000, for example), and get myself to a reasonable level and select a few perks. I also spawn a set of elven armor or wolf armor or something, just so I'm reasonably well equipped. Then I just charge off to the nearest bandit camp and see how everything feels. At a reasonable level (say, level 20) with a standard difficulty setting (Adept, for example) you should be able to handle most bandit camps in Skyrim. If you can't handle a bandit camp without dying several dozen times, then your load order is probably more "hardcore" than "fun", and you'll want to trim your load order of a few difficult combat mods. Note: mods such as Requiem or PermaZones, or Erkeil's deleveled mod can make you underleveled for a particular area: if you're running something like this, make sure you're of the appropriate level for the bandit camp you're testing. Be sure to advance your level past 15 or so even without these mods, as you can actually be underleveled for areas in vanilla Skyrim.

If you're testing texture mods for FPS, just start a new game with Alternate Start and run around any random location. Be sure to test both indoors and outdoors.

This last one might not apply to you, but when adjusting saturation levels (ie, adjusting an ENB or SweetFX preset, or perhaps Imaginator), I use three locations: the Riverwood Inn (excessive saturation can cause the large inn fires to make the room look too reddish), the Riverwood exterior (it's usually sunny there, and too much saturation makes sunny weather look almost neon), and Bloated Man's Grotto during the quest Ill Met By Moonlight (just start the quest with setstage DA05 50, then use coc BloatedMansGrottoExterior01 to teleport to the cave entrance). Bloated Man's Grotto (during this quest) is ideal for this because it's easily one of the most saturated, colourful areas in the vanilla game. Be sure to also test out nights to see how dark they get. I recommend doing these quick color tests when selecting an ENB or SweetFX preset: if it looks fine in all of the above situations then you'll probably be fine throughout an entire playthrough.

Script lag

If you think you are experiencing script lag it is recommended to remove the plugins from Enhanced Blood textures and remove Enhanced Blood textures dependency from the STEP Extended patch. This is to save computer power and leave room for other scripted mods. It is recommended to still use the textures from Enhanced Blood textures. Other mods that may have a negative impact on stability due to the use of scripts are Footprints, Burn Freeze Shock Effects and Wet and cold. If your game is not stable, try without these mods. You can still use the textures from Burn Freeze Shock Effects. The STEP patch is not dependent on the plugins from these mods. They can therefore be uninstalled without any further steps. If you uninstall Enhanced blood textures, use Brawls Bug Patch from the STEP guide.

Open TES5Edit through MO
Untick all plugins except STEP Extended patch.esp and click OK
Delete the following (by right-clicking them and choose remove)
Example: Right-click on the entry 0D021D40 and choose remove. Do NOT remove the whole Magic effect entry

STEP Extended Patch.esp
	Magic Effect
	Impact Data Set

Right-click STEP Extended Patch.esp and choose clean masters

Double-click on the Enhanced Blood Textures mod in Mod Organizers and hide the plugin.


Thanks to baronaatista for helping me with some structuring of the guide and making the wording of the instructions better.


  • 16-08-01 Patches updated (all Imperious/Disparity patches)
  • 16-07-26 LOOT rule update. Patches updated.
  • 16-06-01 Patches updated: renamed the Animal tweaks patches to allow them to be sorted later in the patch order.
  • 16-05-24 Patches updated
  • 16-05-17 Updated my STEP patch fixes with new changes from ICAIO. Decided that ELE will be a requirement for using my patches and added a note about it.
  • 16-05-02 Patches updated
  • 16-04-30 Added a note to not use the Burn freeze shock effect plugin if you have lag. Added my personal install...
  • 16-03-28 Added RS Children instructions + instructions to remove a LOOT rule
  • 16-03-21 RotE - MLU patch updated
  • 16-03-18 Lots of patches updated
  • 16-03-13 CACO patches updated. Some CACO patches have been removed. OBIS patch updated.
  • 16-03-11 Ordinator patch updated. Other mods patches added.
  • 16-02-27 Patches updated
  • 16-02-27 Added BetterDGEntrance.esp LOOT rule
  • 16-02-24 Added Elemental Staffs to the SRLE requirements list
  • 16-02-22 Added a SRLE:EE warning to not use city mods
  • 16-02-22 Deadly Dragons patches updated
  • 16-02-21 Patches updated.
  • 16-02-10 Added instructions for mods that needs to be reinstalled if you use Wyrmstooth/Falskaar
  • 16-02-10 Added relev bash tag to the merged patch
  • 16-02-10 RotE patches updated
  • 16-02-09 Ordinator patches updated/added.
  • 16-02-05 TTRSO patches updated. Updated instructions to fix TTRSO patches.
  • 16-01-24
  • 16-01-18 Patches updated
  • 15-12-24 Patches updated
  • 15-12-15 Updated incorrect patch instructions for mature skin users
  • 15-12-06 Updated patches