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Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition
Mod Merging Subguide
Last Update: 22:41:04 26 April 2017 (UTC)

Mod merging makes use of the Merge Plugins Standalone application.

Info-Logo.png      Notice:Merge Plugins Standalone does not by default load any previously merged files (shown in italicized red text). Therefore these files must be manually selected in the plugin selection window.
Info-Logo.png      Notice:Merge Plugins Standalone can only merge files that are contiguous, that is, there are no conflicting mods in between them. Therefore, files to be merged should be at the bottom of your load order in the order specified.
Place the files to be merged at the bottom of the load order (right pane) in the order presented then run Merge Plugins Standalone using Mod Organizer.
On the "Select Profile" window, select "SkyrimProfile" then click [Ok].
Select the plugins to be loaded and select [Ok].
If this is the first time running the application, click the cog icon and configure as shown below then click [Ok].
In the left pane of the main window, select the mod files to be merged. These must be sorted in the order specified which means they MUST be contiguous.
Right-click and select ""Add To Merge">"<New Merge>" then click [OK].
In the "Edit Merge" window, specify the mod name and output file as specified in the guide.
Select the "Merges" tab.
Right click the merge that was just created and click "Check Plugins For Errors". Wait for the check to complete.
Review and correct any errors found.
Right click the merge that was just error checked then click "Build Merge". Wait for the merge to complete.
Review and correct any errors found.
Close Merge Plugins Standalone.
The new plugin file and all files for the related mods will be placed into the <Mod Organizer>/mods/<Mod Name> folder.
Refresh the Mod Organizer left pane, place the merge where indicated in the guide and activate it.
Uncheck the source mods in the left pane of Mod Organizer as they are now included in the new mod folder. If there are other plugin files in those mods not included the merge they must be manually copied to the new merged mod.

Merge Plugins : Start to Finish Video Tutorial by GamerPoets: